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Keep away from anything these unscrupulous developers are developing or trying to peddle.
1. My family paid FULL amount 5 years ago and on an plan for plots) and was promised delivery within 1 year!!! Nothing so far. They are just using the funds free of interest. At the prevailing rates, they have doubled the money given by purchasers in this period by doing NOTHING!!!. At the 18% rate they claim it costs them to borrow (this is what the charge if you are late), the picture get worse for the investor'
2. The charged 4X the agreed amount under contract for PLC, saying the norm is 10% and they don't accept the contract as it is signed by the agent only and not them! Wow, they cashed the check withing 12 hrs!!! That is acceptance of the contract.
3. They maintain 2 books; they will send you demand for payment even if non is due and if you question it, the standard answer is oh!! both the books were not checked. AND THEN IF YOU PAID AS A GOOD CITIZEN, THEY DON'T RETURN YOUR EXCESS FOR YEARS!!!. THEY DON'T PAY YOU INTEREST FOR THEIR MISTAKES BUT CHARGE YOU FULL MONTHS INTEREST IF you are even late by a DAY @ 18% PA and if it is for the full month instead of the day it is late, then you calculate the interest - can be over 30x18% PA !!! They don't return excess if you paid for their erroneous billing practices.
4. They will claim there is a contract (conveniently now! after they refuse the validity of the contract per 2 above and they never will produce a contract to prove their claims (eg any terms and conditions you may have agreed on) even though you may have one to prove your claim; they keep insisting that you agreed to some of their fictitious claims but will never produce anything to back their claims.


ARE there enough disgruntled buyers to get a class action lawyer to take them on contingency and ask the Judge for triple damages, liberally calculated as relief? Lets see if enough folks come forward.

Also, buyers dealing with them on any project, BEWARE!!! DONT!!!

Apr 29, 2013

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