[Resolved] Bestcanvas.comthey should not be getting paid for false advertising and false promises

Terrible service. Got a refund after a month of trying to get my package. Their greatness begins and ends with their eye-catching website. If only their service matched its quality. Read my story if you want to know more details...

Dec 4th, 2011 - placed my order for my wife's christmas gift (Was told I should receive the package within 2-5 business days)

Dec 13th - no package and no sign that the package will be coming soon, so I first call the company and get the busy tone the first 5 calls and finally on the 6th get the answer machine only to find out their voicebox was full. So, I resort to emailing the company about my situation and gave them all my contact info, and I got an automatic response back saying one of their workers will email me back with details within 1-3 days

Dec 15th - no package, no phone call, no email... I try calling the company again. Get busy tone for the first 20 calls and then to my surprise a human being picks up the phone. She asks for my name and order number and tells me she recognizes my name and just made a fedex label for me and that I will be getting a tracking number in an email immediately. And sure diddly doo I got an email when I got off the phone with a fedex tracking number and on top of that she upgraded me to priority overnight shipping. Too good to be true? Yep

Dec 18th - no package. Call up fedex to see where the package is and they tell me best canvas made a label but never gave fedex the package! I try calling best canvas multiple multiple times but never get anything more than a busy tone.

Dec 20th - no package. Call at least 30 times getting a busy tone and finally get an answer by an annoyed worker. Gave her my name and order # and got put on hold for 9 minutes! She comes back to tell me my order got lost somewhere in the mix and her boss will immediately print and send my order as soon as he gets off his break and I will have my package before christmas. Soon after, I got an email with a new fedex number and another overnight priority shipping upgrade. Also, I finally received a response to my email sent on the 13th restating that I have a new fedex number.

Dec 23rd - no package. Call up fedex and I hear the same story as before: best canvas made a label but never gave fedex the package to ship.

Dec 25th - no package. I am not surprised and expected nothing more out of this company. I give up hope on ever seeing my wife's christmas gift in 2011.

Dec 26th - no package. I don't care for dealing with best canvas any longer. I call them up and shockingly get an answer on the first ring. Gave the lady my info and she says my order somehow got lost, but could get it to me by the 30th. I told her that I no longer believe what the company tells me and I want a full refund. She says that is okay and that I will be getting my refund in 1-5 days.

Dec 27th - the one darn thing this company actually followed through on. I got my money back. Oh happy days!

Please don't use them. They should not be getting paid for false advertising and false promises.

  • Resolution Statement customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.


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