Blue World Poolsa ripoff/stayaway from them

WE wanted a swimming for my kids, well saw this swimming pool on tv, told my husband about it call, the biggest mistake of our life, yes they came to my house, that want that I wanted said that it is no good, no good liner, and have to pay around $6, 000 to install, so he said there a pool but it is a show pool for less money do not have to pay more, and no installation fee.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Carson City, NVSo they said 3 yrs to pay well if it's like that ok but you only have 3 days to cancel, so we didn't that something else was going to change, dead wrong 10 days later they call to tell me it was going to be 11 yrs, But tha salesperson said 3yrs, and she told me no we do not have that terms here.It Is 11 yrs, what a nitemare, so there is no more time to cancel, if you cancel you have to pay 11, 000 just to cancel, and no pool, plus they will put a lien on your home, and they will do whatever they want to get their money even if you don't have a pool.So stay away don't do business with them, go to wal-mart or someplace else, not them.And you will be happy you did.For us we have to pay more our stupid mistake, and a lesson learn.Doing this for our kids, and got in so much trouble to the point of losing our home.

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