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Big Lots / management/ staff

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

I was at bigots on Xmas eve in alas Vegas inv at there location on Boulder hwy. And Nile's and I had 2 of my children with me we filled our cart with wrapping
Paper and a few last min gifts we then proceed to check out that is when it all started the clerk gives my son items she bagged my son couldn't carry anymore so he takes them to the car while I stayed to finish paying for the rest at this time the clerk says nothing g to any of us I go to hand the clerk 20$ in cash and proceed to swip my credit card as soon ask tell the clerk to run it as credit not as debit she acts as if I put a gun to her head and tried throb her because she takes off running for the door screaming for her employees out loud saying I stole 340$ of there stuff she then blocks the door all the while I'm standing there in shock asking her calmly if I can pay with an other card she refused so I calmly say would u like to walk with me to my truck to get the items they start to push me at this point I'm pissed tell the officer witch by the way was on my side the whole time he told the lady's to leave me alone and let him get the items and they did not by the time all of this was over they got there items back that was never stolen from them and they refused to give me my money intact let the situation calm down and I went book to the store and tried to get my cash back and was told that I could go [censor] off and to show them a receipt and was accused of being a scandalous [censor] and told to leave the store so they think there going to get away with this they humiliated me and in front of my kids they scared them half to death my kids thought I was going to get hurt by these pp! And they stole my hard ear ex cash so e is going to pay

Dec 27, 2017

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