My husband visited Bojangles Friday morning in Denton. He ordered BEC biscuit combo. Ate his bo rounds on way to work. When he got to work to eat his biscuit (he always looks at his food before he eats it and I'm glad he did this time 'especially')he found a noticeable sliver of metal on the edge of the egg about 1/2 inch long. I couldn't imagine if he ate that and it got stuck in mouth or throat. He works alone most of the time and no one was there to call 911 or assist him if needed. That could have been life threatening or major surgery. Time out of work. Something we do not need know. He has a wife and two kids. How could this have happened. It's noticeable enough it should have been spotted. When I returned the biscuit the manager glanced at it and put it in the trash, wrote down my husband's name for him to get a free bec biscuit and said she apologizes for that. That's it!!! Not acceptable to us. We've found hairs in our food. Sometimes things go by but this could have been really serious. I would expect more after something like this being pointed out.


Jan 14, 2017

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