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Boston South Station - Gate 9 NYC-Gate 10 NWK/PHL to New York 1st Ave Between 38th & 39th (To BOS)
Departing 10/29/2017 at 6:30 PM

There was a storm that day, so all buses were late getting to Boston. We waited 1h at South Station before we got put into a bus that wasn't Bolt, but we were told to go there. The driver then disappeared for 45min, and the South Station security couldn't find him. They were very upset—apparently our driver had parker at the wrong spot. When the driver came back, he did not apologize. Instead, he said "well, don't you want me to eat?".

We then left, and the storm was terrible. I had front row seats, and was scared for my life. The driver would drive in between lanes, and looked like he was falling asleep. At one point, he was trying to put gloves on while driving in the torrential rain—I was terrified.

Then, when the rain stopped, there was still some drizzle and he turned the windshield wipers back on. Except that the windshield wiper broke. Again, I was scared for my life and hoped we didn't need that windshield wiper.

Finally, when we made it to NY, I felt safe because even if we broke down I could walk home. Again, the driver drove between lanes, and at one point he drove between a truck and a row of parked cars. Obviously, there wasn't enough room for him, so he ended up knocking in the truck driver's left mirror. Since I was in front, I saw it happen first hand. I just wanted to get out.

We made it alive after 4.5h, but I didn't think we would. I've taken Bolt Bus many times and have been mostly satisfied, but this made me want to pay more to take the train.

Nov 16, 2017

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