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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] / insurance coverage

1 Tijeras, NM, United States

$357 was never refunded to my mother who was left with no choice but to pay out of pocket for her prescription. At the time she was unemployed due to disability & was waiting for an answer from SS; she just happened to have cash in her pocket that she had borrowed to pay rent. When she spoke to bcbs CS; she was assured that the money would be refunded, told a check had been sent in the mail & otherwise stonewalled, misled & straight lied to. $357 to a huge "non-profit" corporation such as the blue cross blue shield, (organization with written statements that claim to truly care about their clients), is chump change with their CEOS giving themselves million dollar bonuses every year, but to a hardworking, upright citizen such as my mother, it was her rent money which in turn put undue emotional stress on her. The last thing she needed on top of already dealing with an illness that became chronic & is painful in nature! This is an abhorrent disrespect & lack of concern for another's life & can not be allowed to continue!
If all you rich folks are so smart, then how can you think you'll just continue ripping your fellow humans off when anyone with any intelligence knows that we are all connected? You may as well rip your arm out of socket & slap your own faces with it! Time has come for change, and I am not afraid to encourage it, I am energy & I will make a difference!
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation in resolving this matter!
Autumn Anne Saaxon

Sep 10, 2017

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