Blue World Pools / quality and efficiency

SC, United States

June 2011 - I am so sorry that I chose Blue World pools for my above ground pool. We wish that we would have read up on them before signing a contract. Our pool has not been installed yet, which of course we cannot back out of the deal since the 3 day cancellation time frame has passed. We were told that the installers would be able to put our pool in the ground about 2ft. and we could request more feet for a fee of $8.00 per inch. The installer confirmed and advised that the sales person was completely wrong and that they are always selling customers that same line. After being approved for the financing, we were advised that we did not have to do anything else but be there on the day of installation. We inquired about building permits, (any additions to any property would need a permit) at the time of accepting the agreement. They told us that they would be responsible for that if we accepted their deluxe package. As of today, we have been told by our county that if we apply for the building permit, we as homeowners would be held responsible for any problems. I hope and PRAY that we will not have to seek legal counsel if this cannot be turned around. We would chose another company if we had the choice to because of the FALSE information that we were given. That's a TERRIBLE way to begin a financial relationship.


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