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Beware. Binder and Binder will usually not send an Attorney to represent you. Ther are only one or two licensed attorney's per each office. The usual office handles about 250-300 clients per caseworker. There are no less than 40 caseworkers per office. Do you actually think that 2 Attorney's can handle that many Disability cases? You are going to be represented by an "Advocate". An "Advocate" does not have to have a Law Degree. In Binder and Binder's offices you do not even need a college degree to represent someone in the most important matter of their lives. Get an Attorney. You will pay less and be better represented. Most of the good Attorney's that were with Binder and Binder now work for the Social Security Administration, and they know the games they play, so don't expect to win your case.

Sep 11, 2013
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  • Li
      Jul 30, 2014

    They dont return calls, the idiot they had as my adovocate, had all of my paperwork mixed up, for i. E. , he had the incorrect diagnois, he had me back at work when i went to my hearing, when infact, i was still on medical leave. Now, that idiot high school kid that was my advocate, has my whole life messed up, because, he told me that i was approved, however, i need to show the courts that i will at least make the attempt to go back to work, and if i can't handle it, i would have to come back to them, and start this whole thing all over again.
    Today i found out, that i was approved for permanant disability. Now, that i am back at work, i am to the point, that if i miss one more day, i will be fired. But social security will take another year to make their decision thank you binder and binder for you incompetant advocate trainee that you sent to me. And thank you united states of america, for not listening to me, when i tried to apply for social security on my own, and when i tried to dispute binder and binder's fees, and our great government, denied that too, i am so ready to move to canada, this country will put me in my grave.

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  • Ro
      Dec 22, 2014

    I recently went to a hearing with Binder and Binder representing me - I was told by my "rep" (who is not an attorney) that I had a chance with a "closed case", meaning I would only receive retroactive benefits IF even approved. That is because my medical reports were not current enough, which I understand because SSA feels that if you improve, you should go back to work. What I don't like is being just a number, so that a phone call with my rep being too long because you are talking for almost 1 hour. You don't even meet him or her until the hearing date. Not what I call "personal attention", but they go by volume.
    If my claim is denied again, would only reapply with another attorney. THat remains to be seem, will find out in couple of months.
    To their credit, they are efficient in following up with client and telling you what forms you need, but probably have too big a caseload.

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