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On 9-8-10 my 15 yr old son ask if he could get the curve 8330 instead of school clothes, against my better judgement I agreed. So he got the phone, about 3 weeks later the phone would not do any thing it only had a white screen with (Reload programs s513). So we called tech support in order to find out what to do. After 3 different attempts with the help of the tech dept we were unsucessful after following each instruction they gave while being on the phone with them. Then we carried the phone to the boost dealer and he tried for 3 days and was also unsuccessful. Call the company several times and each time was promised a replacment phone, and each time I checked on the status it had been denied. Then was instructed to the insurance company, the insurance company stated that it was not an insurance issue and and directed us back to boost/blackberry. Again several different times I was told that a replacement phone would be sent, and again each time was denied. A rep even had me cancel the insurance stating that that was the reason we kept getting denied, so I did. A gain we were denied, this time for not doing enough trouble shooting. We had done everything that was asked of us and still my son could not use the phone. It is going on 2 months my son has been without his blackberry curve. The boost store dealer felt so sorry for us he let my son use a loaner phone until our issue was resolved, and that was a month ago. This is not fair I do not have money to go out and purchase another phone. Boost/blackberry should honor their products. Now I am out of $279 with a phone my son cannot use. The company is a scam and lier, and uses trickery to avoid doing what is right. Boost/blackberry do the right thing and replace my sons phone. [protected], security code available at request of the company during resolution of issue.

Yolanda gigger/kenneth carson (Son)

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  • Hu
      Mar 19, 2011

    I was approved 4 times for a replacement phone and denied in the exact manner as you. Finally, I was told by athe super tech people that I did have web access because the little globe worked. Well "you told me you could get google." My compliant was that I was paying for web, and could not get pictures. Her reply and official opinion was that" You have web access." Kind of like, "you have insurance so long as you dont use it." How long will this continue before the lawmakers stop it. Boostmobile does not have a corporate complaint section or even a phone number that goes to corporate headquarters. Why is this?

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  • Hu
      Mar 19, 2011

    [protected] is a private number, not a boostmobile number.

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  • Va
      Jun 09, 2014

    This is a copy of the last E-mail I had to send to boost about being charged twice for the purchase of one phone.
    Have fun!!!

    My name is Valerie W. On March 5th 2014 I filed a complaint with your company regarding a double charge for a purchase at 4541 East Main Street, Whitehall, Ohio, 43213. My complaint case ID for that complaint is [protected].

    I was able to take the phone to the store and get one of the $85.00 charges refunded to me, however, the second charge of $85.00 was never returned to me. My bank opened and investigation into both charges. At that time my bank put $85.00 into my account while they were investigating the matter. At this point my bank is having a difficult time understanding what has happened and has taken the $85.00, that they gave me while investigating, back out of my account. This still leaves me with the second charge of $85.00 not returned to me in anyway. They see both charges to my account, they see that one of the charges was returned to me from the vender, so they have determined that the matter has been handled when in fact it has not. I have explained to them that the $85.00 charge that was returned to the account was for the item purchased being returned to the store for a refund and that the second charge of $85.00 still has not come back to me from the vender or boost in anyway. At this point they asked me to show them some sort of proof that I did in fact return an item and get a refund for it. This is the problem. I did not get anything from the vender to prove this. I was not given any new receipt or any paperwork to show I returned an item. I was not given anything at all except for one refund of $85.00 to my bank account. Again, I have tried to resolve this with the vender directly to no avail. They keep hanging up on me.

    After sending the above E-mail to boost customer service I have a few updates (SAME DAY).

    Sarah from escalation called me around 5:15 pm today (6/9/2014). She told me that corporate did not have that paperwork and to take it up with the store owner. I told her I have tried that before and I gave her the contact info from the original receipt. She could not get an answer from the store. She told me the only way boost could help me was if I drove to the store, called her back and put the store manager on the phone with her myself.
    Of course I was outraged at the fact that Boost mobile can not get a hold of one of there own store managers and needs ME to drive there myself and put him on the phone. She suggested that I have the police go with me as well. Not kidding! I asked for her manager in more or less words. When Frances got on the phone with me I could hardly get a word in. He told me the same thing, to go to the store and put the manager on the phone and that corporate would not have any conformation of a returned and refunded item. So I asked to speak to someone over him. He said there is no one over him. I asked for contact info for corporate. He gave me this E-mail address.

    I found out that BS 3D WIRELESS LLC moved to a new location and now has a new phone number as follows. 4147 East Main Street Whitehall Ohio 43213. Phone number [protected]. After repeatedly calling them I finally got an answer. The store manager would not tell me his name. I explained to him that all I need is a copy of something that I can show my bank that says I returned the purchased item for a refund showing that the $85.00 that went back onto my bank account from the vender was for the returned item and not the second charge. He said he remembered who I was, and like he had told me before, he was not giving the second charge back. This is the second time he has acknowledged that he did charge me twice for one purchase and was not going to give the second charge back. Furthermore, he told that he did not have to give me any paperwork by law so he was not going to because it goes against his business practices, and to take it up with corporate because they have the paperwork anyway, not him. I am appalled that it is against his business practices to correct a mistake and give back what he wrongfully stole from me and that Boost allows this kind of management to work under there name.

    I have contacted the Whitehall Police. I will be filing a report and they will be going to BS 3D WIRELESS LLC with me on Thursday 6/12/2014 at 11:00 am.

    Bottom line is that I was charged twice for one purchased item, I returned that one purchased item and got one refund for it and I have not seen the return of the second charge to this day. I want answers and I want my $85.00 put back into my account.

    My bank needs a copy of the refund papers to show I returned an item and that's what the only refund of $85.00 is for so they can start going after the second charge of $85.00. I want a copy of the return and refund paperwork too.

    A copy of my bank account showing both of the $85.00 charges and a copy of the original receipt were sent in with the first E-mail ; Complaint ID [protected].

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