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CB Flooring Installation Bob's Carpet Mart 22nd Avenue North 2400, St. Petersburg, FL, 33713, US
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22nd Avenue North 2400, St. Petersburg, FL, 33713, US
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Bob's Carpet Mart - extremely poor customer service

Bob's Carpet Mart, 2400 22nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, has the worst customer service that we have ever encountered. Friends that I have spoken to (unfortunately after we spent $2800 for laminate floor) agree saying: a) no one acknowledges you when you walk into the store, b) the manager, Jeff, is extremely condenscending, c) getting help from Bob's Carpet Mart to repair the floor now that there is a problem, is unbelievably challenging. For a store that sells carpet, this particular store has very dirty, worn carpet in it's showroom...not a good sign. Jeff, the manager, has ignored several of my calls for help in repairing the problem. Thankfully, after persistence, the repair is now in the hands of Larry and Marge from Diversified Floor Repair. Our laminate floor is not fixed yet but I am confident they will repair it thanks to Bob's Carpet Mart. We were looking to do two more rooms with laminate flooring but will NEVER shop at this Bob's Carpet Mart again. They've lost any future business from me and we are warning our friends.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Tony cetrangelo
, US
Sep 23, 2015 8:27 am EDT
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O man I totally see and agree with all the complaints, I worked at Bobs as a sales rep and I had to leave because the complaints were all to many daily Our Mananger Rebecca at the Beneva Ave store Sarasota would blow off customer call in complaints never following up on them until they called in at least 6-8 times then the people would come in to the show room and start yelling at Her and Me and all used the F-word..It is so bad the customers would demand to speak to the Owners at Headquarters where they get the same run around by the new CEO Harvey...Things are so bad there they put a sign in the window NO FIREARMS OR WEAPONS in the store...BOBS CARPET MART uses seconds damaged carpet laminate from china and if they make you waite for installation like a mnth or 2 and you cancel it cost you your Full deposit n or 25% of the contract price, best place to buy Flooring is Home depot or Lows...They always beat bobs prices n install times and if bobs Drug Tested there Installers they would have none..I would say RUN from BOBs...And this is all real ...TC

Largo, US
May 31, 2013 11:46 am EDT
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In my opinion Bob's Carpet Mart shouldn't be in business! We paid a premium for new flooring that was presented as the greatest thing since sliced bread. According to the presentation (Largo location), it's more durable than ceramic tile, low maintenance, waterproof and portable. It's not more durable as it scratches quite easily, is not low maintenance, as Bob's now says it needs to be buffed regularly, is not waterproof despite what the manufacturers website says. We even had to get an independent flooring inspector in who concluded the product was not installed properly. As far as being portable, we're not sure. The manufacturers rep even said the product wasn't presented properly. In summary, we are now expected (by Bob's) to accept a flooring product that was misrepresented. Bob's is offering a band-aid solution which is not acceptable. There simply is no service! The two management people we've spoken with are (as the St. Pete resident says above) at best arrogant and condescending.Complaints have now been filed with the Better Business Bureau and Pinellas County Justice and Consumer Services. At this point it would appear we're either headed to arbitration or court unless Bob's decides to do what a reputable company would do. ADVICE: GO ANYWHERE BUT BOB'S CARPET MART!

Regina Villano
Englewood, US
Oct 15, 2012 6:54 pm EDT
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This outfit is the WORST ! The Venice store is awfull... Smells like cat urine yuk! There is absolutly no customer service at all. I spent over 2, 500 dollars there, If I would have done my research I would'nt have purchased my laminate floor at Bob's.
I think Armstrong should reconsider who they have to represent their product!
Like the other comments I agree 100% they SUCK!

Alice Noe
Lakeland, US
Aug 23, 2012 8:58 am EDT

I am having problems also with my floors installed by Bob's Carpet Mart of Lakeland in Feb 2011. I questioned the manager at
the time of completion about the "High" "Low" areas. I was informed that the floors where supposed to be that way because
it was a floating floor. What a bunch of bull! But I learned to live with the floors and they got worse. I had a water problem in
the kitchen area which I fully admit was my problem and not covered under warranty. However when the floor inspector came
to verify the kitchen and checked all the other areas and he wrote a report to Armstrong regarding the poor installation
When the manager from Bob's came to give me a quote on the damaged kitchen floors ( again I admit this was my problem)
he told me he would have to check with his manager about the charge to cover the other areas that were due to improper installation. These area are under warranty . I am still waiting to here back from him. I have spoken to several others since I first used Bob's and now I am finding out terrible things. I wish I checked them out better than I did before spending $5000!
My advise DON'T use Bob's Carpet Mart!

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