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In 2004 I hired Binder & Binder to handle my disability case. They claimed to be the #1 best Social security disability advocates. make a very long story short 3 years later my hearing was finally here. The reason for the 3 year delay was due to the fact Binder & Binder was not sending my doctors reports. I was told they wouldn't send anything that would hinder my case. Instead they just held it up. When I found that out I sent my records directly to social security dept. With in 3 weeks I had a hearing date. One week before my hearing date I received a phone call from BINDER & BINDER ... THEY WERE DROPPING MY CASE !!! I was told I would not win my case. They hung me out to dry !! I have a written letter from them saying they would not continue my case.
Although the out come for me was great... I won the case. I am receiving SS disability and I DONT OWE BINDER AND BINDER A DIME.

For any one who needs to file for ss disability... trust me you can do it yourself.

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  • So
      Nov 11, 2009

    I will tell you my personal experience from the "inside." Years ago I worked for these shysters. I was actually in a management position involved in oversight of two operating offices after having previously set up and opened a new office for them. I worked for them for nearly four years and was ultimatley not only responsible for office operations but client intake and my own case-load. I was being paid $32K per year. They pay their "staff" what amounts to little more than minimum wage. At that time case workers, often carrying a case load of 200 or so "clients" were making $20-22K per year. The case work is handled like the world's worst factory/sweat-shop/assembly line with little if any true concern for the clients well being. In addition to poor pay and absolute horrendous working conditions, most employees spent their time looking over their shoulder to see if the Binder's neice was anywhere in the vicinity as it was her duty to act as the "enforcer." If one was unfortunate enough to be on her s**t-list, your time on the payroll was short-lived. Simply put this outfit does not care about any of the preliminary stages of the SSD process other than shuffling the paper work. Their ultimate goal is to get the case in to court - ie. drag it out - so their "existence" is justified. I realized the Binders were making a fortune on other peoples misery; clients and employees alike, so I began to question what I saw, and promptly ended up a target on the s**t-list. They could not fire me, because I was the most effective person they had- bar none - and they had nothing on me. More importantly if they did fire me, I could collect unemployment and they were much too cheap for that. Eventually I resigned and went back to school. I have since helped friends and family alike win SSD cases on initial application just to prove to myself exactly what I knew to be true from the Binder's practice: Binder and Binder is irrelevant. The folks at SocSec are there to help you. If you provide the necessary medical information and if you meet their cirteria of disability, you can easliy win on your own.

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  • Ra
      Mar 02, 2018

    @Sothere Thanks. after 3 years of beating off, B&B dropped me, via letter I may add. I scrambled to find a new Downtown Atty, ( Chicago ) and had my SSI/ Disability in 3 MONTHS !! a Federal Case on my behalf is still pending, for years 2014-2017, which my my atty WILL win as well. Binder & Binder really SUCK !

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  • Al
      Dec 10, 2009

    Thank you for your input... we were on our way to talk to them and if it had not been for this info- all our time would have been wasted.

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  • Pi
      Feb 01, 2010

    My hearing is in a few weeks and up until I came across numerous negative comments about Binder and Binder today, I have been totally happy with their service. Yes, I did a lot of the work because I wanted to since the SS forms want info only the client knows, so why get on the phone with Binder and Binder and tell them the info, when I could do it faster myself and make sure it reflected exactly what I go through on a daily basis at home and at work before leaving my job. I think using them sped up my case as soon as they stepped in and got involved. Its only taken me 1 yr. and 3 mos. from when I first filed until my hearing. Since I worked for attorneys for over 25 years, I know how busy they are and most the time when clients called to find out the progress of their legal documents, they only got to talk to me since I was able to give them the answer they needed and it freed up the attorneys times so they could continue to bury their heads in their work. I have not had to pay for any reports or special doctors visits up front with the execption of paying $500 for a Functionality Capacity Evaluation by a phyical therapist at one of my doctor's suggestions. After getting that test, which is well worth every penny, I realized I didn't necessarily need representation since its proves just how bad my physical limitations are in addition to my mental ones. Hopefully, I will win my case after my hearing and I don't mind paying Binder and Binder's fee because I do feel they took good care of me and were always available to talk on the phone to me. If I don't win, I may be back on here with something different to say. Wish me luck.

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  • Ja
      Feb 22, 2010

    Don't go to this law firm. I worked there five years ago and I quit because they cheated on my health insurance. They claimed that if employees voluntarily give up their health ins the company will convert the money otherwise used for health ins. and put them in our paychecks. I never got either the health insurance or extra money for three months after passing the three-month probation. I reported this to the office manager and he said I never submitted any paperwork to waive the insurance; however, I did on my first day of work! Since I was inexperienced enough not to retain all signed copies (I was a fresh grad back then) I couldn't show proof and get back my money. Also, the salary was barely minimum wage (I had a B.A. degree from UC) and the caseload was like 200 per month. I figured this was a dead-end job, along with "losing" my health insurance, I quit working there. Now that I'm making triple compare to 5 years ago, I'm glad that I made the right decision to quit Binder and Binder. So far, this has been my worst work experience working for this law firm. As to how the company treating the clients, oh they don't care about them at all. They would simply drop the case if the attorneys don't see any profit-making opportunities in it. One time I tried to help a client who almost died from suicide by going extra steps to fill in paperwork for them, as soon as the assigned attorney found out I was yelled like crazy saying I was wasting time in a case that probably would lose...PLEASE DO NOT USE BINDER AND BINDER!

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  • De
      Mar 09, 2010

    I also was majorly ripped off by Binder and Binder..I hired them while I was in the process of getting my disability. Already, 2.5 years worth of work had gone into my case. I had a hard time getting them on the phone, and when I did, someone NEW had my case and had no idea as to what was going on with it. I finally got fed up and took the case on myself. I won, and had fired Binder and Binder but they filed a garnishment of 25% against my earnings. Now I pay them 58 dollars a month for absolutely nothing that they did. The Social Security administration said they were very aware of their name and their practices of ripping people off but unfortunately could not reverse the levy on my account. I would not ever recommend these people. Please think twice before hiring them. They get you to sign a contract saying if you dont win they dont get paid. AND when you get mad that they do nothing and hire someone else they still have this contract and when the other attorney wins for you they will get the money for someone elses work. BUYER BEWARE!!

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  • Mi
      Jul 14, 2010

    What do you expect from this company when Mr. Binder appears on TV ads wearing a cowboy hat with his business suit and tie? I'm not sure if the ads are all the same in every part of the country but here in Texas, that would be called pandering. It's blantant manipulation that doesn't fly well here.

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  • Je
      Aug 08, 2010

    Binder and Binder is NOT a law firm. If you want your case handled in a responsable manner hire a law firm, the smaller the better for you. I worked at Binder OMG dont go there!

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  • Gb
      Aug 09, 2010

    When I see a attorney or group on TV ads. I stop and think to myself they are A) money hungry B) has a crapy rep to were they need work or C) greedy and want to get you in the door to make money. I always look around and ASK around before I hire anyone. Word of mouth is the best bet because most people will give you the truth about their experience. After I get a name of someone then I get on line and type the Attny or Firm in to see if they have complaints. I take some with a grain of salt but when you go groups of people then it is usally true. I always tell people to use you gut feeling and also I am filling for SSD and SSI and I always use someone local that way if they start to slack off I can stop by their office. Its a good idea from day one to make copies of everything you send them and a log of who, when and why you talk to on the phone. You have the write to write a letter to terminate a contract with a attorney and when it comes to the fee if you got all of your "ducks in a row" then it is normally up to you bar association to figure out a fee. If you don't like the fee the attorney sends you and if you make copies and a phone log of who all you call to HELP the atty out it can help you show that you did most of the leg work. Just a thought I am 29 and I am filing I don't think I will have a problem but you never know. I got 3 herniated disc, need back surgery, anixety, depression and chronic pancreatisis (which in the last 2 months spent 2 weeks in the hospital for it). The sad thing is its easier to get SSD with a mental problem than a physical problem. JUST REMEMBER USE YOU GUT IF IT SAYS NO OR SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT RUN!

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  • Mu
      Oct 27, 2010

    I did the phone interview, and should be receiving their package/contract any day. I'm glad I read this, there will be no signature from me. I will represent myself!

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  • Ho
      Jan 13, 2011
    Binderand Binder - lack of communication and response
    United States

    Yes i have repeatedly been in contact with this same attorney group now since my SSDI claim in 2008 and been in compliance with thier every inquest and requirement to bring my claim to the adjudication stage now i am requesting them to expedite the decision writer's and to get my decision in writing and mailed in which they have neglected to follow up on, i am under on going unusual hardship and medical issues and mobility issues that this should merit consideration for expedited processing from a legal standpoint and they are not treating it that way .

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  • Dm
      May 12, 2011

    I used Binder and Binder in 1994 and they helped me get my SSI and SSD. I had no problem s. Nothing like every one else
    I am sad to hear all those story's.

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  • Co
      Jun 13, 2011

    my husband won his case with binder and binder. they were very professional.

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  • An
      Jul 03, 2011

    I found them to be very professional and courteous over the phone. See with SS the client doesn't have to be in constant communication with the representatives. Same with VA law. Everything can be done over the phone or mail. Its one of the best areas to practice because of this. The downside is that with SS and VA law there are factors that slow down the case. In VA law that hinderance is always the VA and their nonchalant attitude towards vets and so they hold up records. The other biggest obstacle is the number of cases. Binder& Binder and their sister company Rep for Vets cover the whole country and with the economy the way it is more people are seeking reprsentation. Rep for Vets has one office that cover thewhole country and their return time is phenominally fast for the caseload they have. Binder and Binder is a little slower but again the obstaces . Having dealt with this area before I have found that the cases are held up mostly due to waiting on docs from the client.

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  • Tb
      Oct 24, 2011

    I agree with everyone who has done business with Binder and Binder and agree that they DO NOT do their job in handling disability cases. I wanted Binder and Binder to represent me when I was going through breast cancer and depression. They disappointed me on how they handle my case, they had me doing all of the work like getting all of my medical records and I had to pay out of my pocket for that. A year later, I was still waiting on them to do something, I had to be the one who would always call to check on my case, they would never call and everytime, they were sending me to so many different doctors and I was denied twice so I called and ask them to close my case. A month later, they send me a letter stating that they do not any longer represent my case. Once I got my letter I went to talk to a lawyer in my hometown but when she read the letter she told me she could not represent me and no other lawyer would take the case because Binder and Binder would get a percentage even if the new lawyer win my case. I didn't think that was fair eventhough they were not sdoing there job, the next day I had to go back and ask them to take the case again but they wanted me to fill out another application and I refuse because it took them a month to send my letter but it only took me the next day to call them asking to continue my case which I was told that I was still in their system but that has been two months ago and I have not heard anything from them, so I do not know if they are still representing me but if not, I wish they would send me a letter stating that THEY no longer represent me and then I can go from there because they are really putting me through this depression for them not doing what they advertise on tv. Binder and Binder will not Bind their backs to help NOBODY and shame on them.

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  • Co
      Oct 24, 2011


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  • An
      Nov 25, 2011

    I worked for them for almost 4 years. They do not think of their clients/employees as people at all. I discovered a mistake and tried to bring it to management's attention. It was ignored so I went to an attorney. When it was discovered by management I was "marked" for firing. My direct deposit was stopped and when I went to them to inform them after I discovered I had shredded live checks and not stubs I was told they had to wait to see if I "cashed them which could take weeks. I went to the union who made sure I had my check in two days. The day I received my check I was "fired". I would not recommend anyone work or use them ever.

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  • Be
      Dec 05, 2011

    I tried to get disability on my own. The doctors would not release my records to me. I had to hire a lawyer. Very sorry I hired Binder and Binder. They would not have any of my medical records without me calling my doctors to send them to Binder and Binder. Do not feel it is right that I had to stressed out. I have a court date next week. Still waiting for 2 doctor reports. So I am the one staying on top of everything. Caseworker tells me see called both doctors several times and left message. I happen to know there is no way to leave a message at doctor's office. Caseworker is lying to me about what see has done. I asked to speak with a lawyer in the office. That has helped! Caseworker knows I will call lawyer in the office if things on not moving like they should.

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  • Di
      Feb 08, 2012

    I am in the process of trying to obtain my ssd I really messed up when I hired Binder and Binder to represent me. I have been forced to obtain all medical records all history from employers and witnesses. I have sent them the documents registered mail return receipt and only when I tell them who actually signed for the packages can they find my paperword all of a sudden it is there. I have been transfered from pillar to post and back again. No representative seems to be on my case for long and no one seems to know what is going on. I have paid for every medical record my self and have then had to send numerous copies to them as they can not find the paperwork i sent. I have all my records and that seems to upset them greatly when I can tell them who had my records they either no longer work there or have been transfered. I am very unhappy with Binder and Binder and now say ' IF YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED WITH THESE PEOPE RUN RUN RUN AWAY FROM THEM. They have asked me 3 different times to sign a new fee agreement as they do not have my original and I send them a notorized copy of the original and they call and try yelling at me for not cooperating. They seem to only be interested in pushing people into new more expensive fee agreements or getting you to sign for them to get more money than agreed upon at first. KEEP ALL RECORDS NOTORIZE EVERYTHING AND NEVER SEND THEM AN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. THEY WILL TRY AND EXTORT MONEY EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. I HOPE BINDER AND BINDER READ THIS I CAN PROVE EVERYTHING I HAVE PUT IN HERE AND HAVE CONTACTED A LAWYER AND AM SUEING THEM FOR MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUD. THIS IS BASED SOLELY ON THEIR PAPERWORK AND PHONE CALLS I WILL POST HOW I SDO IN THE LAW SUIT AND WITH MY SSD.

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  • Li
      Oct 20, 2017

    @Disgruntled and angry please let me know because of th negligence I was messed out of $20, 000 plus the fee ($6000) I want to sue for the hell I went thru with them. Lisa ( [protected]

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  • Aw
      Feb 13, 2012

    Binder and Binder are crooks they sell out their clients trade cases cause clients to loose most of their back pay sure they win but they won't appeal if your cheated after they sell you out to the judge in a secret meeting with the judge before you go into the court room. And dare you try to appeal on your own or think of trying to hire another attorney because 60 days is not even long enough for any other attorney even if you could fine one to prepare a appeal case. This is Conspiring, its obstruction of justice, its violations of civil rights its mental torture of disabled people its exploitation and gross abuse of disabled people its civil/criminal RECO ACT Violations. These people are crooks and a disabled dying person once they sell you out and cheat you out of most of your back pay dare you risk filing appeals on your own to the appeals council or making any complaints to anyone because after 6 years of fighting and waiting and countless close calls to death all you better do is take your little chump change check they left you with is run and hide in the darkest corner of earth you can find and pray to God their done abusing and exploiting you because if not your life as a disabled person will be made a living ongoing Hell until you finally do drop dead and they not longer have to pay you back the money you paid out all those years for nothing basically. Why well lets see SSI people working maybe a year tops get about 40 bucks less give or take than average workers who put in 25 to 35 years of labor with all these cheap low life employers who scam their employees and the gov out of every dime they can and have long been getting away with it and are never held accountable. Your reward for years of hard faithful labor your assets stripped from you and a far below poverty check and degrading and talked about like your the ### of the earth for becoming disabled by cheap low life employers who scam their way out of being held accountable A Typical of our Current States and Government Screw THE PEOPLE THEY ARE ALL EXPENDABLES TO BE KILLED AND MURDERED AND ABUSED AND BURNT UP LIKE TRASH UNLESS THEY LUCK OUT AND DIE AND CAN HAVE SOME HOW GOT THE ABILITY TO HAVE THEIR LOVED ONES BURY THEM.

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  • Bl
      Apr 10, 2012


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  • Su
      Jun 09, 2012

    I had Binder & Binder for my disability case in 2004.Social Security put me through hell!!! Binder & Binder were there for me every step of the way.
    The day I got the paper from Social Security turning down my claim, I called them.Within 3 days, my claim was no longer denied, I had my disability.No problem. They did a great job.Yes I did a lot of work, like paperwork.But that's not a big deal, you always have to do some of these things.They are attorney's, they don't do everything for you.They do all they can, some things, you must do no matter what, like paperwork.
    Yes, they will drop your case if they can't win it.Why waste not only their time, but yours?
    They did a great job for me, always answered my calls, and my questions.They got me my disability, days after I was denied by Social Security.As a matter of fact, I believe it was Charles Binder, (my rep from Binder & Binder told me)who personally contacted disability when I was denied.Whatever he did, it worked.They saved my life with their help.I have & still will recommend them to anyone if I'm sure they really are disabled.
    Thank you.

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  • Ca
      Oct 23, 2018

    @Sue sk They are not attorneys. They are “advocates”

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  • Up
      Jul 20, 2012

    I don't believe it only took 3 days for your disability case to be approved

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  • Wi
      Sep 06, 2012

    I have bben with Binder and Binder for 1yr and 4 months I have been diagnosed with Rheumatory Arthritis i have no medical insurance at all and i havent seen a Rheumatologist in1yr. I have allot of deformatorys going on with my bones and joints.I tell you this every time i call its a new case manager not even a lawyer they call them selves advocates.I also never receive phone calls for up dtaes endless i call to check in once or twice a wee..anyway they keep telling me soon.well i became homeless and had to live in shelters and got on food stamps.I have my baschelors, masters and doctorate degree and became homeless due to not working, well i explained all this too them and they did not care and told me"Do what you need to do and take care" at this time im home with my mom and trying to find another disbility attorney.The 1yr and 4 months i lost hurts but atleast im moving on.

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  •   Sep 06, 2012

    you mean the guy with the funny hat?

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  • Sp
      Oct 15, 2012

    everyone on here that has bad comments need to shut the hell up not there fau
    t u r trying to get over the system without a disability problem...binder and binder has represented me several times and they r great...get a life...serious...theres people on here having second thoughts on having binder and binder representing them because of your horrible experiences with binder and binder...theres people on this forum talking bad about them because they use to work for them and now got FIRED...suck it up ...u had to do something wrong while working for them...u r just writing on the forum what sounds good for yourself because of the frustration u have for them because of your bad experiences with them...and no dont believe whoever say u have to pay if u lose the case ...that is simply not TRUE...if u got denied is because u really wasnt that disabled and your just being lazy to get a job...this is my first time on here and my last so if you write back saying something horrible or stupid i wont read it because i wont be on again...get a life and stop being lazy and get a JOB...

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  • Us
      Aug 05, 2013

    In 2012, I hired Binder & Binder to handle my disability case. They claimed to be the #1 best Social security disability advocates. A years later my hearing had finally come, my caseworker was not doing her job, and Binder & Binder was not sending my doctors reports. I was told they wouldn't send any medical reports, and that I had to call doctors & get my own medical records, instead of the legal staff doing their job, and focusing on winning my case- they ignored my phone calls (at times I didn't hear from them for months!!), and when they did call, they were rude & unprofessional. One week before my hearing date I finally received a phone call from BINDER & BINDER ... THEY WERE DROPPING MY CASE !!! They hung me out to dry !! I have a written letters from them saying they need money from me to win my case!?! They have been exorting me for money, and they haven't even won my case!!

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  • Da
      Aug 12, 2013

    I used Binder and Binder and was very happy with their service. I had to do a little leg work because on doctor refused to release my file unless they recieved $35.00 payment from me first. So I had them send me the file and made a copy incase I was to need it again, but I did not. I forwarded this info Binder and Binder and eventhough I was official turned down by SS and was getting ready to go to court with Binder and Binder. Someone in the SS office finally read my file and offered my a settlement, but Binder and Binder was still ready to go to court and file for my full back pay if I wanted to. I took the one year back pay and started getting my checks the next month. Needless to say I am Happy with Binder and Binder after realizing the hold up was indees with the SS people who had never taken time to read my file until they realized we were going to court - could I have who on my own maybe, but I sure felt better having Binder and Binder behind me. I have had friend who used smaller firms that have not had such a happy ending. It seems like most of these negatives come from former disgruntled employees or people who are to lazy to make a few phone calls and maybe have a friend that would help them with a little leg work. I highly recommend Binder and Binder!

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  • We
      Apr 14, 2014

    Binder and Binder really screwed my wife over she had disability letters from two doctors and Binder told her she would have no problem but they blew smoke up her ### insuring she would get it after she got denied 2 times they told her it takes two denials to make a long story short they stalled till it was to late for her to drawl so now she is s.o.l. thanks to them and not getting nothing they do not know what they are doing so I warn people if you want your social security do NOT use Binder and Binder they are not even lawyers they are advocates

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  • Sh
      Jun 01, 2014

    I hired B&B to handle my SSD claim. I was fortunate that my case was approved within 6 months of filing, no thanks to B&B. I could never reach my "caseworker", I would leave messages and was lucky if I got a call back. My "caseworker" gave me her supervisor's email and assured me that the supervisor would give her any emails I sent.

    I emailed on March 25th, 27th, April 7th, finally spoke to the caseworker on April 28th. She assured me that SSD was close to making a decision. That same afternoon, I received a letter from SSD telling me to call them immediately. I did so on April 29th, they needed some more info on my work history. We went over it on the phone, and then the claims adjudicator informed me that SHE had contacted B&B on both April 1st and 2nd, asking them to have me get in touch with her. I told her I was never notified of those calls. She said she assumed that's what happened, which is why she sent me the letter directly. I told her that I had just spoken to B&B the day before and no mention was made of SSD requesting that I call them. Thank God the adjudicator sent me the letter, because she ALSO informed me that she had considered closing my claim for insufficient evidence. I was furious. I apologized to her again. That was April 29th and my claim was approved on May 8th.

    B&B cost me a month time-wise and almost caused me to lose my claim completely. I emailed B&B immediately after my conversation with SSD, telling them how upset I was with their handling of my claim and the fact that had I lost it, it would have been their fault, not mine. I never heard anything from them. I emailed B&B again on May 11th. I told them I thought they may be interested to know my claim was approved on May 8th, eight days after I spoke to SSD. No response again from B&B. I emailed them again on May 12th, telling them that since there was no back pay due me on my claim, that I would fight them tooth and nail if they tried to come after me for their "fee". I also sent a letter to SS, along with copies of the emails I sent to B&B.

    Today is June 1st and I have YET to hear a word from B&B. They are worthless.

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  • Ri
      Jul 12, 2014

    Crooks and con men!!! They prey on low
    income people .

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  • Li
      Jul 30, 2014

    It makes sense that they prey on poor people, because they know poor people wont have the time or money to sue their sorry - - - - - , they def have messed up my life!!! They dont return your calls, the only time you will hear from them, is when they want you to send something to them. I hope they someday will get a large class action suit aganist them, and pay for what they have done

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  • Li
      Sep 24, 2014

    Oh I don't even know where to begin...Binder and Binder, to this day, after years of court proceedings, doctor appointments, ME obtaining all medical records, financially and physically, and FINALLY winning my case I still am unable to contact the attorney who "represented" me. I have done ALL of the work to win my case. The ONLY thing Binder/Binder did for me was have an attorney show up to one of my hearings that lasted less than 30 minutes. I could have done that myself. Now, they are telling me, via mail, that I owe them $4100.00 PLUS dollars. After receiving MY money from the state, I am now receiving letters stating that the state didn't pay Binder and Binder what they were asking. I got a letter from The State of Colorado telling me how much I am owed, MINUS what they are holding out to pay my representation and then the rest of the money will be deposited into my account. Well, that is EXACTLY what happened. My complaint??? Well, now Binder and Binder is stating they didn't receive the money that the state with-held and that I owe them OR they will take it out of my future benefits. Please someone tell me, where did the money go that the State with-held to pay them? WHERE THE HELL IS THE MONEY THAT THE STATE OF COLORADO HELD OUT OF MY DISABILITY TO PAY MY ATTORNEY? I DIDN'T GET IT AND BINDER/BINDER ARE STATING THEY DIDN'T GET IT...WHERE THE HELL IS IT????!!! I have called them since June 2014, their office here in Colorado WHERE I LIVE only to be transferred to California EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! I ask the receptionist to please transfer me to my attorney, Jennifer, here in Colorado ONLY to be transferred to someone in California who I have NEVER EVER spoken to. WTF???? My so called attorney gave me her cell number TWICE, but conveniently gave me the wrong number? How does a smart, educated attorney give you her own cell number WRONG twice? Ah, yes SHE lied. She did it on purpose. I have gone to the web site of Binder/Binder SEVERAL times leaving messages for my "attorney" to please contact me and inform me of what is going on and to explain to me what all the paperwork from them and from The State of Colorado is about. NOTHING...NADA...ZIP...ZERO...!!! I haven't heard from Binder and Binder months prior to me winning my case. Hey, I have had SEVEN spine surgeries, the Judge sent me to his doctor who stated that I am completely disabled, so how could this possibly be bogus? How could I not have won? I tell you, I didn't win due to Binder/Binder. I did EVERYTHING on my own, paid for everything, contacted all hospitals, doctors, emergency rooms, etc without the help of Binder/Binder. I just received a letter from someone I have NEVER talked to from binder/Binder a month after being awarded money, stating I owe them money. Two weeks after I received this letter requesting the FOUR + thousand dollars, the same person sent me a letter congratulating me on winning my case. Everything they do is backwards...and SUCKS. I STRONGLY recommend filing yourself and appealing any denials yourself. The did nothing to help me and are taking SIX grand from me. I still am in limbo of what is going to happen to my monthly checks because my so called attorney won't contact me and explain it to me. So, I am possibly NOT going to receive my disability checks for the next four months. How do I know what to do or what is going to happen if my PAID legal contact doesn't represent me as promised, doesn't answer my questions and concerns and completely abandons me? It really makes me sick that lawyers can take such advantage of those who truly need the help, who are unable to work and most likely now homeless? There MUST be some justice to those of us who have been conned by all the staff at Binder and Binder!!

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  • Je
      Aug 26, 2015

    I have Binder & Binder, been turned down twice. its been 2 horrible years of pain, anxiety, depression, confusement, We work for years
    SS taking our money, but for some reason when we need it the most, them not caring we may loose our home, transportation. It's total
    HELL . The depression alone is about to drive me up the wall. Thank goodness to a man called Herald who referred me to contact our
    state congressman, Bill Johnson!!! He has kept me up to date about whats going on with my disability, through this whole horrible
    car wreck, including Drs. nurses, Bill seems to honestly care. As far as Binder & Binder goes, yes I have them and had a lot of leg work
    which is very hard for me, I was in a horrible car wreck and my body hurts, my mind races, I cry all the time from depression, anxiety, personality
    disorder, thanks to a drug addictive being on the road.But I am thank full Binder is at least respectful to me. Just wish after 2 years of
    suffering SS would give my mind and body some rest and let me have the money I worked for!!! Again Thank You Herald & Bill Johnson !!

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  • Da
      Jun 17, 2016

    Do not use Binder&Binder. After a 4 year battle for my disability we finally won and I also was going to receive 4 years of back pay plus my kids can draw off of me and they were supposed to get a years worth of back pay. I was supposed to get back nearly 50k but they are trying to take all of that. This isn't the last people will hear of me because I'm gonna make sure everyone knows how they rip people off.

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  • Ki
      Nov 14, 2016

    I have called them three times and no one answers. Thank God I did not hire them to represent me!!! I got their number from and advertisement in the mail.

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  • Tr
      Jun 04, 2017

    I been trying to get disability thru binder n binder since 2012 an I still am with no insurance an no income an be pending in family to take care me an my finances due to them unable to do their job...I wish i had never went with them. Ppl say u learn from ur mistakes...but mistakes like this is to hard to live by...I need to visit my doctor more an do blood work an i can't I dont have the money for the fees. I wish i could sue these ppl for my back pay I can't get from social security...I dont know how to do that.

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  • De
      Aug 23, 2017

    I hired binder/binder 3 years ago, it's just like hell when you hire them. Nobody knows what's going on, don't even try to leave a message, the 95% of the time they won't get back to you, leaving a voicemail is even worse, I've never had any of my voicemails returned in the last 3 years. They don't do any work, they want you to get all the records, figure out yourself if you have one of the listed impairments. They say to me they've contacted my Doctors office for records multiple times when they haven't; both times I went to court, NONE of the records were ready, only the ones I brought to court myself. The attorney never returns your calls or emails regarding the hearing, you're lucky if you get a call the night before to speak with the lawyer for 30 min. If you miss their call like I did for the second hearing, you'll never get them on the phone; I tried calling them back several times all day, they never answered or returned my call. At the hearing, they might as well not even have been there. You do all the talking, they offer no advice at all during the hearing or step in to help. When I got fed up with waiting for binderbinder to get my records and the due date to submit was approaching, I called my Doctors' office myself to request copies of my recrods. Every office asked me why I was doing all this work, I have a lawyer, it's their job, I said, yeah, I know, tell me about it. When I brought this to binderbinder's attention, they wouldn't let me talk, yelled at me and hung up the phone.

    I could go on with so much other unprofessional, downright dirty, no good stuff they did regarding m case, but no one in the world has that much time. I'll conclude with this; 5 days before the deadline for the appeal, they send me a letter stating they were no longer going to pursue with my case and if I wanted the records that I sent to them, then I have to pay them to return the records I that obtained for them, back to me. I called, and was told by a secretary, I guess, because of course, my attorney was not available, that my case was "still being reviewed, it was sent to another office for another attorney to look over the case' Needless to say it took almost 2 weeks to sort this out, the deadline passed, and I had to type up and file a petition with the court to ask for an extension for my appeal. I started looking through m records and right there, in the beginning, states as clear as day, in black and white, where the medical documentations with supporting evidence Disabilit needed. Now, I have to send another request for Disability to reopen my case. If binder binder was just competent at their job and knowledgeble, all they had to do was just read my medical records, I wouldn't have needed to wait for 3 years, I wouldn't have had to go to court multiple times, I wouldnt be in this position I'm in right now.

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  • Li
      May 18, 2018

    I hired Binder and Binder in August 2007 I hired them based on my Dr's recommendation He had used them when he was ill and couldnt practice for 3 yrs Dr was a neurogist and told me that I was disabled All paperwork was submitted via mail and info exchanged via phone I had a female rep whose name I no longer remember Most times I was able to reach her on phone if I needed to ask question I read my contract and it was stated in that contract that some Doctors charge for copies of records and that's the client's responsibility Mine never did I never had any real problems with them I had 2 very helpful doctors who filled out functional ability forms and did narratives Both stated I was totally and permanently disabled from performing any type of work I got a fully favorable award letter 6 mos after applying I am grateful I did not have any problems with Binder And Binder Never had a hearing or had to go before an admin law judge Perhaps it was the luck of the draw so to speak and I am etetnalky grateful that it turned out well for me I really feel badly for all of the people who have had terrible experiences but felt I had to tell my story

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  • Dr
      Sep 22, 2018

    My experience with Binder and Binder is unsatisfactory and honestly a bit confusing. In 2015, I filed for SSDI on my own. I'm a disabled veteran and had a VA disability rating of 80%. I was denied. So, I contacted Binder and Binder and they accepted my case. Years to get a hearing, during that time I made repeated calls for updates and was finally told that my case wouldn't even go on the list for a Judge until another year had passed. Why not tell me that upfront instead of me calling every few months. That should have been my first clue that I was going to have to do follow-up calls since the workers weren't calling me. The second thing was that each time I did call, I had a new caseworker, which mean my re-telling my story countless times as if my information wasn't in their system.

    Fast forward to the hearing. The firm rep contacted me about a week before the hearing and we had a 10 minute phone call. At the hearing, the rep spoke to me for about 5 minutes. Case denied. After the hearing, the rep told me that particular Judge was known to not grant SSDI. Great.

    I received letters from Social Security regarding the hearing, along with the Judge's decision. I call B&B and they said they hadn't received any letters. I call again in a few weeks. I was told my case was transferred to The Advocacy Group. Really? Who are they? I contact The Advocacy Group, why didn't they call me? So frustrating. Anyway, they said they're filing an appeal.

    Tick tock tick tock. Appeal hearing scheduled. New caseworker each time I call. Rep speaks to me for less than 5 minutes before the hearing. Denied again. Another fast forward, I contact B&B and they tell me my case has been with The Advocacy Group, which is an outside agency. I assumed (shame on me) that they were a part of B&B. Clearly, I'd been officially handed off.

    The Advocacy Group filed for a second appeal. By this time, being three years since the initial hearing, my VA rating went to 100% TPD (Total and Permanently Disabled), which is above the VA Unemployability rating though both are 100%. That determination was based on additional evaluations by PhD specialists, four in total.

    Second appeal hearing was with the same Judge and yes, he denied my claim again. He wrote in his report that he was giving little weight to the newer evaluation evidence due to previous evidence (3 years old) of my Primary Care Physician (a nurse practitioner) not supporting my disability. So, basically, he's holding on to old evidence and disregarding new evidence by four specialists. Not to mention my initial injury was while on active duty in June 2000.

    After calling and leaving messages, I was told The Advocacy Group is no longer handling my case and I can get an attorney. So, what was B&B? I'm beyond frustrated. I was told there wasn't legal grounds to file another appeal. What? I'll never use a large firm again for any reason.

    I'm currently researching local firms to find one who will represent me and actually fight for my case versus one like B&B who shuffled me off to a side agency who wasn't even aware of what was in my medical files.

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  • Ca
      Mar 04, 2019

    #1 - Binder & Binder are NOT attorneys. They are “advocates”.

    #2 - Social Security is nothing but a waiting game. They are understaffed and underfunded. It is not that the lawyer/representative is not doing anything, it is that your file is at the SSA in a pile and will not get looked at or scheduled for months or years. There is nothing for your representative to do during this wait.

    #3 - 90% of cases are denied the very first time due to the fact that over half of the denied cases will not appeal. This is from an attorneywho previously worked FOR SSA

    #4 - it is not determined by whether your condition is on the list of disabilities, but by how severe your symptoms are

    #5 - it is also determinedby if you can do ANY job(janitorial, laundry services, etc.) not just be the job youpreviously had

    #6 - contact your Congressman about your case. It's not a guarantee, but it can help.

    I have been through this process several times - first for my (now ex) husband who had a rare autoimmune disease (took 2 years from initial filing), and my son who has severe PTSD (1 1/2 years from initial filing), and now myself. I was denied at first Judicial Hearing for SSD and now just got my date for SSI Judicial Hearing. I filed initially in 2013

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