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Complaint on: for failure to deliver purchased items. Furthermore, I wish to lodge a complaint to include a non-responsive customer service center after my inquiry was recorded. My request for merchandise or credit has gone unanswered. Below please find a copy of the recent email I sent to Stout’s Big and Tall.

I paid for 12 items on my visa and received less than half of the items. I have received 5 of 12 items. The original purchase was made, via phone order, on April 10, 2007, so plenty of time has transpired and been afforded to Stout’s Men Shop (a.k.a BIG MEN TALL MEN or TALLBIG AT ) to send my merchandise or issue a credit to our account. I have the distinct feeling, they do not want to do either.

Thanks for any help you may offer in resolution to this matter.

Ernest Mitchell
318 Ridgecrest St.
Magnolia, Texas 77354


Stout’s Big & Tall,

Boston Better Business Bureau,

On 04/12/07, I received only a portion of the merchandise I paid for. On the invoice, it states there are, “items to follow”. I have waited quite some time and wonder how long I must wait to get my remaining garments. If they are not available, a credit for the balance needs to be put back on toward my account. There is $374.50 in garments due me. Please forward the items to my address or issue a credit back to my card for the amount.

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  • Se
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I totally agree. I purchased item form these guys and after amonths was not even posted. They asured me the pckage with items was sent weeks prior and they had a copy of the customs declatration as the items are being sent to me outside the USA and would fax the form to me. Weeks go bye and lies, lies and more lies. I was told they had lost power and the power outage has blown the fax mchine up and they were awaiting a new machine. Now they just hang up once i say what i want.

    I am fortunate though, in Europe the Credit Card companies give benefit of any doubt to there customers when the merchant account is not helpful in resolving a dispute. So the amount has been charged back to my card, card cancelled and a new one issued. The tracking info they supplied when checked online indicated there is somehting currently in transit but who knows with these guys. Thay talk so many lies you never know. It the order arrives i will return it t them with fedex or the most expensive courier i can find and have it charged to the receiver being

    During my search int this business and more avenues of contacting them i was able to find that early in 2007 the business was involuntarily dissolved by court order. The owner also has an extensive criminal record and the business has changed address more then 7 times since it was first started in 2000. It has not been operating for 62 years as they like to tell everyone.

    When you call you will sometimes get a tounger guy answer the phone, he is th son, Charles or CHuch is the Owner and his wife Joni will give you ome dumb story about ordering an supplier delays, Joanne or Ms Green is the so called customer service person, not sure where she its into it, but she is completely useless, rude and has no idea what is going on. probably the sons girlfriend or the owners bit on the ide when the wife has aheadache or the dog can't be bothered with her.

  • Su
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    I totally disagree with the people above me because I have ordered many times from and I receive my items on time everytime. I think the reason why sometimes people do not receive their items is because it is hard and it takes a lot of time to make and outfit clothes for the "big" and tall people. BigMen is not like macys--you don't get it right away. Since the people that ordered from there are not regular sized people, you cannot expect to wait a regular amount of time to get your goods. Helping you guys find clothes that would fit are hard, so you guys must understand that.

    And please don't disrespect or "trash talk" the workers there; I find them as the nicest people I know. Just because you can't find clothes that could fit you in a regular store doesn't mean you should put your anger on them. In fact, I had done some research too, and they HAVE been in business for 60 something years.

    Also, to the person above me, called "Sean", please check your spelling. You made a ton of errors and it is hard to understand you. Maybe the reason why you haven't received your goods is because they can't even understand what you want!

  • Po
      19th of May, 2009
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    Oh PULEASE! Brenda is obviously a shill! These people are the worse I have EVER dealt with and I have bought large clothes for years from all over the country. Brenda sounds an awful lot like another poster of anotehr name in anotehr comment right here in this site regarding these very same people.

    LAME ATTEMPT. Now, go correct my spelling in a feeble attempt to discredit the truth I and others are saying about your shady company!

  • Ir
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    I just recently had an awful experience with them also. The sales person told me the suit was in-stock and it was going to be shipped out to me the same day. Made many attempt to call the company and was told the item was shipped. They kept telling me lies about the item and I did not receive the suit unit two weeks later. I needed the suit for an interview and it did not get to me on time.

    The sales team and the manger were rude and I was hung up on by the manger because I complaint about the lies I was told. Great customer service! Beware of this store. That's all I have to say!

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