American Best Pool Supply Complaints & Reviews

American Best Pool Supply / Worst customer service


I ordered a pool light through American best Pool Supply and was told it would arrive before the date my Pebble-Tec would be installed. Several days later, I got a phone call saying my credit card was declined. I thought that was strange and contacted my credit card company...they said...

American Best Pool Supply / Instead of taking care of the problem, they credited my card and sent my name to a collection agency


I purchased a pool motor from american best pool supply in CA. The motor they sent was defective, so I called customer service and was told by the representative that he could do nothing for me. He then hung the phone up on me, so I called my credit card company. The credit card company...

American Best Pool Supply / Defective Equipment, Will Not Honor Warranty


American Best Pool Supply was the worst company I have ever dealt with. I purchased a swimming pool heater and first of all it was not delivered when it was supposed to be. I had to drive 160 miles to retrieve the unit! I had technicians install the unit and it did not ignite. I contacted...

American Best Pool Supply / Faulty product/Poor customer service


I purchased, via the internet, a replacement bag for my Polaris pool cleaner at the end of October, 2008. By April, 2009, one side of the velcro strip that holds the bag closed had pulled away from the bag, making it impossible to keep the bag closed. I contacted the company, explained the...