Bradford Exchange / item never recieved

Temple Hills, MD, United States

I use to work in a hospital. This company said they sent me some kind of statue and I didn't pay them. The item was delivered to the hospital. The hospital has a mail room that cateres to the entire hospital. Apparently some one ordered this item used my name and they got it. Because I never did. I asked them what was my address and they quoted the address to the hospital. Why would I order something and have it delivered to the hospital. Now it 's on my credit report... I have spoken to this company several times asking them to please investigate this more. I am going to have to pay for this because it is messing up my credit. They have been harrassing me for years. I haven't worked at the hospital since 2008 and today they are still badgering me for small change. I don't think it is more than $30. 00. My concern is someone knew I was leaving that job and took advantage of using my name. Because they used the address to the hospital apparently they didn't know my home address so the hospital's address was on point for them.

May 1, 2014

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