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I came in to donate blood I was deined the chance to do so because "tattoos" but my tattoos are from years ago so called to make a complaint I later received a call back from a assist manager saying I should come back in so he could take a look but I already felt like I was being discriminated against first off i'm a homosexual and I brought my partner into ge clinic with. And I have never been treated so poorly in my life or so easily dismissed. I just called back to the corporate office and a lady named cheryl hung up on me I the middle of me explaining my situation I called back and was sent to voicemail not once but multiple times. I left a message. I'm not goin to take this injustice lying down i'm going to file a civil suit if no one can give me a straight answer as to why I was turned away. I fight everyday to have equal rights as everyone else I don't deserve to be deferred because of my orientation.

Nov 28, 2017

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