Binder & Binder / Social Security Disability Worst Attorneys!! / NOT The Social security disability advocates

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In 2012 I hired Binder & Binder to handle my disability case. They claimed to be the #1 best Social security disability advocates. A years later my hearing had finally come, my caseworker was not doing her job, and Binder & Binder was not sending my doctors reports. I was told they wouldn't send any medical reports, and that I had to call doctors & get my own medical records, instead of the legal staff doing their job, and focusing on winning my case- they ignored my phone calls (at times I didn't hear from them for months!!), and when they did call, they were rude & unprofessional. One week before my hearing date I finally received a phone call from BINDER & BINDER ... THEY WERE DROPPING MY CASE !!! They hung me out to dry !! I have a written letters from them saying they need money from me to win my case!?! They have been exorting me for money, and they haven't even won my case!!
For any one who needs to file for ss disability... trust me, don't hire Binder & Binder, you will regret it!!

Binder & Binder / Social Security Disability Worst Attorneys!!

Aug 05, 2013
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  • We
      Aug 05, 2013

    File a complaint against them. A lawyer who drops a case before a court date like that can possibly be reprimanded or suspended by the Bar for such behaviour.

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  • Us
      Aug 05, 2013

    Binder and Binder's advertisement says there is no fee until we win your case to collect Social Security, but they lie; they mistreat minority clients, extort money from clients before they settle your case, and they have rude & an incompetent legal staff, that makes the client do all of their legal work!! Do not hire this lousy Law Firm!!

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  • We
      Aug 06, 2013

    I know you make it your lifestyle to make claims of racism and the like, but how do you know they mistreat MINORITY clients? From other complaints I've seen, they mistreat clients of all ethnicities. Not everything is a racial issue -- sometimes people are just all around slimy.

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  • Ka
      Feb 25, 2016

    I hired Binder & Binder way back in 2003 after watching television and seeing a commercial of theirs that they do all the leg work, will contact your doctors and hospitals, and obtain all records necessary and me as a client will not have to do anything. They will win for me and then they get 25% off of the lump sum. I liked this idea. My only complaint then was that each time I called them to see where we are at, I had a new representative. In '05 I got a denial letter. I was dumbfounded, though I would win. I spoke to my rep the next day and he assured me they would do the appeal. I felt a bit better. I was not working at the time, only getting spousal support. But in '06 I did win, got my $8, 000.00 lump sum, they took what they needed before I got my 8. To t his day I do get around $870 every month, changing a bit every year. Really, to be honest, I have had no complaints about this company. I am also shocked to see everyone who has had an issue.
    Now my daughter is using them and they want her to go see a doctor of their choosing an hour away from us, but they want my daughter to pay the doctor out of her own money $500.00. What in heavens name is that about? They are supposed to do it all, right.? This is a big major complaint from me.. I am on low income and do not have that kind of money to help my daughter out. She has no one else to help her. But still I was always told that if they choose a doctor, then they pay for the exam. My daughter went to a doctor last year and she did not have to pay. I never paid for any doctor back in '03''06 and I was sent to several. So what is the story on that. Anyone know? Anyone elsel asked to pay for an exam?

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