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Blue Haven Pools / no respect for you or your home, your time, privacy or property

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Firstly, they have no class at all and no respect for you or your home, your time, privacy or property. They treated my house and property like it was a keg party in a $25 motel (after 6 months we are still finding McDonalds bags, KFC buckets, coke cans and other trash they left and refused to remove when they left our home in a mess) and it goes further than that - one group of their workers took the liberty of throwing our trip-trap teak patio furniture from our patio into the mud and cement so they could then use it to step on as they applied their plaster. It was ruined and now, expensively worthless. The builder thought nothing of this and shrugged his shoulders as if I should know better than to expect better.

All in all, I wish I didnt bother. Not only does the pool quality look like it was built by me and my buddies over a case of beer, but my 'infinity edge' doesnt work and when it does work - it sounds like a pumping station for a sewer so we dont switch it on. The spajets only work when you put the blowers on, which again, sounds like a pumping station, so again - we dont switch it on. The plaster and color/quality is a joke, stonework is hap-hazard and nothing like the finish they show in their brochures. They tell you that the owner will be present for the whole project. A lie. Just try finding out who owns and supports Blue Haven pools - the Corporation. If you ever find out - please let me know. As for your local 'operator'...try reporting a problem. They tell you that 'you mismanaged the ph levels' even when you paid them to maintain and serviced the pool weekly from day 1! And finally, they are rude and totally dishonest. In one, albeit one of many incidents - their barely literate 'Project Manager' at the office decided that when she wasnt yelling at us or ignoring our calls - she would pretend to be my wife, call to fraudulently announce that we have guests with the security guards in our gated community, only to send in their migrant workers to sneak off like thieves in the night, taking not only any remaining tools, but also stealing landscaping and construction materials we had purchased for our home (you will need to do landscaping when your pool is finished) that didnt belong to them but they wanted use for another job for another victim.

All in all, avoid Blue Haven Pools. There are plenty of options with companies operated by owners, not a Bernie Madoff shell like BH. Look at BH's website. Try to find their address. A name. Try getting hold of someone that isnt your local franchisee. They dont exist because they are a shell company with no mailing address, no CEO, no management and no customer service. They have no quality control, no operational control and no ethics control. Being a Blue Haven pool provider is seemingly as easy as paying their franchise fee. Their address is a postal box in San Diego. They have no board, no auditors, no representatives but for a call centre that routes you right back to the same people who cheated you in the first place. As for their 'operator' in Pineville - take your chances at your peril.Their resolution consists of telling you 'how far are you going to get' when advise them that you are unfortunately being forced to make a legal complaint against them because they won't fix it. And again, see if you can get the 22 yr old from 'an undisclosed call center location' to reach someone at BlueHaven. Mine didnt even know anyone who actually worked for Blue Haven, other than the franchise I dealt with of course. YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE AND NO ONE TO CALL. Again, they are a shell outfit similar to a ponzi scheme where you run in circles trying to find someone to help you, only to realise the people you are calling are the same people who nailed you for 80k. This 'operator' was so arrogant to this fact that they said 'do what you like, I ain't coming back or recommending anyone' and then proceeded to call every pool service firm they know and subcontract to in an effort to make sure I could not get anyone licensed and qualified to offer their professional opinion when I knew they were lying to us and trying to scapegoat the issue to our 'mismanagement'.

Also - when you buy a pool - do yourself a favor - get the same firm that 'opens' the pool for the builder - to be the one to service your pool. They will even perform the delivery or 'startup checklist' for the builder in some cases. Make sure you use that same person for the 1st yr or two if you can. That way when you end up in court with Blue Haven pools they cannot use the frequent excuse that 'you mismanaged the PH levels and did this yourself' or 'your pool technician was inexperienced or unqualified' to do the work. They will.

They will try to use every angle to get out of delivering your agreed pool at your agreed price, and then blame you and disappear when they cut corners and ruin your investment in the process. They have terrible craftsmen, rude Project Managers and a familiarity with you and your home one could only describe as disgusting. I could not regret more my decision to do business with Blue Haven. And at 80k, a decision I will never make again.

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  • Ma
      9th of Jan, 2017
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    I am with Blue Haven pools on the west coast. I can assure you there is a national customer care number. It is 800-543-3883. I do not know where you are or who you dealt with. I can tell you this, when you do contact the corporate office you find out they do not operate in this manner. You have obviously dealt with a rotten franchise. I am a bit confused as to how you could not have found the national customer care number. While this sounds horrible and if so it is, I can't but have suspicions that you are a competitor due to the total pool being a complete disaster, this is not the case 99% of the time. When competitors use yelp and the like they always try to make a blanket trashing, leaving no stone un-turned so to speak. This is so bad I hope this is the case. Let me tell you for sure. In California the company you describe would be out of business, trashed by the state in short order. If you are a true customer and you identify this office they won't be for long. All the best.

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