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Bob's Carpet Mart / Ripping off installers

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I don't know if this is a consumer complaint, but I think people should know about this company. My husband worked for them, despite being warned by other installers. They retained a large sum of money from his check in what they call "escrow" to insure any work that he did for them, he was told that he would get the entire amount back since all of his work was excellent. Needless to say, they now seem to be having trouble returning the money. They don't deny they owe it to him, they just refuse to accept or return his calls. They told him the first time he called "the check is in the mail" and we never spoke to anyone other than the bulldog secretary since, who swears no one in the whole company is EVER available and she's none to nice about it either. I would strongly suggest not working for them and even question buying carpet from a company that will rip off hard working people. I have trouble believing that this company as successful as it seems to be needs to rob installers and their families of their earnings, but apparently they do because we were told by several other installers that this is standard practice for this company.

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  • Su
      19th of May, 2010
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    I had a huge problem with them as a customer. I picked out tile, brought one home with the price still on it, went back the nest day, and attempted to order it. Joe was not there, so initailly another guy helped me. I did the math and the price for the amount I bought had an extra 125 plus dollars added. When I questionned the math, I was handed a calculator, and instructed to put in the number of square feet that I needed and hit the equal sign. I dont know what numbers he pressed first, but the amount was the same as he was quoting to me, 453.00. I left the store with my head spinning, I got home, did my own calculations, and the figure was off about 125. dollars, before tax. When my husband went there on his way home from work, they told him the extra cost was for shipping, and that I was told..NOT TRUE, why should I pay for them to get the tile to the store so I can buy it ???I was offered a rush order, and declined, and no price was ever mentionned for shipping... I was there when the original salesman, Joe called to check if it was in stock
    ( it was)and I was told it would be there in four days. My husband cancelled the transaction and the salemen told my husband that they neede dthe receipt back asp. Well no kidding, the receipt has math that doesnt work, and lists no shipping charge, just the tile, and tax. Luckily I also have a photo of said tile, with the price on it, and a quote in writing on a business card, $425, for tile that should have been around 325.00...The two salesman had their scam worked out, because I returned one time when only one of them was there and he wouldn't give me a price because I wouldn't tell him what the other guy quoted. He also told me he dealt with the supplier in Miami on a regular basis...He then dialed the warehouse several times and told me he must have had the wrong number, and couldnt find out if it was in stock. He asked me to wait till the other guy got back from lunch. I said how long, he goes, I'll call him on his cell. I said, why dont you ask him for the number for the supplier?. What employee cant get the info for one of their regular suppliers from the internet or off of an invoice?? He was stalling. This had scam all over it. They even asked me how big my house was...because they were familiar with the development because it had lots of big houses(thats a used car salesman trick to see how much money you have) I don't know if this goes on in all their stores, this was in Brandon. I am going to call the and mail the corporate office. I wonder how many claims are referred to as settled, when the customer just walks out with a refund...buyer beware.

  • Al
      30th of Jan, 2011
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    Scams are very common in the carpet and flooring business these days. Most homeowners are unaware of all the sneaky tricks some flooring dealers use to get you to pay more and get less. It's not easy to choose the right grade of carpet for your home and get a fair and square deal. After 30 years in the business I decided to become a consumer advocate to expose unscupulous flooring dealers, help consumers choose new flooring wisely and avoid getting ripped off. That was 12 years ago, now I 've helped thousands of homeowners save time and money and put together a short list of locally owned flooring dealers that I recommend. Check out my free informative website to learn how to avoid common flooring scams at

  • Sc
      17th of Dec, 2011
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    Put new carpet in they diid, nt haul away old carpet, set out by the road for 1week, until i hauled it back to local store.if you think i would do business with a company, that does not do what your flyer say, s you will haul away your old carpet. It does not say clean or dirty, its hard to have clean carpet after 2or3 years . Really not happy with bob, s carpet mart .

  • Ch
      17th of Nov, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I had Bob's Carpet mart in Brandon install carpet in Master Bedroom, hallway & stairs. All good exept they skimped on the padding on the stairs. Now the stairs are hard as a rock with aweful edges. I pointed this out to the installers who did not care. I called the store they offered lies about padding on the stairs voids the carpet "warrentee" which they already told me there is no warentee for carpet the stairs.
    I would not use them again.

  • So
      23rd of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I too am a very disappointed customer of Bob's carpet mart. The location we purchased our flooring from was the Hillsborough Ave store in Tampa. Advice from one consumer to another, shop around. After learning that the idiot we had the " pleasure " of dealing with at that location was the manager, we realized that the bar is set VERY low for customer satisfaction. Shop around, shop around, shop around. It's the best advice I can offer. If you don't expect much then you won't be let down. SHAME on you Mr. Aubrey for being a LIAR. And SHAME on the district manager for trying to manage the situation by offering a " friends and family" discount to make up for the mishandling of my account. I'd be INSANE To shop at any bob's carpet mart stores ever again.

  • Cy
      8th of May, 2015
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    I will never have my flooring done again by Bob's carpet...we had laminate vinyl flooring put down all through our home, and you can see where they mismatched a lot of places. The, so called independent contractors were no way license. We had to have three different ones from there to finally complete the project cause the first two didn't know what they were doing, and the third one has a little more knowledge then the first two that started the flooring. It took six weeks to get our floor done, and it still isn't the way it should be. They didn't even cut the holes right for the air condition vents. They even mess up the plumbing. The quarter round that they put down wasn't even done right. They also swept the trimmings of their work into the air vents. Top it off NO ONE HAS EVEN CONTACT US TOO SEE IF THE JOB WAS DONE RIGHT, OR EVEN IF WE ARE HAPPY WITH IT. We are not happy with it at all...I do not recommend Bob's carpet off of US Highway 98 N Lakeland, Florida to anyone they are a rip offs...Plus they wouldn't give us an itemized bills...BEWARE!

  • Hm
      15th of Sep, 2016
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    Had Bob's Carpet Mart, Lakeland, install carpet. When seam in living room opened up about ten inches, I called and they sent two men who put an oblong piece of carpet in.I now have an oblong ten by two inch piece of carpet coming away at the seam, in my living room.They promised to send someone to fix it and no one showed up.I have over three thousand dollars invested in something I hate. Bob's advertises on TV a lot but, believe me, I tell everyone I can about the shoddy deal I got, even invite them to see for themselves. I f you are planning on letting Bob's install your carpet, I have pictures. Hilda Snyder

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