Bounce Energy / Billing Fraud

Houston, TX, United States

This company will not accept electronic bill payment from most banks which are paid next day and traceable. This forces you into using a paper check, a credit card or a third party service. I have a check sent the day I am electronically notified a payment is due which is a few days before the paper bill is received. Once before and both this month and last, my check has not been cashed by the closing date and the Internet is full of similar stories. In the City of Enron, I believe losing or SLOWLY processing checks, ( 1 poor girl and a check mountain etc Why hire more? You pay less wages and make money if she is slow.) whose progress can only be checked by recorded delivery, could well be a scam to claim revenue boosting fees. I feel they are trying to scam me and suggest potential customers avoid this company until electronic payment is accepted from all banks and current customers, , who feel scammed, complain to the Texas Attorney General (on-line form) and better yet have a class action with discovery finding the extent of what appears to be a common scam. This would hurt them in the pocket


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