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Block Buster Store / horrible customer service at the local block buster store

1 United States

I am a regular customer at the block buster store (680 Bound Brook Rd Middlesex, NJ [protected]). I usually visit the store once a week and rent movies and in addition I always buy pre - viewed movies. I had been visiting the store for sometime now.

This evening (07/13/2007) I visited the store and I had asked the customer service person that I need to exchange a movie that I had bought the previous week had some problems.

The customer service person (Sean) asked me to go and find the movie myself to exchange the movie. I couldn’t locate the movie and went and asked for help and he was just standing between the aisle and he asked me to go and ask to the girl in the front desk for help. I picked up some pre viewed movies (with an intent to buy them - I usually buy previewed movies every week). I had also taken a movie for renting also.

I was standing in the line and the girl (I didn’t know her name) was helping me with the sale. I had given my block buster rental card for the movie I wanted to rent and the four movies I wanted to buy (The deal was to buy two movies and get two movies free). The girl had some issues with doing the sale so she went and got Sean and he said that one of movies also had a sale sticker but he said that that movie was not on pre viewed sale.

So I told him that I am not interested in buying the movies as I am not getting the deal. He also ringed the movie I had asked for a return also as a purchase and I told him that that it was already purchased and so asked him not to ring that movie as a sale again.

He said something to himself and returned everything back and he returned the movie that I wanted to rent also. I had used my free movie coupon for that and he voided it and he said that if I can’t rent the movie with the free coupon.

I lost one free credit on the coupon and didn’t get the movie I wanted to watch and I asked him to get me the store manager and he said that the manager is on vacation and he is the one in charge and he couldn’t do anything about it. I asked him why he had returned the rental movie without me asking him to do that and he didn’t respond to that.

In the meantime the girl went and got the movie I wanted to return and he said that I have to wait as there is a line building up. There were four computers and three people working at the store and the girl was asking Sean whether she could help me in the next register and he said "no". I waited for four people to rent the movies and then he just swapped the movies (didn’t ring the movie I wanted an exchange) and gave it to me. I asked him for the movie which I wanted to rent and he said that I can only use the coupon once and he wouldn’t rent that movie to me.

I was insulted and humiliated at the store in front of other people at the store and also in front of the other sales people. I asked him if there is a corporate office number as I would want to notify of this experience and he said that he wouldn’t give it to me and I can look at the website for further information.

He was smiling as if he had done something great to the other person working at the store and I can see the other person working at the store not feeling good about what is happening at the store. When he kept me waiting at the store I asked why the other registers are not open and he pretended as if he did not hear me.

I had left a message for the store manager but never heard from him!

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