Blue World Poolsclassic pool

Blue world pools scammed me I talked to drendy she came to our home told us this pool would be $14, 500 but we get a discount of $1000 off with a $500.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Reno, NV00 down deposit I told her this is uo much for a above ground pool but she took my contract and said that she already talked to her manager and I was already locked to this contract so she took our $500.00 and left then the next day the manager called me he said I can't get out of this contract I will have a lien on my home till I pay off the pool so if I have the pool our not he said it will be $27, 500 for the pool classic and a finance charge of $26, 500 he said the total amount is $57, 250 and they will start taking it out my bank account

Blue World Pools

May 07, 2017

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