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Blue World Pools / don't do business with them

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I have read in the past, before I came to work at Blue World Pools, about complaints against Blue World Pools. The texture of them and the way they were written I dismissed as just a disgruntled employee or a consumer that did not have a full understanding of everything. The amount of discovered complaints are about what I would have expected to see on a company this size. Little did I know that what I was able to find was actually just the tip of the ice burg for what was going to happen to me.

I can assure you that this is not the case with me. Please take the time to read this in its entirety, as it is detailed and factual, as I have expounded with dates, transactions and specific dollar amounts.

In Feb 2008, I answered an ad from Blue World Pools seeking outside closers. The ad indicated good earnings potential. I have a $2200.00 mortgage as well as 2 car payments equalling $1200.00 per month. I have made decent money in the past and have set records everyplace I have worked.

I talked to a recruiter that told me about earning of $2000.00 - $3000.00 per week, which sounded fine to me. I discounted this by 50% to make up for company exaggeration, and would still provide me with $6, 000.00 per month income of which is what I need. I had no question of my ability to sell this or any other product.

I was scheduled for a training class on Feb 13th, 14th and 15th. This class, the trainer, Jeff, again stressed the same earnings potential. After this, before we received an employee agreement, we were made to write a check for $150.00 for our training material and presentation kit. If we did not pay it at this time, we had to leave. I paid, as did the other 20 people in the class. Additionally you had to purchase a fax machine to use from peoples homes. This is a cost of about $100.00.

The next day we received our employment agreements as well as commission schedule. This indicated that you would only receive about 50% of your commission at the time the pool was released. It was also explained that as time went on the balances would be paid totalling about 75% of the commission. This sounded ok as I have a history of producing so I was not concerned about the earnings. The agreement also contained a provision of hold back until the end of the year to be paid as a bonus only if you are still an employee of the company. If you leave for any reason, they will keep this money. (It is a deduction from your earned commission and not a true bonus.)

We were also told by Jeff that when we left on Saturday some of us would have leads to run that afternoon and that the ones that did not get a lead Saturday, would have some Sunday. Additionally it was indicated that if we wanted to due a temporary lack of leads we could travel to different market places that was short a rep.

I finally received my first leads days later that produced 1 sale and one appointment cancelled. After going several days without any appointments, I asked where they could send me to that was producing leads. I was sent to Montgomery Alabama initially and then to Johnson City Tn. I drove many days as much as 500 miles making my appointments and returning to the hotel. I left many mornings at 7:30 to make a 10:00 appointment and then had appointments as late as 8:30 and got back to the hotel at 1:00.

While they had me working out of Johnson City Tn. I covered TN, VA, and Kentucky as well as N.C. the same scenario was in play here as it was in Alabama.

From March 1, 2008 when I ran my first appointment to May 4th, I sold a total of 20 pools. My total pay earned was $6900.00 however, my total received is only $3222.10 with a “bonus” due of $3000.00, which I will never receive because I am not with the company. I spent $2475.00 in fuel and vehicle expenses including 3 oil changes because of mileage.

As represented, by the recruiters and Jeff the trainer the average commission is $900.00. If that were a true statement I would have earned not less then $18, 000.00, a liveable wage as that would break down for 2 months of earnings netting about $6500.00 after expenses and taxes. I did not even earn half that amount. In some cases, I received as little as $73.55. (A detail of earning per unit will follow)

The commission structure as represented to us is as follows 50% above par or 5% on in house financing (Which winds up being 100% of the time. It seems that I never met anyone that had decent enough credit to be bought by any number of our available finance companies)

Customer 1 sold 03/1 for $11, 721.00 paid 436.05, and should have been $586.05.

Customer 2 sold 03/6 for $13, 721.00 paid $536.05, and should have been $686.05.

Customer 3 sold 03/8 for $16, 321.00 paid $275.00, and should have been $1300.00 (50% over par).

Customer 4 sold 03/11 for $13, 721.00 was turned down even thought they claim that due to in house financing there are no turndowns.

Customer 5 sold 03/12 for $11, 721.00 paid $200.00, and should have been $585.05.

Customer 6 sold 03/15 for $10, 961.00 was cancelled and then the company called a couple of days later and they saved it but cut me out of the commission because of it cancelling.

Customer 7 sold 03/20 for $11, 721.00 paid $300.00, and should have been $585.05.

Customer 8 sold 03/21 for $10, 471.00 paid $73.55, and should have been $523.55.

Customer 9 sold 03/25 for $15, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $1001.50 (50% over par).

Customer 10 sold 03/27 for $15, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $1001.50 (50% over par).

Customer 11 sold 03/29 for $17, 521.00 paid $000.00, and should have been $1900.00 (50% over par).

Customer 12 sold 04/4 for $9, 999.00 paid $200.00, and should have been $1000.00 (50% over par.)

Customer 13 sold 04/12 for $13, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $686.05.

Customer 14 sold 04/13 for $15, 021.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $650.00 (50% over par)

Customer 15 sold 04/19 for $8934.00 paid $000.00, and should have been $446.70.

Customer 16 sold 04/22 for $10471.00 paid $000.00, and should have been $523.55.

Customer 17 sold 04/23 for $16321.00 paid $000.00, and should have been $1300.00 (50% over par)

I had 3 cancellations involved totalling 20 sales.

Additionally there are several people that they called later in the week, after I had been to the home and made a 3-hour presentation, and sold for less money. This cut me out of the loop entirely for commission paid.

After being kept away from my family, I did request to take me back home. I was made to stay on the road for an additional 7 days before they would send me home. Upon arrival at my home area, I went several days without receiving any appointments at all. They, since I was no longer willing to travel, effectively forced me to quit but not providing me appointments. I was told by Mike Maloney that I needed to be aware that all monies held would not be paid to me, as they were actually bonuses and not my commissions earned. Additionally any appointments that would be provided normally I would be fined for and taken out of any money that might be owed to me in commissions. (I find this rather interesting, as there weren’t any appointments for me in the 10 days prior to this and suddenly upon my departure, they are slammed with 4 appointments a day for me. So they can levy a 250.00 fine against me for not running them. (They require a 7-day notice or will fine you for missed appointments)

They really took me. I fell for ‘PIE IN THE SKY’. What’s bad is I should know better. I worked hard for this company to be stolen from.

The promises made are just that. Empty promises. I made amounts of commissions that were well below stated commissions that we were told could be earned. Additionally any contract that could not be sent to outside financing and were kept for in house financing, we would get only 5% of instead of 50% over par on those qualifying contracts. Little did I know that all of my clients would be in house financing? This allows the company to pay less to the sales representative and make 25% interest from the client over a course of 7-10 years. IE: Comission example, a pool selling for $17, 521.00 should pay the salesperson $1900.00. With in house financing, I would receive only 5% of the sales amount that in the stated example would only pay me $876.05. As you can see from before that this happened to me at least 1 time.

They are a large company that is set up and geared for them to make money. They misrepresent most things to you as a salesperson. Additionally they request you to lie to the potential clients from the beginning of the sales presentation stating that Blue World has been in business for 28 years, (they have not) all the way to a show pool discount that is nothing more then a gimmick. In addition, they tell you not to leave all of the customer signed forms with the customer, specifically the high cost section 32 mortgage disclosure stating that there is a mortgage on their house and the document that tells about the ability to cancel.

This company is amazing in that their format is actually to commit fraud on an ongoing basis. This is evident from the beginning of hiring sales people in February to the way sales are affected.

I personally know another person from the Orlando Florida area that this very same thing has happened to. I also truly believe that we are not isolated incidents.

I am ultimately going to file a report with the appropriate attorneys generals in the respective state that I worked in as well as Nevada as they are incorporated in that state.

We are not permitted to provide our e-mail address or phone number in the body of the text here at this site. However, if you signup with them (There is not a fee) you will be able to obtain all of my contact information as I have given them permission to forward to all that request it.

I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had an issue with Blue World Pools either through their unscrupulous sales tactics or as an employee. Additionally I am seeking an attorney that would be interested in looking into this further to contact me referencing a possible lawsuit and ultimately a class action lawsuit.

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  • Va
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    As an ex-employee of Blue World Pools, I can tell you that not only do they scam their customers, they also scam their employees. They send you all over the countryside running appointments to customers who they've already run a credit check on??!! However, it's a little fishy (Kevin Fisher) that all the deals end up as in house finance deals which means the customer is paying upwards of 24% interest and the employee's commission ends up being zilch. If you run appointments where you have to travel for the company, they will send you a per-diem advance to pay for lodging and food and (very) little gas. When you get back home thinking your commission check should be waiting, there's none to be found and when you contact the boss(es)--Kevin Fisher or Mike, they magically are out of the office when you call and NEVER call you back. So far, I have not seen any commission other than a piddle "tip" check, but with over 10X that amount in commissions still owed me!! Kevin Fisher and his underlings are scam artists!!

  • Ag
      25th of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Valerie Many many years ago customers who were not formally approved through a traditional lending source, Blue World Pools, Inc. would self fund. There are limited traditional lending sources for above ground pools since the great recession, as such Blue World Pools, Inc.'s model has changed and the way commissions are paid. The way commission are paid are reviewed upfront before a representative comes to work with us, as always. It does take a representative about 2 weeks to start receiving advance check on a sale. Blue World Pools, Inc. has NEVER not paid a representative what they are contractually due. Please call me directly with any questions whatsoever 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren!

  • Jo
      15th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had a very similar expreience! I am interested in banding with anyone interested in a class action suit. Please email me @ or 817 404-8072.

  • Ag
      25th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jonathan Greene Blue World Pools, Inc. has binding arbitration with all independent contractor sale representatives. Blue World Pools, . Inc. is more than happy to go sale by sale with any representative to prove that all monies are properly paid. Blue World Pools, Inc. has never in the company's history not paid a representative what they are due. Please feel free to reach out to me at 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren.

  • Mi
      18th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    They were on TV in Jacksonville, Ft Smith -Arkansas, Pittsburgh... and so on... call the those TV stations along with the State Attorney General. There is also a Law Firm in Columbus, Georgia that is looking at them. Call them at 800 233-4086 and ask for Debbie (case Manager)

  • Ag
      25th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Mike If you look about 4 posts down the law firm with the number posted above stated there was never a case and don't even handle this type of thing. This is fake news. If there are any customers who need help for any reason call me directly at 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031, Sean Warren.

  • Je
      5th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well here goes.. The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet? Can anyone give me any advice???

  • De
      15th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I recently purchased the midline and received a call from blue world pools about a week later, that they offered an upgrade to the classic pool, it's been almost a month and I sitll do not have an install date, after reading everyones' comments, I'm not sure this company is what they say they are and I tried contacting one of the people they sold a pool to and were supposedly happy, but the person has not called me back yet, I'm beginning to think these testimonias are made up. I would be interested in joining in on the class action law suit,

  • Ag
      25th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @dennis pudwill Please call the office at 1 800 706 0907 ext 2 to get an installation date on your pool purchase! The purchase goes from a sale, to finance, and then to installation. Sometimes if Blue World Pools, Inc. does not have all the documents from the customer to make an approval decision then installation can have a slight delay but that is on the customer's side not on Blue World Pools, Inc.'s My organization always quotes 3-4 weeks until installation.

  • Ra
      18th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Contrary to recently posted statements, the Law Firm of Butler Wooten & Fryhofer, LLP currently has no cases pending against Blue World Pools. Our Firm does not handle these types of cases.

  • Ja
      25th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    We brought a pool from bule world we fell for the up grade well we also sit there & told the sales man the house was not to be on the agreement we made sure the little box was not signed well we fell behind on payments & they started hollarin there takein the house those idots checked the box after we signed the agreement they have rip us complty & the bull about the idozer is crap u still have to use the chermicas!! I want to get in on the law suit!!

  • Wi
      28th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    would love to hear from people in NC who have had any dealings with Blue World Pools; whether you bought from them or not. If you bought from them what was your thoughts of your whole experience from - salesperson, Blue World Pools Rep to the installer. please email at

  • Du
      18th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i am in the middle of a problem with blue world pools also, i ordered a pool on may 11 2009 was told it would be a show pool it would be top priority installed, i still have no pool or date. i also found out through my bank and a woman who called me that lives three hours away that all of my personal information and the entire contract was faxed to individuals home faxes so now i have no idea who all has my information -ss numbers, bank numbers, address, phone numbers everything that should have not been linked out.i have tried every day to talk to someone at the company i am always being told they will call me back. they upgraded my pool from a midline to a classic i was told for the same price not true, if i accept this pool it will end up costing me 27000.00 . i was not told about the financing, i was told it was all included in the 9071.00 price of the pool. if any one has any advice for me please let me know . i do not want to except this pool now but dont know how to save my home . i have only signed the papers for the pool not the financing papers.

  • Ma
      15th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    please let us get together to close this company before they can ripoff more people, please collect signatures from everybody, lets get together and have them a taste of their medicine.

  • Ri
      1st of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    @marli067 We are having the same problem. We have a pool that won't hold water and is out of frame. The don't guarantee anything.

  • Ma
      16th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes


  • Kg
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was scammed by them as a customer and also my best friend. We are in louisiana please email me They sent a field rep out to my home and pull my ionize system of my pool because I fell behind on my payments due to a divorce

  • Lv
      16th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am so glad I researched these guys. We just had a rep come out Sat. May 14, 2011. We are trying to get a pool for my son who has special needs. We told the rep as soon as he walked in the house to not waist our time we only wanted to know about the 399.00 deal. He insisted that he had to tell us about the other pools. We sat there and listened but knew that there would not be a sale. Once he was done of course he put a call in to his office and guaranteed us that we could get financed and get the payments were we could afford them. Even after I explained to him that we didn't have any money in savings and our monthly budget didn't have a discretionary fund. I stay at home with my son which has put us in an extreme financial hardship. Our Physical Therapist told us that a pool would benefit our son in his therapeutic needs so we were going to do what ever it took to get that for him. We told him all of this and he still came back with a 400.00 payment for 12 years. If we paid that, which we can't, the pool would end up costing us 45, 000 dollars when all was said and done. How ridiculous is that???!!! After the sells rep left the home office called back and gave us an even lower cost. My husband and I thought wow we can't pass up on that. We were going to ask our parents to help out until...I read these comments! Thanks everyone for opening my eyes!! We'll just go to Wal-mart and get a cheap pool and visit the community pool once a week. If anybody knows of a good pool company I would love to know about it. Thanks!!!

  • Ok
      14th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Does anyone living in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area have a complaint against Blue World and would be willing to testify to their experience in court? I am an attorney in that area and I am thinking about filing suit against them on behalf of a client who canceled their contract but could not get their deposit refunded. Respond to

  • Ri
      1st of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    @OklahomaLawyer Can you advise us on the people that live in Missouri. I was scammed by Blue World Pools and we now have a pool that is out of frame and holes in the liner. I have pics and videos of the crappy job and pool.

  • Ki
      8th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @OklahomaLawyer I live in Tulsa and was scammed by Blue Work Pools. We would be interested in lawsuit as well.

  • De
      6th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Kim Salyer Brittain I live in Dillon SC there a lawyer for my area...Blue world pools Catrese told me on May 23 2018 if I brought 3000.00 to the table that it would pay off my she's saying 6000.00...i asked to hear the recording of our conversation of May 23 and she said there was not one...shes told me before that their conversations were recorded...HELP...

  • Go
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    After taking the training in Ky / IN I was able to see that it was a bate an switch scam that is designed to target home owners with low cridet scores, collect payments, until the home was in repo at which time they get thier pool back and collect on the lean placed, , on the re property after forcloser. I did not go to work for them as our country is in sad enough shape with out criminals such as these further devestating the poor. If there was not a larger picture than pool sales going on this would not be allowed to continue. PS a friend just purchace a repo home, that guess what, was lost after BW sold them a pool causing loss of everything. The One who got away...

  • Va
      24th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I placed a call to Blue World Pool and tried to find out about he Econoline Pool that they offered for $299.00 and set me up for an appointment then when they were suppose to call back to confirm apt, they cancelled telling me supposedly that the man had an emergency and would not be able to come and then told me that since I only wanted to pool that they advertised they would send me the letter to tell me exactly what to do to prepare site and call them and set up time and send in payment and I told here ok as I was just wanting to get a pool because my 6 year had recently been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and we wanted something for him to have fun in. Then I receive the letter in a couple of days and mush to my surprise they want me to go to a lawyer and have it signed that I understanf that they are not liable in case someone gets hurt since we had to prepare our site. Then I was told that I had to buy a $300, 000 insurance policy and put their anme on it with mine. I am saying they don't want to be held responsible but if anything happens they want to be paid for the accident. Then they do not financethis pool but still want me to send in a copy of my deed to my land. I bought a pool in Louisiana froma pool company they installed it and at no time did any of this have to be done. Then wanted you to take 4 pictures 1 of site before prepared, 2 of starting to prepare site, 3 of putting down 2 inches of sand and then one of a tarp put on top of everything that was done. When I tried to call them to complain about this is not what I was told they weren't accepting calls anymore and then the online people would not help you by even talking to you after they found out that you are complaining. One of the people was Jamelle and one was Shonda not sur how they sleep at night doing this to people. This company is not someone that you want to mess with. Please do not get involved with them they are not reputable at all.

  • Sg
      9th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Here is another one for you all about Blue Pool. The salesman came to the door and as with all of you, did the presentation and the up sale. I, as a ###, went for the nice $10, 000 upgraded one. After talking with the wife that night, we decided to cancel it. Low and behold, the salesman forgot to leave our copy of the contract. So, I wrote a letter to Atlanta, Ga. office(wrong move) and cancelled the check (great move). Been hounded now by the company saying we bought the pool. The letter was supposed to be sent to their corporate headquarters in NV. Their Vice President, Kevin, called threatening with putting a lien on my house, blah blah blah. He then said "Why did you not call and get a copy of your contract?" Like that would have been any better. Would still be past the FTC 3 day cancellation period. What good would that have done? This company is crap and has no honor. They seem to use disgraceful tactics in doing bushiness. Pressure you into buying. Have filed a complaint with the FTC about this. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!

  • Tr
      26th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I was going to work with them but I am so glad the people are fighting to stop them and how they have been in business for 25 years I have no idea because I can't imagine anyone staying in business more than 25 days with the things I have read about them and what they have done to innocent and unsuspecting people.

  • Pr
      16th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Wow, Thanks for posting this detailed information. I was set to go to the first training day tomorrow Sunday in the DFW, TX area. You saved my bacon on this ...Thanks so much, I ask that God richly bless you for your efforts to alert people like me. PRC, Texas

  • Kc
      3rd of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Thanks...I too desired the $399 pool, but do not want to lose my little home. I will get a cheap pool from WalMart/Kmart and keep my house..and NOT answer my phone when these guys call. I will block number. Thanks for the heads up. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, right ?????
    KCC, Macon, GA

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