BoomstreetHeadphone purchase charge for undelivered and now unwanted merchandise

January 9, 2017
RE: Boomstreet Purchase

To whom it may concern:
On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 I unintentionally ordered two pairs of headphones for $37¬¬¬ each. When attempting to process the order for one pair on the Boomstreet website, their processing software told me the website was experiencing problems “try again.” So, I went back through the process a second time, with the identical result. After the second failed attempt, I purchased the headphones from another source. The other source delivered the headphones without incident. On Friday, the 16th, I noticed Boomstreet debited my account for the purchase of two sets of headphones for a total of $74 in charges. I immediately wrote the customer service support line to undo the charge, and I was assured, via email on December 23rd, that it would be handled. However, the email misinterpreted the problem and suggested the order would be corrected and I would receive one pair of headphones. I wrote back on the same day and re-explained the problem. Because I received no acknowledgement of the contact, I resent the email on December 27th. I resent the email on December 30th, and January 5th. Still no response, and no credit to my account. On Friday the 6th I notified Boomstreet that their failure to address the charges for merchandise I did not receive would result in complaints and legal proceedings if necessary. I am writing you to enlist your help. I am pursuing multiple avenues, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer.
Thank you.

James Geisler

Cc: Tennessee Department of Consumer Affairs
Tennessee Attorney General
Better Business Bureau

Jan 10, 2017

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