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I check my bank account pretty religiously. The other day, I noticed a $1.00 charge from ITunes pending, but it never went through, so I just let it go. I do visit the site occasionally and thought maybe it was just a mistake and was corrected promptly. Within a few days, I noticed two pending charges, one from PW EAUCTION 800 for $1.95, and one from for $10.69. I called the EAUCTION number and said I had never ordered anything from them and I had no idea what this charge was. The woman on the phone assured me she would cancel the account and any pending charges. She gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I contacted and they told me I had set up an account with my correct name, address and phone number yesterday. I assured them I did not. They were friendly enough and canceled the membership and assured me the $10.69 would be refunded.

Also, oddly enough I found a voice mail on my phone later that evening from the EAUCTION people stating that my order was on it's way. It was dated a few days earlier. I don't recall this number ever calling so it's almost like it must have gone straight to voice mail and I found it later when I was checking a missed call. Strange.

Anyway, although both of these companies seem to be taking care of the fraudulent charges, it still makes me extremely upset that they can just charge people unknowingly for something they didn't order/want. All I can think is that this took place through a third party, and if so, shame on Blockbuster for dealing with companies that would do something like this. Of course the EAUCTION people are just as bad, but from what I have read they are awful and this is a common occurrence. I thought Blockbuster was a legitimate company with respectable business practices.

My question to anyone out there is - do you know who is behind this? Has something exactly like this happened to you? I have read somewhere about Dish Network possibly being to blame for the Blockbuster thing, but I don't have any business with them, so in this case they couldn't be involved.

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  • Ho
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I just recently had the exact same problem as mentioned above. 2 accounts opened and charged to my account. Blockbuster was all too willing to allow 2 identical accounts to be opened in my name (why on earth I would want 1 account, let alone 2 accounts is beyond me). When asked to verify the shipping address of the online rentals, I was told that I was not allowed to have that information. I mean, it is my account, why would they be able to provide me with my information?

    Long story short -- they will not refund the money and are forcing my credit card company to the file the fraud investigation and eat the fraudulent charges. Sounds like they are in such financial trouble that they are refusing to negate revenue no matter where it is coming from. Pathetic!

    This actually reminds me of the MCI slamming from many years ago where they would solicit you to change carriers, you would say no, they would change your carrier to them anyway.

    Blockbuster will never ever see any of my business ( in store or online ).

    In additon to the charges, there was also a $1 charge for Napster. Why in the world would I use Napster.

  • Fr
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    I would check your credit/debit cards very closely. In terms of future identity theft and credit card fraud sometimes thieves will place small transactions on a card to verify the card is active. It is usually small so that it goes unnoticed, then in a week/month/year you get slammed with thousands of dollars of purchases you never even made.

    The $1 charge is so your card can be verified as active and sold on the market as a viable credit card to be used for fraudulent purchases.

  • Di
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    After ready other complaints, I just remembered that I also got a popup box about iTunes and ignored it. I also had several $1 charges to my account for which I complained to the bank. I'm now starting to put a picture together. Thanks for the insight.

  • Lw
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    Trojan horse virus / key logger could be sending your CC # when you type it in legit site.

  • Ma
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    The same happened to me I got charges both from and eauction (I found that is the same as pacific webworks inc.) they really don't care who is using peoples names and cc information to setup accounts with them, the same with blockbuster. they will not refund any fee, blockbuster first told they will refund that never happened when I call again they told they do not refund any fee and I should talk to my bank. I talked to chase and supposely they will take care of it. Now reading on the internet the different complains people have, I'm not to sure. I do not understand how these companies can get away with this. I found thsi website with complains if anyone has more information on this please let me know.

  • Vf
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    today 03/09/2010 I was checking my bank of america credit card account and Block Buster randomly charged me $3.15 for BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO #121 Merchant Information: FT LAUDERDALE FL which I have never used before. I called Bank of America and the representative in the disputes department sounded like he was already prepared to answer me on my inquiry as if he already was prepped with a sales pitch. this sounded very fishy to me, it was as if they (bank of america) were on the merchants side and he (woody tingle from boa) said that Blockbuster might have had a previous account number for you and if the merchant verifies this account number then they have the right to charge your account. He was acting as if the charge was valid even after I told him that I was concerned about my account that maybe someone has my account information. He said that this could be a very old bill and blockbuster just now got around to charging it. It was as if Blockbuster just contracted with BoA to charge it's cardholders old fees because the representative was very much on the merchants side. Everyone beware and check your account statements to see if you are the next victim!

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