Binder & Binder / Lousy Social Security Advocates / horrible & incompetent attorneys

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Binder and Binder's advertisement says there is no fee until we win your case to collect Social Security, but they lie; they mistreat minority clients, extort money from clients before they settle your case, and they have rude & an incompetent legal staff, that makes the client do all of their legal work!! Do not hire this lousy Law Firm!!

Binder & Binder / Lousy Social Security Advocates

Aug 05, 2013
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  •   Aug 26, 2013

    Mike Brown? Is that you?!

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      Aug 30, 2013

    No, it's THE RACIST LIAR: Tracey McManus, a con-artist who worked for The Augusta Chronicle!!
    Watch out Folks: the Cyberbully- Tracey Mcmanus, the racist RAT-### woman is still spamming insane blogs; like she's done with others on this site, consistently spreading HER LIES- using stupid phony names (her multiple personalities): like "Very_concerned", "WestCoastLover", "Don Tarr", "TedBarnes", "bellamie"- & so many other ###ed aliases, AND GET THIS: The Liar isn't even from the West Coast!!! And in her sick mind, everyone is a liar except for her.. And I love the part, when Tracey (the "psycho")- will continue her obsession "Dr. Frank Beckles", the civil rights leader, who made her look like fool, a deranged LIAR, and a Psychotic Racist ###- ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!
    By the way; TRACEY, nice photo of YOUR MOTHER... (The Monkey).. HA, HA!!

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