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On Wednesday, 08/17/16 I stopped by my local Bojangles in Kernersville, NC located off NC Hwy 66, Store#000407 to get some food. I normally eat there 2 -3 times per week. I recently started having long wait times going through the drive thru ordering and actually getting my food. I am not sure what changed but I have never had these issues and have been going there for years.
On Wednesday, I drove up to the drive thru lane and started getting ready to order. It was 5:48 pm and I know because I looked at the clock in my car as I was thinking I hope I don't have to wait long as I have things to do. There was one car in front of me but he was at the window waiting to receive his food. I could see one other car ahead of him waiting off to the side, turns out they were waiting for someone to bring out their food. So a total of 2 cars ahead of me. The parking lot had a few cars but the place was definitely not busy.
As I sit in my car at the speaker/order board waiting for someone to greet me nothing happened. I sat for 5 minutes and no one greeted me or even asked for my order. There was not a sound. While waiting to order, I noticed there were now several cars behind me lining up to order after me. Finally, after 5 minutes and not a word, one of the cars behind me started honking their car horn so much that I finally said Hello????? into the speaker/order board. I then hear a female voice say "Go Ahead" and that was it. I thought what? how rude but went on to place my order. I ordered something straight off the Bojangles menu. I did not change anything or order anything special. I asked for a "Cajun Chicken Filet Club Sandwich Combo". The girl gave me a price and I drove up to the second window as no one was at the first window to take my payment. As I sit at the window, no one comes to the window to assist me or take my money. Another 5 minutes goes by then finally a young girl opens the window says nothing and I hand her my Debit Visa card to pay for my food. She runs the card and hands it back still saying nothing. She closes the window again and I sit another few minutes until she opens the window and hands me my drink them a box of food and closes the window still saying nothing. She did not apologize for the long wait or say anything! As she hands me the box of food I am thinking what in the world? I order this combo meal every time I come here and it has never been in a box. Hmmmm...I open the box and inside is some sort of wrap and a bag of fries. I immediately put my arm out my window with the box in my hand as to give her the food back because it is not what I ordered. She saw me and opened the window. I tell her that this is a wrap and I did not order this food. I ordered a "Cajun Chicken Filet Club Sandwich Combo". This girl replies that is a cajun chicken filet sandwich combo. I said no it is not. She said we can't take the food back for safety health reasons. Then this girl says in a very snotty and rude way "Well you said a wrap!" and slammed the window shut in my face!! I replied through the window I did not say wrap. I have never ordered a wrap and I eat here all the time. By this time, I am in shock! How dare you speak to me and treat me in this manner and try to argue with me especially after I have been in this drive thru line over 10 minutes. The rudeness started from the jump start by me waiting forever to place my order and you not even asking how you can help me or even what I would like to order! Now you are trying to argue with me about what I said or what I ordered??? I think I know what I want to eat and what I ordered. I order the same thing every time I come here. So now I am getting frustrated as I have been here waiting forever, trying to get my food now over 10 minutes and you hand me a box and the wrong food. Are you for real and treating me this way? I understand people make mistakes but you apologize for the wait and apologize for the wrong order. What you don't do is be snotty and argumentative to the customer who ultimately pays your wages. I have done nothing but be nice and patient but now my patience is wearing thin and you are not going to treat me this way! I understood she could not take the food back for health reasons so I sit the box in my passenger seat and wait some more. I am thinking now that I have face to face told this girl what I ordered she will bring it and I will be on my way. That was hopeful thinking.
The window opens again, the girl hands me a bag and says nothing then closes the window. I sit at the window and open the bag to make sure it is right. I open the wrapper and can't believe my eyes!! It is a piece of chicken on a biscuit! WHAT!!! I think to myself...this is on your freaking menu!! DO you not know your own Bojangles menu? What is the problem?? What is your malfunction??? By this time, I am getting heated and very hungry! Are you serious right now? I gave her the benefit of the doubt maybe she could not hear me the first time through the order board but now I have told you directly to your face what I want and ordered a "Cajun Chicken Filet Club Sandwich Combo". This is now the 2nd food I have that is not correct so I sit it in my passenger seat and wait for the girl to see me and open the window. I sit for another few minutes then finally she opens the window again. There is now a long line of cars behind me. Once again, I tell her this is not what I ordered and I say I ordered a "Cajun Chicken Filet Club Sandwich Combo". This girl says that is a sandwich in a snotty tone. I say NO! This is a piece of chicken on a biscuit not a sandwich! It was a biscuit and there was no bun and this is not what I ordered! I said I am not arguing with you just get my food!! This disrespectful young incompetent girl with a bad attitude has pushed me so much I am getting angry at this point. You can only push a person so far. This is ridiculous!!! This girl has been rude to me for the last time! All I want is my food and to leave this place and not come back ever again at this point!
The assistant manager Shane overhears me and comes over to the window. He does not ask how can he help me. Shane does not ask what is the problem. He does not apologize for the rude incompetent girl or the long wait of now almost 15 minutes just to get 1 combo meal. Shane's first words to me are "Please lower your voice maam people make mistakes". I guess he was more concerned about the whole 2 people inside hearing me than he was about solving the problem. I replied I understand that but this is twice (2 mistakes) not to mention I have been trying t get my food now over 15 minutes so what is your excuse for that? I ask him his name as I look at his badge on his chest and then tell him that I am calling his corporate office and letting them know how they are talking to me and treating me and this whole ordeal. I start telling him that I come here all the time and order the same thing and have never had any problems or issues till today. As I am speaking these words, this assistant manager Shane, tells this young girl to close the window in my face and turns around with his back to me and walks away. This young girl then proceeds to SLAM the window in my face as I am speaking to them!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I AM IN DISBELIEF, INSULTED AND HORRIFIED! IS THIS PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR? NO! IS THIS THE REPUTATION YOU WANT FOR YOUR BOJANGLES BRAND? I WOULD HOPE NOT. IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS?? NOT AT ALL! I AM APALLED!!
I start to look down at my phone and I am looking for the Bojangles Corporate phone number because all I can think about at this point is that someone higher up the chain needs to know how these 2 employees are treating your customers and how I do not want anyone else to go through this treatment. All of the sudden the window opens up again and the girl hands out another bag (the 3rd) and says nothing to me. No apology. NOTHING!! She then closes the window and walks away. Once again I sit there and open the wrapper to reveal a chicken sandwich. Yay! Your getting closer but still not what I ordered! It is a piece of chicken on a bun with mayonnaise and a piece of old crappy brown lettuce. I sit there and wait again until the girl opens the window once more. The assistant manager is nearby and I tell her this is still not what I ordered. I ordered a "Cajun Chicken Filet Club Sandwich Combo". At this point it has been 15 minutes and I am fed up, hungry, frustrated, irritated, appalled and cannot believe this is actually happening. Am I in an alternate universe? Does this girl not know the Bojangles menu? Can she not hear the words coming out of my mouth? God please tell me!!! I now have a box and 2 bags of food in my passenger seat and none of them what I ordered. The assistant manager says what are you missing? OK. so now he don't know the menu either?? I the customer am telling your employees what comes on the combo meal I ordered. Come on! I tell him what comes on the cajun chicken filet club sandwich. I tell him there is no cheese, there is no bacon, there is no tomato on this food she just gave me. Shane says I will go back and make it myself. I say thank you. They close the window and walk away. I cannot believe this whole nightmare is really happening and I also cannot believe the people behind me are actually waiting but then I realize they can't go anywhere unless they jump the curb possibly damage their vehicles to get out of line and drive off.
I wait and wait some more until finally the window opens one more time. The girl hands me the bag and once again says nothing to me then closes the window and walks away. I open the wrapper and thank you Jesus! They finally got the sandwich right! I drive off a very disappointed, exhausted, hungry and dissatisfied customer with a bad taste in my mouth for Bojangles! I start thinking I can't believe I paid for this food after all this and over 15 minutes!
I want my money back! $6.61. I want some sort of disciplinary actions taken by Bojangles management towards the young girl and the assistant manager Shane. This is not acceptable behavior and is not how you treat a customer much less your loyal customers. If you decide to keep them employed, I want them both to be required to go through customer service training and training on the Bojangles menu. I want them to understand you do not argue and disrespect your customer that way. I think Shane was not being a leader/assistant manager as he did not teach or lead by example and told her to close the window in my face. Shane did not try to satisfy me or shoot even ask what the problem was he just immediately gave an excuse of everyone makes mistakes. Shane did not try to problem solve, take care of me the customer or make me happy and want to come back. He was also quite rude! After this whole nightmare ordeal I realized neither one of them ever apologized for my long wait time, for getting my food wrong not once, twice or three times or apologize for any of it. I GOT NOTHING! I lost almost 20 minutes of my life dealing with these rude incompetent employees of Bojangles! I live 5 minutes away and when I got home I had to heat up my fries. Needless to say they were not good. My total nightmare experience almost 20 minutes and you are supposed to be a "fast food" restaurant.
This nightmare has left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak about Bojangles now. I am pretty sure I will not be going back to that Bojangles ever again if any Bojangles. I am so very disappointed. I feel it is my obligation to let you know my experience. I really hope and pray that this does not happen ever again but from what I experienced I am pretty sure it will if it hasn't already. No one deserves to be treated this way! NO ONE! I will more than happy to discuss this with you by phone or in person. I really think both of these individuals do not need to be working and interacting with the public at all! I came home and sat the food on my counter and took a picture. I have attached the picture t this letter. I was in such disbelief! Was this for real?? Did this really happen? WOW! How are you going to make this right? Do you actually care about your customer like you claim? Feel free to contact me at [removed]. My 1st ticket #459340 at 5:54 pm.

A concerned citizen and former loyal customer,
Chrystal Dickey


Aug 21, 2016
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      Aug 22, 2016

    Probably not a good idea to post your full name and phone number on this public website. You should have contacted Corporate with your complaint.

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