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Charged $5000 for services not delivered

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ELAN - Bob Fitzgerald Coaching
1160-G Pittsford-Victor Rd, First Floor
Pittsford, New York
United States
Phone: (585) 264-0167
Beware of the Bob Fitzgerald expired listing program. Bob's sales staff are targeting top producing agents around they country. The sales pitch is that they will call all of the expired seller listings and for sale by owners in your area and set appointments for you. The promise is that you will take 10 listings in 90 days. I was told that they pre-qualify all of these appointments and I all needed to do was basically show up to the appointment they scheduled and sign the listing agreement. Bob's staff will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign up. They charge you $5, 000 up front and a 20% referral fee. This sounds great. It has now been over 7 months and I have yet to take a single listing. Nearly every appointment that Bob's staff set for me was complete garbage. The did absolutely no pre-qualifying on these sellers. Many of the appointments were set in areas that I don't service. Nearly every seller appointment I called had no intention of listing with me when I showed up. In fact, they were completely unrealistic or unmotivated to sell. Many of them were completely underwater on their mortgages and had no intentions of short selling or listing. In 7 months Bob's team averaged less than 2 appointments per month!! All of them were garbage. I was told that Bob's team would be calling the expired list every day. I was lucky if they call 1 day out of the whole week or month. I even sent them lists to call for the past 6 months. They never called any of them. When I confronted Bob about the complete failure of his commitment to produce 10 listings in 90 days he said they never promised them in 90 days. He said I paid $5, 000 for a 90 day coaching program... Not only did I never received any coaching whatsoever, I also never received any listings. Who in their right mind would pay $5, 000 for a coaching program. Their agreement which I will attach is a scam. It looks like it is 10 listings in 90 days. However, they can skew it another way. Bob said he doesn't care if it takes his team 5 years to get 10 listings. When I asked for a refund Bob became completely defensive and rude. I even offered to take a loss of half. He has not responded. As of today I have not received a lead in over 2 weeks again. The last one they sent claimed to be a "Hot Lead". When I called the seller she wouldn't even consider listing her home again with a Realtor. She only wanted to be a for sale by owner and wouldn't budge. Any fool can setup an appointment for me to call them back. All Bob's team is doing is setting appointments for me to call the seller back. Then when I call them back they are un-qualified and unrealistic about selling. I might as well be calling these people myself. The service is a scam. If you google Bob's name you will find other postings of previous business scam's he has run on people. I also posted this to my facebook account in which other Realtors across the country and also claiming that they have been scammed the same way. Also, since I was a top producing Realtor Bob starting using my name to get other Realtors to sign up for his service. I hadn't even used them yet and didn't give them permission. BEWARE!!
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N  9th of Feb, 2011 by    -1 Votes
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
It sounds like "MadRealtor" needs to brush up on some skills and put some listings on the board instead of wasting time complaining that this company doesn't send the softball leads. The market is tough, and so you have to keep honing your skills to improve at what you do. If you've really had 39 opportunities...and listed none... like Bob has mentioned, maybe a change of what you're selling may be in order. Cars, furniture etc.
N  16th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
@GladRealtor. I have plenty of listings on the board. Over 150 closed homes sales in the past 2 years. 3 more closing next week and under 3 in contract this past weekend. Don't point fingers when you don't know what you are talking about. If I am told that I should expect "softball leads" then that's what I am going to hold someone accountable to. Bob agreed to reimburse me for half. I agreed. This posting will be removed soon. Problem resolved.
A  28th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Bob also took my $5000 and don't want to refund the money. I did read all of the above so Bob & Glad Realtor spear of waisting your time on writing what I have to do...i am not new, just did not called right people to before signing with you!
Contract is a contract: deliver or return the money! Bob, you know what is breach of the contract, I don't need to tell you that.
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
@ Sag: This agent is in Souther California where there are not many expired listings. She doesn't want anything but expired listings so we are limited in the number of calls we make each week. We offered to call FSBO, JL/JS, NOD and COI for her just to seed up the contacts for her. She declined and with major attitude. We are doing exactly what she hired us to do but I guess she thinks I control the number of expired listings in her market. She also thinks a bad lead is an appointment where the seller is over priced yet our tele marketers don't discuss price at all... that is the agents job. I don't care if an agent turns down the appointment but this woman thinks that because she hired a telemarketer that the seller should be waiting with listing in hand below market value... without any objections... because she hired us. Absurd! She said it best... I told her we'd keep calling until she takes 10 listings. That is what we do. We call. I can't believe the time I have to spend defending what we do on web sites like this. We have several hundred clients and any agent seriously considering our service can speak to as many of them as they like. BTW... Just about everyone has "haters" on sites like this... including Ms. Sag. The only difference between her and I is that I don't think she's a bad agent because a few of her sellers think she is.


Absolutely the worst!!! No follow through, does not return phone calls, very little knowledge on real estate sales. Lilia gives all Realitors a bad rap...paid too much for very little work. If your a buyer or seller do not get involved with her, she will mess the deal up. If your an agent - do yourself a favor and walk away from the transaction, she will drive you crazy.
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
“The system works, Debbie Chennisi, Keller Williams Realty,
5 Great Listings Taken So Far: 5 More To Go!


I am happy to take the time to write you a quick note about the way that I handle a lead that your telemarketers set for me.

1. As soon as I see the email I call the prospective client and introduce myself to them and find out for myself if they are truly interested in selling their home. If they say that they are then I confirm the time that was arranged for us to meet and see if it works for both of us.

2. I prepare a Market analysis when we meet and handle the listing as if your company had nothing to do with it.

3. Basically speaking your company saves me time by weeding through the possibilities and landing some good leads for me. They are appointment/leads not guaranteed listings. I understand the numbers and my role.

4. The system works but does take time at first to land some prospects because of lead follow up. Just like my own prospecting.

Let me know if you need further clarification and have anyone call me if they want to talk. Have a nice day.

Debbie Chennisi
Keller Williams Realty
Deb's Cell: 401-440-4766
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
“Our strategy is simple. ATM is just calls, we have to convert.”
Ty Ignaszewski, RE/MAX

If I could find a way to take listings for agents, I’d do that too! But, we just call. If an agent is too busy or too flakey to convert… what more can we do. To bad agents like that blame me rather than sharpen their skills considering we could be setting appointments for them for the rest of their lives! - Bob FItzgerald

Hi Bob,

How is the ATM service working for us?

- When we receive the email we place a follow-up call with 4-hours to:
a) Continue to build rapport,
b) Confirm motivation & information,
c) Confirm appointment or change.

- If unable to reach we leave message and follow-up daily or what is
appropriate for situation.
- 24-hours before appointment we call with courtesy confirmation.

At appointment we: a) Educate on specific market and competition, b) Confirm motivation, c) Share realistic plan, d) Come to consensus to do business together or not (price right now or pre-determined price reduction strategy).

- Effectively communicate weekly or bi-weekly to provide update and working
with clients on doing the right to get it sold.

Our strategy is simple. ATM is just calls, we have to capture/convert.

Talk to you soon,


Ty Ignaszewski
Real Estate Consultant/REALTOR
The Carrie and Ty Real Estate Team - RE/MAX Insight
Website: TyRealEstate.com or CarrieAndTyHomes.com
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
“I spend 2-3 hours per day prospecting the same phone number and leads I send you, it is just your team is able to reach them at different times of the day that I am not calling. I have actually had telemarketers work for me before and paid by the hour or appointment, but spent way more money for less quality leads.”

Neil Bennett, Prudential

Thanks Bob,

Since I started using your prospecting services it has increased my way of finding prospects to contact. I treat each listing lead you send me as a hot prospect. As soon as I receive your email with their information I call back to pre-qualify the lead and either confirm or reset the time for the appointment. Several leads I canceled the appointment since they either could not or did not really want to sell.

The last listing I took which is number 4, was actually the first lead, a FSBO, you that I had gone on the appointment and continued to touch base with on a 3-4 week basis. Then 2 weeks ago he called me and was ready to list! I continue to follow up with each one till they list with someone or sell.

I spend 2-3 hours per day prospecting the same phone number and leads I send you, it is just your team is able to reach them at different times of the day that I am not calling. I have actually had telemarketers work for me before and paid by the hour or appointment, but spent way more money for less quality leads. Feel free to have anyone contact me if they have any questions.

Neil Bennett MBA
Neil Bennett and Associates
Prudential Towne Realty
305 Lynnhaven Pkwy.
Va. Beach VA 23452
(757)217-0207 office
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
"I have taken 17 listings with the Bob Fitzgerald Agent Tele-Marketing Listing Lead Program... in a market with a population base of only 400, 000. I'm getting 18-20 appointment/leads per month…This equates to 36-40 additional listings for me this year... a real "NO-BRAINER"!

Steven Futch
"The Terminator"
Realty Executives SB
(318) 868-3600
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Rick Bennett has taken 6 listings so far… he explains the key to making the Bob Fitzgerald Tele-marketing system work!

Prospecting isn’t new nor is it complicated. It is NOT a magic pill. We call. If you hired a tele-marketer to work in your office… they’d call. I don’t know why this concept is so difficult for some agents to comprehend but I can’t take listings for them. We have over 200 clients and less than 20 struggle with this concept. I’m thrilled with the skill most of our partners have because I LOVE referral checks! - BOB FITZGERALD

Hi Bob,

Prospecting and a referral are two totally different things:

A referral is someone that is coming to you because a person they know
love and trust told them too. A prospect is someone that is convinced you are there only for the commission or to get the listing and disappear, just like their last agent.

If you can understand the difference you can create great wealth in this
real estate market. Most prospects want the truth and they want it
presented in a logical manner, with kindness and sincerity. A prospect
in today's market is facing a difficult decision, selling at what could
be the bottom of the market. You have to explain, guide and council
this prospect, if you do it correctly you get the listing, sell the
house and cash a check, if not someone else will fill that spot.

… In addition to taking the listing you should also be procuring buyers from your sign. Those buyers may buy the house that is listed, or another house, but it is
that key ingredient, the listing, that allows for the buyers phone

Would I prefer referrals? You bet, do I love prospects, just as much,
because I have learned how to work with them and service their needs.
It is an equal reward system, I am getting an unequal share with Bob Fitzgerald’s
service, you just have to work to make it work.

Rick Bennett
Keller Williams Realty - Boise
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
“Bob's team gets the appointment set for the most difficult types of sellers- FSBO and expireds… The best part- ALL I have to do I follow up quickly to seal the deal!” -Ashley Wilson

Does prospecting really work? With Bob Fitzgerald’s telemarketers on your team, you have all you need to be successful. Bob's team gets the appointment set for the most difficult types of sellers- FSBO and expireds. They explain to FSBO clients how my services will net them more money in less time and with expireds, who are bitter about listing, they explain how the process will be different and positive with me and my team. The best part- ALL I have to do I follow up quickly to seal the deal!

The road is paved and I just have to finish up with a little relationship building!

I consider the folks at Bob's office my colleagues and my listing clients think of them the same way.

Investment worth making if you can be efficient in returning calls when you get the appointment. The team at Bob Fitzgerald will pave the way for you, but you ultimately will define your success!

Ashley Wilson
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Maximize Your Conversion Rate

The good news is that we can get leads for you for the rest of your career... if you do your job.

What is your job in making our partnership work and converting the best of the leads?

I share the credit for the answer with the best listing agents in North America for helping me identify what is working best when we send you a lead... Here goes...

1- Whenever possible, call the leads immediately! Most of you have buyer agents and you already know that the conversion rate on a sign call is much higher if they call the buyer within 20 minutes of them calling on the 800 Info Home Line. Our ATMs have to fight for every appointment and without the ability to discuss the market, pricing, real estate or most of the selling points that you'd work into a conversation if you had done the prospecting... the "impression" we are able to make on the seller is... "just enough..." to set an appointment. Calling them right away is critical or by the time you get to them they may never call you back. We are losing a lot of hard fought leads because our members aren't calling to do their follow up or PreQ soon enough.

2- Build rapport around their desire to sell. This will allow you to get on "common ground" with the seller and remove any resistance they may have because they don't know you nor have not talked to you personally yet. Don't assume the rapport we built when we set the appointment is automatically transferred to you. If you don't build rapport and make them feel comfortable with you then they may shut you down, lie to you or even act like they don't want to sell when all the detail we sent over proves otherwise. Remember, we had to push ourselves just to get the appointment so get into rapport before you start pushing them to see how serious they are.

3- Encourage them about the market and the fact that homes are selling! The key to getting them ready to list right now is to creates urgency. Each of you have your own way to talking about the market... be it low interest rates or perhaps the pre-holiday fall market opportunity... that will encourage the seller that now is a good time to meet with you and list their home. We can not discuss the market but let's not forget we are dealing with confused homeowners looking to be "lead" by the expert, you.

4- Sell your track record! These people need you but most sellers think that agents are all the same. You are the highest producers in the entire state... in a real estate market where only 1 in 10 listings actually sell each month. We build you up but nobody sells you like you do so create the creditability you deserve by letting the "lead" know you are the best and that they need you. At this point they will go from being "willing" to set up an appointment with our ATM to "looking forward" to the appointment and all that you can do for them. Does that make sense?

5- DisQualify. Do this ONLY after you've built rapport so you get "truth" about their level of motivation and desire to sell. At that point you can decide if you want to go on the listing appointment or not. If you take a "prove your worth my time" attitude before you've "proven that you are worth theirs..." they will just tell you they don't want to sell." I always marvel when I get an e-mail from a client that says... "they don't want to sell right now so I'm deleting this lead..." and then I look at the lead sheet... and it says... they own another home that they are living in... the home they are selling is vacant... They tell us exactly how much they owe on the home... they set up a time to meet with you... they tell us that they want to sell and close within 90 days and that they plan to list the home within 30 days... and they tell the agent... "we don't want to sell." I've coached top agents for many years and they are losing a lot of money not talking the time to "educate" a seller so they make the right decision. The best agents are GOING on appointments and working their magic in the home.

6- Finally, remember... take the listings that you can get! Don't forget that the price reduction process will be as important with our listings as it would be for your own listings. I had a client say that we are sending "crap leads" and he is "holding out for sellers that will price the home to sell." I said, great... how many listings do you have right now?" He said, "I have over 100" ...as if he couldn't wait to tell me how successful he was. I said, "great, how many of them need a price reduction?" He said, "about 75% of them." I said, "what makes you think our listings are any different just because we are doing the prospecting for you?" The right price is a process 75% of the time. It IS what it IS... right?

Let's work together & win together!
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Bob, I guess you have to much time on your hands
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Prospecting is a Numbers Game! What does this mean?

We sell LISTINGS... but we send LEADS...

The prospecting that we do, is just like the prospecting you'd do... we dial for hours to make a contact, we generate a lead that was at least hot enough to set up an appointment and many of these leads will list with you and many will not. We don't stop prospecting until you have taken ALL of the listing that you ordered but we are still sending leads... You'll need to pre-qualify and weed out 4 of every 6. Of the remaining two... 1 will list with you and the other will require lead follow up before they list with you.

We've sent thousands of leads, most attached to an appointment... for some of the highest producers in North America and here are the numbers:

18.2% LISTED WITH OUR PARTNERS! (1 in 5.5)
19.3% LEAD FOLLOW UP stage and may turn into future listings.

7.0% TURNED DOWN the listing at the appointment.
3.7% LISTED with other agents.
12.5% DIS-QUALIFIED based on price. We don't discuss real estate.
16.7% DIS-QUALIFIED for other reasons (motivation, equity, location)
8.3% OTHER unique circumstances not listed above.

14.3% Were NEVER CONTACTED at all by our agents at all

For example, Steve Futch’s FIRST order of 10 listings... Steve listed lead #5, #16, #26, #30, #35, #42, #49 and # 50, #52, and #62 (LISTING RATIO: 1 in 6.2)

These are the numbers! it IS what it IS.

The only variables are the size of your market, the number of FSBO and EXPIRED listings that we can call and the contact rates in your market. The bottom line is that we won't stop dialing and working the "numbers" until you've taken every listing.
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Coach Bob Fitzgerald

As you know, we are not a web site with unlimited access to low quality buyer leads. We pay telemarketers to spend the hours of calling it takes to make the contacts necessary to send even one appointment quality lead.

The biggest challenge that we face as a company is when our client does not uphold their end or our “partnership.” This includes not following up with leads, not going on appointments because their may be a few objections to handle or not taking listings because they may need a price reduction along the way.

We have hundreds of clients and we do the same exact thing for each one of them. We call! We can call for you for the rest of your career but we can't WIN unless you do your part.

There are only three types of clients we struggle with:

1) THE “TOO BUSY” AGENT: In most cases, an agent simply gets real busy managing their day to day real estate business and thus will go through periods of time where they stop doing a great job with our leads and simply react to the business that they have. As a coach, I've seen this cycle a thousand times and it is quite normal. Coaching an agent to follow up with their own leads is difficult enough let alone ours.

A perfect example... I had a top agent list 3 of the first 6 leads when the program was “new and exciting for them”… and then not another of the next 45 that we sent over. What would you think about a situation like that if you were me? When I finally confronted the agent... after he tried to blame me and the leads as if prospecting was a new thing... he admitted that they had become overwhelmed and could have done a better job. He admitted that they weren't calling the leads right away and then not following up with the leads that they had called. I will give him credit. He got re-focused and went out and listed the very next lead that I sent over and remains a great partner to this day.

2) THE MEGA AGENT: In some very unique cases, an agent has a production level that is SO high... that they don't even look at our leads let alone do the "work" necessary to convert them. If the seller has the slightest objection or is unrealistic about price on any level then they won't even make a presentation... yet they may have a hundred of their own overpriced listings and certainly understand the price reduction process. My genuine reply to this type of agent... Good for you! It is great that you can afford to "cherry pick" listings... but that doesn't work for our partnership. We just prospect and the agents that do their part and take listing after listing! It is that simple!

2) THE “FLAKE” AGENT: They are few and far between but… they couldn’t take a listing on their best day.
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Bob, All of the above just shown again who you are. Regarding that posting you found on line( and the only one ), this is NOT any of MY clients, don't even know who it is, the person did not even bother to give their real name.
N  29th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
From: "Steven Futch"
Date: 9:42:26 AM EDT
To: "Bob Fitzgerald"
Subject: ATM Leads

...A quick update; 8 new listings and continuing to follow-up on leads! 2 have sold already!...

I would never have known about these Sellers without the ATM leads...

This program is a "no brainer" for any Agent who wants to take more listings!

The key is to contact immediately, pre-qual and continue to develop the lead...thanks for your help and keep 'em coming.

N  17th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Check out www.Listings4Agents.com far less then$5000 upfront committment
N  20th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
ATM: Casey
TYPE: Expired Listing
Nana was very nice and very open to sharing information with me. She told me that she had the home listed previously with an agent that she feels did not do a good job trying to get her home sold. Nana is looking for an agent that is a little more proactive in their marketing strategies because she feels that her agent didn't work much to get her home sold. She had the insurance policy rewritten when she moved out, so now she has a landlord policy on the home. She really doesn't want to be making payments on the home or for the insurance anymore. She also wanted me to know that she had the home mortgaged before she added the attached garage or the deck on the back. She doesn't know if that will make a difference, but thought Jeremy and Jody should know that.
Nana is already moved into her new home. She married her husband in August and they decided that he had the larger home, so they would move into his. Her home is now vacant, and she moved about a mile away.
No. The listing expired at the end of February, and Nana was very unhappy with the results from her realtor. She thought about leaving the home off of the market, but decided against that because she is extremely motivated to sell.
Nana is already in her new home, and she wants this home sold as soon as possible.
$307, 900. She would like advice on her asking price though. She told me that she thinks she may have been overpriced because her agent started her at $316, 000. She wants to make sure she is priced where she should be to get the home sold.
As of October, Nana still owed $171, 000. She has still been making payments on the home, so it is less than that now.
She hasn't even thought about that option. Right now, she really just wants to get the home sold and be free from it.

Not at the moment. Jeremy will be the first since her listing expired.

Yes. She is extremely motivated to get this home sold, so if she thinks that Jeremy will be more productive for her than her last agent, she will definitely re-list with them.
A  2nd of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We're not satisfied with the results of Fitzgerald's program. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest score we would have to give them a 0 (Zero) Give us the viable leads and we'll close them and get the homes sold. We started our contract on 2/16/2011 and todate we have received 3 leads. On 4/16/2011 with no more leads in hand, that will mean we received 3/4 of a lead per month. That's $5, 000 up front and $60.00 to landvoice to get the leads for Fitzgerald's people to call. We did considerably better on our own. The three leads that we did get were in the Peoria and Surprse area that is over 30 miles from us and out of our normal listing area that we typically serve. Less than one (1) lead per month. I would like my money back for service NOT delivered. Perhaps it's the result of services too many agents in the same area codes. I do not know the answer and I really do not care why. Deliver or refund our money.
Jeff Daley
Keller Williams Arizona Realty
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

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