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South Africa
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Bonitas... Oh Bonitas... I dont even know what to say... As stated many times before no words can describe how bad your service is and how bad my feeling towards your company is. It is not a case like Adele would say "I wish nothing but the best for you..." on the contrary. You make me so naar dat ek op julle wil kom kots! I have honestly not had 1 pleasant experience with you. When I joined your pathetic medical aid I advised everything regarding my bipolar disorder should be covered. I know how my disorder treats me thus I informed you prior to joining yet your info was false. You ensured me that the plan (Standard) will cover everything. You were so desperate signing me up. If you advised how useless you and this plan is I would have gone to a medical aid who actually delivers the service I deserve. I am not even closely covered in the way I should be and you assured me I will be covered for everything with regards to my condition? Where is the promise of the "excellent" service and cover now? False info much? I had to be admitted into hospital in February this year. I almost committed suicide. You refused to have me treated due to the fact that the waiting period was not over. I had to wait a few more days... unfortunately my disorder does not have a time when it hits me. I cant ask for it to wait a few days. I am at a bad state again and need help which you refuse. You stated that I was not on a medical aid before joining you. Excuse me? I have not been without a medical aid for longer than 1 month. Prior to joining you I was on Imperial med since 2002 and then joined Fedhealth for 1 month. Someone which I wish I could slap now advised you are much better (which is clearly not the case whatsoever) then I decided to join you. Biggest mistake I have made in my entire life and I regret the day I signed up with you. You make my condition worse and worse when you are actually supposed to help me but you refuse. You did not have your facts straight. I found out from other medical aids. I was not supposed to be on a waiting period. Yet so far no apology was given to me for almost costing me my life. You now eventually pay 2 out of the 5 meds that I am supposed to take which I had to stop due to you not paying and benefits always being depleated. I am so gatvol getting emails of closure of query that state benefits are depleated... It is now October and now only you are paying a fraction what I am supposed to take. My waiting period ended in February. What does that help me? I am not in a good state of mind once again. I cant afford to pay medical aid (which does not even closely cover me) as well as my medication. I had to stop taking my medication again due to you not paying. I cant see my psychologist nor my psychiatrist which I should see on a 2 weekly basis which I informed you about yet your agent who sold me the useless plan ensured me will cover all issues with regards to my condition. I email you almost every single day yet all I get is closure of query and to compliment your service? There is absolutely nothing to compliment you on! My money goes into a bottomless 1 year I pay R35976. Yet for a year I get R5232 worth of benefits? Where is the rest of the money? A total of R30744? You advised that this goes towards covering my hospital...? Yet you reject the claim? I had to pay over R4000 in cash? I got this email today. I post comments on Facebook. You blocked me and deleted my posts? My partner then posts and also gets blocked? I now created myself a new profile and posted on your wall. Will probably be blocked again and have the posts deleted. Is it because customers should not see what you do? I have posted uncountable amounts of complaints as well as emails yet you just dont care. Keep taking my money on a monthly basis. Not even the Council for Medical Schemes could assist? I emailed them but have not received feedback. When I just see an advert for you or hear your name I get naar. And I cant even go to the doctor or get medication to help with the naar feeling seeing you dont pay. I am at a very bad place in my life at this stage again which you contribute a huge amount to yet you refuse to give me the help that I need. You are one of the reasons I feel this way again in my life. I cant accept the fact that I pay and need help yet you refuse it. I am desperate to get help and you refuse. As I said I had to stop taking my meds again seeing you dont pay. You are by far the worst medical aid in existence and the fact that you are still operating completely gobsmacks me... If I had to pay the amount into a savings account that I pay over to you on a monthly basis I would have been much better off and would have been able to use that money to treat my condition. I honestly cant believe that you treat customers like this. It is actually a disgrace and disgusting. If something happens to me due to you refusing me the urgent help I need I will ensure that you are held liable and accountable! My entire family knows that you refuse to pay for my condition! I will haunt every single one of you at Bonitas so bad it will make your head spin! You honestly are not helping my condition in any way, on the contrary you worsen it! A lot! You are a service provider yet you dont provide me a service? I pay and pay and pay... for what? Getting frustrated every day? Getting refused the help I desperately need. I did not know that your mission in life is complicating mine and upsetting me on a daily basis and not helping me getting the help I need. What is the purpose of paying money over to you and get problems in return? I think it will honestly be better for me to go to a small farm hospital in the bundus where some quack can google how to treat me than getting anything out of you! The service will be much much much better than what you provide me. I dont think the words "customer service" and "paying out claims" are in your vocabulary as I really struggle to see it? You are beyond useless and do not care about customers whatsoever. Never in my life have I dealt with anything like you. You are one of a kind. I am in the customer service industry myself, but luckily I give customers the service they deserve for the money they pay. Your slogan is so false... The medical aid who never stops thinking about you? You dont think about anyone besides yourselves! Not once have you thought about me. You are just worried about money coming in. You hardly give out. I would like to know where the difference of my money paid to you went? It is always one hell of a mission getting anything out of you. I have a bigger chance getting pregnant through email or smoke signal from Ethiopia than getting good service from you. The public should see what you guys do. I had a hell of a lot of feedback on one of my complaints on another page than your Facebook page. I am not the only one who feels this way. Your service is utterly pathetic and I am honestly a very upset customer. Not one of my countless complaints have been dealt with in the manner that I deserve! Shame on you! I dont know how you guys sleep at night knowing this is what you do to customers.

Oct 13, 2017

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