Big Fish Gamesbig fish games took $7.27 out of my account for no reason

Hi my names celeste claydon and about 3 months or most likely more ago, i emailed someone and told them about how money got took out off my account and all it said was from 'bigfishgames' and long story short they found the promblem and refunded my money and canceled the game i was playing 'kindergarten' and i haven't played the game since i cancelled and was going all good i wasn't getting anymore money taken out of my account.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Farmington, CTand today i checked my bank account and it says it took out $7.27 from ''BIGFISHGAMES*[protected]-448-6628 WA, 0509'' and i want to know why u have took more money out of my account months randomly later when i canceled the game! it's very frustrating and i'm sick of this can you please help me and refund my money and stop keep taking money out of my account randomly when i have 100% cancelled that game!!! Thanks. please respond

Big Fish Games

May 10, 2017

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