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"bait and switch" — long story short. My husband applied for insurance through bcbsil. He answered all of the questions on the application truthfully and had 4 recorded conversations with nurses prior to signing the amendatory endorsement. No pre-existing conditions were applied nor was a exculsionary rider applied to his insurance regarding his back. They paid the claims and then 6 months into the plan they sent a full rider on his back. He either signs it or the insurance is rescinded. Bcbsil did not do their due diligence during the application process. We don't know their underwriting rules, so how are we to know what to do... We had overlapping insurance for 2 months, just incase bcbsil didn't pay the claims, but they did, so we cancelled the other insurance. They misread his doctors reports, and our doctor even sent a letter stating that to the insurance. They disregarded or didn't read the letter from our doctor and stuck to their guns and will not budge on the rider. My husband now needs to go on the state plan and wait 6 months before he can get any treatment for his back. By then, he'll be crippled from the pain. We are both self-employed and pay through the nose for insurance. We will not go down without a fight. Bcbsil sucks and should be reprimanded for their evil ways. They are wrong and I have hired a lawyer and am ready to file a class action suit. "bait and switch" is illegal in most industries, so I don't understand why bcbsil should be exempt. I'm going to make so much nose on this they won't know what happened to them.

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  • Em
      Jun 26, 2009

    This is unfortunate that you cancelled your previous plan and then found out about the full rider on the back. Sounds like he must have had something seriously wrong with his back. Thats too bad. How were "no pre-existing conditions" applied the the plan? I thought all their plans excluded pre-existing for at least 12 months?

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