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I ordered a set of brushes and 2 other items. They took the money out of my account instantly and took 2 weeks to ship my package. After the first week of placing my order I emailed their customer service departme to ask for a refund since the package had not been shipped yet. They literally told me NO! Said they could not refund me, said I had to wait for the package to arrive and then refuse it for I could get a refund. It took 2 WEEKS to ship it, took another week to get it. After about a week of refusing it, I still had NO money back in my account. I had to emailed them a bunch of times from the moment I asked for a refund because they don't do anything if you don't keep asking &asking! As of now, I still don't have my money yet, it's been about a month and a half since I ordered it and I'm still dealing with their horrible customer service. I tried calling their CS number and they had me holding for like 30 minutes and then a automated system said "we can not answer your call at this moment" and hung up on me AFTER 30 [censor] MINUTES OF WAITING! I've been trying to contact them and I can't even make the phone call go through. This company is a scam a totalI scam! I understand the horrible ratings now!

BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics

Dec 11, 2017

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