Bludomainawful experience

On 12/10/08 I ordered a “betsy html-only website” for $200 because it was advertised as being ready within 24 hours. I sent several emails over the next few days that went unanswered.

Friday 12/12 @ 4pm - they send a list of questions for my website host provider.

Monday 12/15 at 9:30am the questionnaire was sent back with the info they needed (delayed due to the weekend because they sent it at 4pm on friday).

Tuesday 12/17 - still no website and no contact from bludomain. I email them at 9:37am and told them I was worried and that the site needed to be up asap because this was a new company being launched before christmas and we needed a few days to make tweaks and upload content.

No response until 12/18 at 9:48am when they said they couldn't log in to my godaddy account. “daniel muniz” claimed the password was wrong. Literally 5 minutes after his email I said to try again because the password was correct. At this time I also realized the password for my ftp had a typo and I told him this.

No response so at 2:53pm I asked them to follow up and please call if there were any technical problems.

No response and by this time i'm panicking. I email again at 4:58pm asking if I should just get a refund.

12/18 @ 11pm - I get a short email from daniel saying he could get into the godaddy account but now he can't get into the ftp. At this point I realized I was getting the run around and I would most likely not see a website any time soon because all I was getting was poor communication and excuses.

Friday 12/19 I send four emails (yes, I was panicked!) asking for a response, phone call, anything! I kept getting autoresponse emails. I checked my junk email folder and spam folder in comcast. I was definitely getting their emails. Still no response.

Over the weekend I decided that I was fed up and that I would ask for a refund and hire someone else on monday morning since they don’t work on the weekends.

Monday 12/22 @ 11:41am - I emailed and essentially fired them and I asked for a refund. No response.

Monday 12/22 @ 3:36pm - suddenly get an email from daniel saying here's your link and that it was uploaded to my server. I email back immediately at 3:42 and say "too bad... You're too late. I hired someone else I want a refund". He writes me back right away (the only time that ever happened) and says "too bad, company policy if we already sent a link". I write back and say I asked for my refund over four hours before you sent the link. He writes back again and say "ok, then you should be ok. The owner will just have to approve the refund." I ask daniel to forward my message to the owner. No response. My hosting provider looked on my ftp site and said there was nothing uploaded to my server like they said there was. I never clicked on the link.

Friday 12/26 - I email again asking where is my refund. I get an autoresponder and no other response. So I email daniel and ask him again to forward my email to wayne who I found out is the owner. No response.

Tuesday 12/30 - I found out that bludomain has an "f" rating on the denver bbb website. I email bludomain again asking for a refund at 3:50pm. I also file a complaint with paypal.

Tuesday 12/30 @ 11:33pm - “aundrea” responded and saying "sorry, no refunds. You agreed to that when you purchased the site". I printed out the agreement and no where in there does it say no refunds. When I pointed that out to her she didn't respond.

Thursday 1/1/09 - I email, pointing out (once again) that I had asked for the refund over 4 hours before the link was sent. No response. I escalate my complaint with paypal.

Friday 1/9/09 - paypal says they do not protect buyers from 'intangible items' like a website. I email bludomain and let them know this. Aundrea emails me back within 20 minutes with lies and inaccurate timelines tries to blame my host providers fault and calls me childish. She still refuses to refund my money or apologize for poor customer service.


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