Brachsbrach's maple nut goodies

I purchased a small 4oz bag of Brachs Maple Nut Goodies while shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday. The expiration date isn't until 04/01/2019. Actually all but one person in my family bought a pkg as this has always been a tradition while Christmas shopping to hold us over for lunch. We all put these in our mouths and all of us raised our voices about the horrific change in them. A few (including me) had noticed it before but was sure it was just an old/bad bag wed gotten. Well this time we knew they were fresh and never dreamed we'd have the same experience! Personally I never even thought about it. However They are absolutely, atrocious.They're actually dangerous to eat bc they're so hard. Why would you change them?? Why would you think itd be a good idea? They're not even chewable. Please tell me why you done it? I've seen tons of others complaining too. Why whould you change them so horrifically??
Please tell me,

Dec 01, 2018

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