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My Mother moved into this apartment complex around 1995. She initially had a 2 bedroom unit and after many years, chose to live in a 1 bedroom unit where she stayed until her recent death a week ago.
Her and her friend decided to sell their houses and move into St. Charles Place Apartment complex and I remember coming home to visit when my daughter was 8 months old and mom was already living there...Just to give you an idea as to how long she had lived there - my daughter is now 20 years old.
Through the years there have been a lot of changes as far as management is concerned and it is almost as though BH Management just hires people that NEEDS a paycheck without the complete understanding of what managing an apartment complex is all about. As far as I am concerned, there was only one competent manager there and she had left many, many years ago.
Several years ago, they changed the color scheme of the complex and they revamped the laundry facilities. A coat of paint does not constitute a positive change - it is a start but what's the point if that is all you are going to do? The new shiny laundry facilities lasted only a few months - they quickly became filthy and unkempt and management allowed their tenants to treat these machines like trash. My Mother lost so much money on those machines - even the new ones quit working and we would have to remember which units didn't work so we wouldn't waste any more money on them.
Her bathroom walls/ceilings would leak and for the longest time, you could just look up and see it peeling apart and you could see mold growing from the water. Her ceiling was replaced at least 2-3 times in the time she lived there (and this was 2-3 times for the 2nd unit she lived in). Attached you will see a picture of the ceiling that was "repaired" but you can still see that the problem was just covered up. Her living room wall had a crack going almost the full length of the wall. It appears to be cracking and buckling, maybe from foundation issues or water issues, I do not know. One night she told me she was sitting on her couch and her painting fell off the wall - she couldn't keep the painting there because the nails would not stay in the wall to hold it up.
Gated community? Yeah, right. The gates are there but they have not worked in at least 10 years or longer. Numbered and covered parking - Oh okay, what is the point if someone else is always parked in your spot and nothing is ever done about it?
It seems as though the only way you can get any sort of upgrade to your unit is after you move out - they will not do anything to help modernize your apartment while you live in there. My Mom FINALLY got a new stove a year or 2 ago. As you will see in two of the pictures, her living room window had to be stuffed with towels to keep the winter air out and you can also see mold on the window sill. That window screen has been halfway off her window for YEARS.
Now to more recent told me about a month ago (I do not remember the date) that her heater stopped working for 2 weeks. She said that the maintenance man was on vacation. It did finally get fixed but then her fridge starting leaking water. I thought that was fixed but I noticed drips of water while I was emptying out her freezer.
On the early morning of 1-23-15, my moms neighbor called to report water leaking/flooding into his apartment. The maintenance man came out at about 1 am and did not want to wake mom up so he turned the water off to those units and went to check on her the next morning. She did not answer the door and went in to find her already deceased in the bathroom.
I was at work and got a call from the detective and etc, etc...I left work and went home and called the apartment complex. I spoke with someone there and I told her I had no idea what I was supposed to do - she said she had never experienced anything like that before so she tried to comfort me and tell me that we would learn "together". I asked her when I could go over there or when I could go in and she said that I would have 3 days from the time the police released the unit back to them to get her things out. 3 days?? It was 1-23-15 and she was paid up until the end of the month so it baffled me to hear that I would have such a short amount of time to get her belongings out.
I went to her apartment a little bit later once the coroner's office and police had left. Every inch of carpet in that unit was drenched with water. The closets, the living room, bathroom...everything was soaked. I had to roll up my pants in order to keep them dry but I started gathering things together. The next day we went back to pack more and the office said we could have until Friday to finish.
I could only spend so much time moving things because I was either alone or the smell from the wet carpet was just too strong. In the entire time it took for me to empty out her apartment, management did not call me or come by to check on me, to make sure I was okay, to offer condolences or even to offer some kind of help with the carpet like with maybe fans or something. I got NOTHING. I would have to go outside to get some fresh air and they would walk by and not even look my way or acknowledge my presence. On Thursday, they walked by me 4 times while I was outside.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bossier City, LA The only people that came to pay their respects were 3 maintenance men, one of which was the one that found my mom's body. My Mother absolutely loved him and he worked there for as long as she had lived there so I greeted him with open arms. Such a nice man. Also attached will be pictures from Thursday while management just walked around and ignored me.
I don't know if those types of things would bother anyone else but like I told the Assistant Manager today, an apartment complex is a community that they need to be responsible for - You cannot just give someone a place to live and act like they are not important. I lost my mother that lived there for 20 years and I did not even get a wave from management while I was there for a week moving her things out.
Yesterday (Friday) I still was not done moving and we had asked if we could have one more day - my friend that asked said that management just looked up as if they were thinking Hmmmmm should I give them one more day or no? She went ahead and said we could have the "extra" day but it was after she was reminded that the rent was paid up until the end of the month.
I was sitting outside by my car and my friend asked me who the old man was that was going to my moms apartment. I stood up and asked him if I could help him (he was standing inside my moms doorway looking inside her apartment). He said he was going to or probably going to move into the complex and the manager told him that my moms unit was going to be available he took it upon himself to go take a look at it. How would he know which unit would be available? She told him which unit and where it was! I was so sick to my stomach. I told him what recently happened to my mom and that there was no way the unit was going to be ready "soon" due to the wall to wall wet carpet and the mold growing on the baseboards. I told him not to move there but if he chose to, to please have them show him another unit just out of respect of his own health - I am almost certain inhaling mold is not a very healthy thing for your lungs. He went back to the office and the manager happily showed him another unit. What a slap in the face - my mothers belongings were still in there and they were telling people that her unit was coming available.
Today was the last day that I had to move my moms things out - I accomplished the goal but had to leave her bed frame and headboard there because I did not have a screwdriver to take it apart. We asked the manager if they had one we could borrow and she gave us one that was probably only 4 inches in length and not something you would use to take apart a bed. I know that the head maintenance man will not mind though but I am sure management is going to try and charge me for it or something.

So I am done with everything, my daughter and I walked to the office to turn in the keys. My daughter laid the keys on her desk and she wrote down the unit number on a sticky note and asked me if I had a forwarding address. I lost it - I stared at her without saying a word for about 10 seconds and all I could do was tell her what a horrible human being she was. Everything that I had been feeling for the past week finally came out and all she could do was give me excuses back. When I mentioned my disgust in them not coming by to check on us or offer condolences, she said she wasn't even there when it happened, she was out of town - I asked her when she came back to work and she said Monday. So it happened on Friday, you were out of town but you were back that following Monday and I was there for an entire week and you could not speak to me?? I kept venting and she kept her hand on her face and looked at me as if I was wasting her time - offered no apology for anything and just continued to give me excuse after excuse as to why she was without a heater for two weeks or why her fridge was apologies, NOTHING. I was so disgusted that the leasing office looked so pretty, kept up and decorated but my moms unit looked like an abandoned building.
She said she was not the Manager, she was just an Assistant Manager and I unsuccessfully tried to teach her that she was in fact a manager still - I am not too certain where she learned her people skills at but I am almost certain she did not study too hard or retain very much because it was like talking to the devil with her cold and uncaring expression on her face.
I finally had enough and let out the B word - she said "you can now leave MY office" and I spit back with a "this isn't your office, you are just an assistant manager, remember?".

I vowed that I would hit up every form of social media I could to spread the word about this poor apartment complex - she just looked at me and said "okay".

I wrote the corporate office days ago via their website and have yet to get a reply. I don't think I will.

So with all of that said (and it was a lot), if you want to live somewhere that is run by people that only care about your rent payment, go for it. Saddest thing about this is that she finally said she was tired of living alone and wanted to move closer to me so we were saving up for her to move out when her lease ran out. I won't get that chance now and I regret that we did not try to get her out of there sooner - If you have an older parent or grandparent, this is NOT the place for them!!


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Jan 31, 2015
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  • Ml
      Oct 14, 2015

    The apartments that we have lived in for over 2 years, in Dallas, on Bachman Lake, have gone from spotless to grungy in a matter of months after
    B & H took over the management.
    Floors, stairs, windows, and elevators are unclean. (I notice that the lobby is always spic and span.)The previous management did a wonderful job maintaining the premises, so it is quite puzzling as to why the same cannot be done. The superb maintenance crew have left, one at a time due to working conditions.
    Activities are no longer family oriented but always involve alcohol in some fashion. No more games for children or even an atmosphere for children.
    Once we loved living here, but no longer. I am sorry to say that we can no longer encourage our friends to live here. I certainly do not feel safe here.

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