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Blockbuster / collections & restocking fee!

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I have been a blockbuster costumer for a long time now and it the last year at blockbuster I have spent a lot of money at three different locations and I received a letter in the mail stating that if my restocking fee of six dollars isn't paid then they will seek further matters. Let me ask you this if you owned a business and they spent all this money on movies would you bother them for six dollars? Maybe you would but now since I am so mad I take my business else where. Kinda funny when you can see the Rodgers video store from Blockbuster. So if any one is seeking employment in a field that obviously doesn't require a lot of thought give blockbuster a try!!! Very Smart!

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  • Bl
      16th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Now imagine if people all over the world had the same attitude about $6.00 bucks. It adds up to billions of dollars that the company loses just because your mad about a movie that YOU didn't return on time.

  • Ch
      7th of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I rented a dvd of the Bourne Ultimatum... it won't play all the way through on my dvd player or my computer's dvd drive. Is it a legitimate dvd? How honest are these people? How satisfying is a refund argument? Is Corporate America patriotic?

  • Da
      12th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    How honest is Blockbuster or the movie industry or the people that make the DVDs? I have seen an entire shippment of DVDs that were blank.

  • Ja
      5th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Pay your bill deadbeat! Stop complaining.

  • Wo
      4th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    many answers, blockbuster employees cannot refund cash for a defective movie, they can only exchange it for another copy of that movie. two if you don't return your movies, please pay the fee, they have that so they can get their movies back instead of people keeping movies and making the business go out of business just because customers want to get as much free as they can. respect the reasoning that they are a business and they need to make money to give you more movies to rent. plus it is not your property when you have the movies, it is blockbusters and they have the right to charge for their property, or it is stolen.

  • Pa
      1st of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Blockbuster has to "restock" any movie that comes in. My son was hospitalized and I couldn't get the movie back on time and I was nailed with the fee. Not everyone who returns a movie late and complains about the restocking fee is a deadbeat. The restocking fee is nothing more than corporate greed.

  • Ct
      1st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I believe Blockbuster is fraudulant. They charged us for a movie we did not keep as well as late charges we did not incur. I tried to contact district manager over several weeks and he never returned calls. I eventually called their corporate. They gave the movie charge a credit and still wants to charge for late movies. They will not disclose which movies are late stating we need to contact store rented from. Well since the store does not return calls I am still in the same situation. There is still the outstanding balance I am fighting. Everyone please beware if renting from Blockbuster. My suggestion is not to rent from blockbuster. However, if you decide to please have the manager sign a paper stating they received movie and no balance due or you can end up like us fighting these charges.

  • Bl
      12th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hey Blockbuster!! How about you lower those fees and have better trained employees! Did you see how much your company is losing to Net Flix and Red Boxes.. You must think that charging $4.99 will bring in people that's already strapped for cash to come rent from your stores!! Let alone put up with those un-trained associates that lack the common sense that God gave them.. I would rather deal with a box that don't snatch my money and give me funny stares and charge me stupid fees after I know that i returned the movie and also Who cares if the Blu-rays are new or old! It's a movie charge a reasonable price so people can rent them instead of letting them collect dust on those shelves that never gets cleaned until they have to move some movies over for all the other movies that your company didn't make money from because of your high fees!! LOWER YOUR FEES AND YOUR MIGHT REGAIN TRAFFIC BACK INTO YOUR STORES!! GET A CLUE ALREADY!! WE ARE IN A RECESSION!! PEOPLE ARE STAYING IN!! YOU COULD BE MAKING A KILLING RIGHT NOW!! THOSE ANYONE IN CORPORATE BLOCKBUSTER HEAR US CUSTOMERS OUT HERE????

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