SUBMIT A COMPLAINT no product stole my money

Ed Nov 28, 2018 Summerland, CA

This transaction was on Wed Nov 21 2018 not sure what you want for client # but i do have a phone # which tx me back and forth a few times [protected] After i got and sent a few tx to this # yesterday the guy said he was going to look up my order and 30min went buy so i called the # it was disconnected. I was looking to buy THC oil online and this place all of a sudden popped up i have done many searches before and nothing popped up on google or bing. Also i did a search on google and this company did not appear. The company name is and if your on the site if you hit a link to buy cannabis buds it takes you to a completely different site where they show there address and now disconnected phone # the ad is 2240 lillie ave summerland Ca. 93067. I did a street view on it and it an old junk store it looks like and that shop also sell CBD. I tx and online chatted with them a few times and they where all screwed up.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Summerland, CA The guy on chat told me on Thursday that i would get my order on Friday from California to NYS. I though the package was coming USPS and the phone tx told me they don't use the post office they use UPS. He told me on Friday that i would get my package Monday. So i asked for the tracking # and he said i would get it when it shipped. So i said i don't think I'll get it on Monday. Also you only have to option to pay for the product.WU and i think money gram. You can't get your money back with either of these options. So i lost $260.00 + $5.00 to WU. If i could have used a credit card i could do a charge back but instead i just handed them cash. The payee was Corona Joe San Bernardino Ca. This not a real company but the CBN is a real company i think. So there site is still up and running. But i know the phone # was disconnected yesterday. I have some online chats in my email and i got a bit of tx on my phone also have WU receipt and email confirming my payment and there pickup and an order #3976

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    I did file a complaint with the California AG office online yesterday also put a review on google warning to stay away

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