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I just started in september, I gave 2 times a week I did the new visitor $500 it was my $80 week all is good I had a rough patch due to my iron was very low but I got it maintained. Well my score was always 39 or 38 that is passing at biolife until I went to biolife and had veronica, at first my pulse was high 101 only 2 points cause I literally just walked in the heat and it's hot here in florida, I asked her if I could have 10 mins she looked at me and said ten mins? No honey you get 5mins when I was told previous of times I could have 10 mins to sit and chill cause it has been high before (note it is almost closing time for the facility) she then said to me that she wants to check and make sure everything is ok before I sit out for 5 mins... So she did and she looked at me and said i'm sorry you can't give today I said why she said your iron is to high its 55! My iron is what? That's impossible my iron is always low.. She then said you can always try again tomorrow and don't take your iron pills today so it can lower it tomorrow... I said um.. Ok? Went home that day and it wasn't high at all but I thought maybe it's different from how I test my iron from theirs. So I live in plant city which is a long drive to lakeland and it's a lot of gas wasted when going to biolife. So, I made another appointment and went this is the last day for my $80 or it'll expire and pulse was good but sure enough my iron was super low... Another day wasted in gas and $80.00 gone.. I told a supervisor she wrote down notes very nice lady. But what about the gas lost? The $80.00 that I didn't get because of someone who said to not take something so I can get a better rating? So its today october 10th and I came to give... I get here and I walk in and I can't do a questionnaire I have to see the nurse... Went to talk to her and she said my pulse is to high a couple of times and if it is again then I can't give anymore.. But my pulse was good yesterday? I'm confused... She said well then there should be no problem... Well I get my turn and the cuff kept on filling up with air... It could read my pulse says right there on the screen.. My arm is turning purple and I finally tell the associate that its turning and she says oh another lady says try the other arm... Because the lady couldn't find a way to put the cuff on she said we are gonna stay with this arm... My arm is hurting from the cuffs air from no reading it finally stops and says 120! But the cuff never filled with air it didn't even squeeze my arm... She still put it in the system and said "go sit in time out" like i'm a child... I explained to her it didn't even squeeze my arm? She said that's what it gave me sorry.. So I go sit down then I said I have oils in my car i'll go get them that'll help me calm down (if it's really that high which it isnt) well as I was coming back in I asked if my time was up cause they haven't called me she replies with once you leave you are deferred I said what? I didn't leave I went to go to my car for my oils to help me calm down? That's when she said sorry you can try again tomorrow! This is absolutely ridiculous no one informed me on that or i'll never have left to my car.. They don't know how to properly use the equipment then they shouldn't be able to work here.. They need to inform their guest better and be more nice on how they talk to people.. I won't ever come back it's to stressful and waste of gas. Maybe if they have one closer but nope i'm done.. I do want my $80.00 that was straight wrong for what that chick did.

Oct 10, 2018
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  • Ke
      Oct 16, 2018

    Did you get the $80? They did the same thing to me. This is ridiculous.

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