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The bob fitzgerald elan program targets realtors across the country claiming you will receive appointments from expired listings & fsbo. They promise you 10 listings in 180 days and additional services as well. I was told that I can give them a list of zip codes to target and a price range; they will call to make the appointments. They charge $5, 000 upfront and a 20% referral fee or $250 under 200k sales prices. It's been over 7 months and I got 2 listings out of the 30 fact I never received 3 leads because they forgot to give me the addition of the 30 leads 10 were not even in the area I service. I guess the zip codes I sent meant nothing to them, some 2 hours away. Out of the 20 other so call leads many of them wouldn't meet, never called back or didn't show up. The message I received from bob’s employees were “I got a hot one for you". The additional service they promised which I never received was: weekly mastermind group call with elan members; monthly interview with a top 100 elan member; admission for (2) to the elan retreat in miami, florida (4 day event); coaching 911 access to bob fitzgerald and his team of elan coaches. I emailed bob and requested an appointment for us to talk to discuss my issues, he said he was too busy just email him. So I did his response"all we do is call". I guess the other services they promise are just thrown in to make it sound better. When I emailed bob again (because he won't talk over the phone) requesting a refund because he is in breach of the contract he said"he doesn't give refund he only makes calls". I'm lucky he calls 1 day per month. He even threatened to call my listings to tell them what he thought of me. I didn't know I was working for him, I thought he was working for me. At least that's what I thought I paid him to do. Plus since he never spoke to me he has no idea who I am. Another thing they never told me was I needed to sign up for landvoice, which is extra. I complained to bob he said he would refund the cost of landvoice. Still waiting on that check.
Apparently they don't take pride in customer service. A refund isn't what I originally wanted. I wanted them to provide the service they promised. Bob refused to talk to me directly and only after several emails with him, did I state I wanted a refund. He just kept saying"we just call". The contract states more than that and doesn't say"we just call".
If you are a realtor beware of this program.

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  • Db
      Sep 01, 2011

    I took him to court and Bob did even bother to show up! He will not defend his services, even in court. That should tell you what type of program he has. Beware of Bob Fitzgerald and his service.

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  • Bo
      May 22, 2012

    I am thrilled with the service I have received from Bob Fitzgerald. I have been in business for 9 years and conservatively I have spent over 50k on "Leads". This is the first service that I am actually buying listings, not leads. I have recently booked 5 listings and I have several in the pipeline. I do two things that really help.

    1. I contact the lead immediately and let them know I am excited about meeting with them and I get additional information about their situation.

    2. I deliver a pre-listing package to their door-step that gives them an overview about our serviced and track record.

    Bottom line... This is a numbers game. Bob does the critical time consuming ground work of making the calls. I follow up and make the personal sales call to obtain the listing. It is a great investment of my time and financial resources.

    Patrick McGinnley

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