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Blockbuster / late fees

1 Citrus Heights, CA, United States Review updated:

Copy of what I sent Blockbuster--------->Hello, I have been a Blockbuster member for over 13 years, and I have hung in there through all the changes but, I can no longer be a member or customer for two reasons, (1) I am disabled and on a limited income and when I went into Blockbuster the gentleman that worked there asked me "do you want to take care of your late charges?" I said "no, can I do it next time?" He said" sure no problem" that was great because I had very little money at that time. The problem was that next week Blockbuster ran my bank account for late fees $4.28 not a lot but I had .23 cents in my account so it overdrafted my account $38.00 x 2 so now I owe & 76.00 (2) I contacted "Tiffanne" the store manager which was no help she told me' well ma am its not our policy" Thats all good but when I have always paid my late fees in the past. I have spent thousands of dollars there. And she was unsympathetic and blunt to me that she wouldn't help me at all. When you have three children and to disabled parents and get a check every three weeks to live off of $76.00 and climbing is a lot of money when that could be food, or movie rentals, or gas and she could careless. Well that's very poor customer service and I will not be going back there anytime soon. I would like some contact back about this issue. I now have to close my bank account because I will never be able to get out of being in the negative at $38.00 everyday overdrawn over $4.28. All this over less then 5.00 when she could have provided my bank something so the overdraft charges could be stopped. One manager there told me that Blockbuster could reverse the charge and provide something for my bank, but Tiffanne wouldn't even discuss this or work with me.

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  • Em
      16th of May, 2010
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    I just went to this store at 20124 Ballinger Way NE Suite A Seattle Ballinger/ NE 98155 (206) 361-0218. Employee number 11591 store 52854

    I been your lawful customer for so many years but today i think after that so many years i will not renew my membership when it expire. i will accept responsibility if i did loan a tape and will pay fine if i knew it is late but today at your store, i was humiliated with some other customer behind me, when the customer service person at this store said that he will place a note on my account that i have done this before. I always make sure all tape were on the bin at this store before it expire and if your people do not place or made a mistake not putting it asap on your computer and then they said i return it late, then how can i fight for something that i have no return slip.
    There are so many DVD retailers now that is competing at your store and it seems they are winning because of some attitude of your people. When i arrive at your store and with a coupon of non release I asked him where are the non-new released tape for my coupon and he told me on the middle so I went to the middle area and just pick something that is sitting on the rack and then told my grandson if he get what he wants to watch. At the counter when he told me a late charge again i said " what late charge?" I did place the tape I last borrow 2 days before it expire and he said i did not return the iron man, i said what iron man i did not borrow iron man. What upset me is when he said i have done this before, i said what are you talking about, i did clear that up the last time i borrow some tape that i place it on the bin the day it expired so it is not my fault if someone at your store do the return tape the next day.
    What upset me more is when he is charging me for the non released coupon for $5.00 which he said is new released, then i said " no " i got that in the middle of the isle where you said it is non new release. This person make a big humiliation on me and if only I am not with my grandson i will swear and make this thing big at that moment. He gave me the tape the ** 10 dead men**. When i got home i look at he computer if this tape is a new release and guess what? it was release on November 2008, two years ago. And he was charging me $5.00..that is a big rip off... Wonder if that will go to his pocket.

    Employee number 11591 store 52854

    I will make sure this will go to my facebook.
    Thank you for your customer service humiliation to me.

  • Jt
      3rd of Oct, 2011
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    How come people always use the disability excuse?

  • He
      3rd of Oct, 2011
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    You only get late fees if you return something is in the contract you agreed too...can't affored the late fees then maybe you should return them on time and since you are disabled and do not work that should not be too harrd

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