Bishop PlumbingOver charge people

M Des Plaines, IL

We called Bishop Plumbing because we had heard that they have done business in our building before and I thought it would be easier just to have them hook up our new sink and faucet. No major concerns of leaks when you have a pro do the work. The new sink was in the same location as the old one, so everything was right there under the sink. When we called, they said that there would be an 80 dollar charge to come out if we didn’t have them do the work (not totally out of line but not totally happy with it in case we decided not to with them). They arrived and looked over the work and gave us a cost. This cost would be a final charge, no matter how long it would take to complete. I was amazed with the figures given to me that I could only start to laugh right there asking what kind of hourly rates are they charging more than $400.00 a hour?

These are the costs, hand written on my copy of the paperwork
Install customer supplied faucet $533.00
Install 1-1/2” chrome trap $222.80
Install 1-1/2” waste arm $194.45
Shut off water and install angle stop on cold water side $366.45

These charges add up to $1316.70 but he told me it was going to be just over $1500.00. I’m not sure how he came to that figure maybe taxes. When he asked if I was concerned with the price and I said yes, he called for a price reduction. The new total cost was about $200.00 less.

I am in the trades as well; I thought that the prices given to us were a total rip off. All I could think about was the fact that some people would just pay this amount. We did not have them do any work so I can’t talk to the quality of the work.

I went to the local hardware store and bought the parts needed to hook up the drain and strainers for the sink. The total cost was $58.00. Including the time to get the parts I was completed in 2.5 hours with everything including the faucet (no extra parts needed). The only thing I did not do is shut off the water to install a new angle stop.

Beware of prices given you to do work. Always get more than one quote before you give the approval to begin, if it is not an emergency there is no harm in that as long as it is compared apples to apples.

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