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Best Western / customer service/billing

Reno, NV, United States Review updated:
We reserved a room at this hotel for Sept 26-28, 2008. Due to a family matter we could not keep the reservation and called to cancel on Sept. 22. We were told that there was a seven day policy for cancellations and that we were too late. We were not informed during the reservation process of this policy nor were we ever notified until we attempted to cancel. Best Western corporate refuses to get involved as the properties under their corporate umbrella are independantly owned and operated. They act only as an intermediary to attempt to resolve a complaint.

We are not questioning the seven day policy even though it really extreme. 48-72hrs. is what I have encountered at other properties. What we question is how can they enforce a policy that has not been disclosed.


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  2nd of Jul, 2009
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It's hard to prove from a phone call if that information was disclosed. I would hope you don't raise issues like this over every business transaction, if so the amount of red tape all companies start to require before they can provide you a service will become overwhelming. If you requested an e-mail confirmation it states the cancellation policy on it. Or at least the last Best Western Reservation I made did reflect that policy on the confirmation e-mail.

Here is the cancellation policy section from my e-mail message from Best Western:
CANCELLATION POLICY: If you should need to change or cancel, please
do so by 4pm hotel time on 25 April 2009 or your
credit card will be charged.
  17th of Jan, 2012
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Best Western Hollywood Plaza - Breach of agreement and rip off
Best Western Hollywood Plaza
United States
Phone: 3238511800

We have stayed at this property for many years. We bring in school groups each year and the old managers Ray and Ashe have been wonderful. They left the property and a new manager Jay came in. He agreed verbally to honour the rate we had for 2011. He did so with a September booking we had and all was well.
Another manager then came in and called me in Australia to say he would not honor our rate and we had to pay more or he would cancel our rooms. This was the day before Thanksgiving. We were leaving in less than a week from Australia with sixty students and ten staff. We had no choice and felt that this was blackmail and extortion. He sent me a contract with the new rate, I corrected it with the agreed rate. He signed that. He then called me to say he was cancelling my booking un less I signed it again with the higher rate.
As all transport and activities had been booked around this hotel, I signed the new one. The stay was miserable. The manager lied to us about when rooms would be ready. We were given smoking rooms and told that they were non-smoking. Everything was grubby and felt like the new manager cared not about return business, just about getting the money in.
I spoke with the owner who said that she would sort it our. She is now not available to speak to and they have told me to take my case legal if I want to see a refund.
My advice, don't book here! The internet is super slow and you can't complain about the service because there isn't any!
  16th of Feb, 2012
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The worst customer service!!!
It's been over 5 month since I ask for membership card and still I haven't got it.
I've asked to CS team many many times, and they never reply at all, completely ignoring me.

That's fine coz I can use membership number instead, but my rewards point!!!
I requested for retail card using my rewards point.
Guess what? They just took my points and did not send me the card.
Of course asked couple of times for the update, and no reply at all.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Executive Inn & Suites - The rooms
Best Western
250 Holiday Drive
United States
Phone: 931-552-3330

my complaint with this place is the fact that you can complain as much as you want and nothing will get fixed! There are a few rooms that have mold growing in the bathroom, the spa outside is always broken, and if you ask the front desk when it will be fixed the answer will be "we're waiting on the part". I know for a fact the spa has not worked in over 2 years! Yet it is advertised on their site. The honeymoon suite is over priced and falling apart... the Jacuzzi rooms are just plain nasty! The columns in one of the suites has a whole in it. The sheets are so wore out, and many are stained. The towels are TINY and many of them are nasty looking. The breakfast bar leaves MUCH to be desired and the fact that the bread is extremely stale. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone especially since there are much better ones on the strip for the same price or cheaper. If you complain to corp. all you'll get is a letter from the BW in Clarksville that is just a generic that is sent to all the people who complain. It doesn't even address your complain most of the time! Save your money and stay somewhere else!
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Hotel Of Jacksonville - made res.mon. in advance, watch ten people get a room before us after we had drinven for 13 hrs.
r.w.dreams lexington,ky
1170 airport rd
Jacksonville Beach
United States
Phone: 9047414980

after driving all night, 13.5 hrs. we arrived at our hotel at wich we had prior reservations for over 2wks. we showed up at 10am exhausted ffrom our trip, they told us that check in is 3pm and that they would get our room ready early if possible. so we left for the beach for a couple of hrs. wer come back to watch them rent room after room for 4 hrs insisting they didnt have a two bed smoking room, and i watched the lady rent out to or three walkins when we had had our res for a month. now ive been here for 5 hrs waitng on a room, im tired and pissed off ive been up for two days. if this is the service i get for planning ahead best western WILL never be included in my travel plans again. this is bs
  28th of Jul, 2016
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You should share your story on the website Trip Advisor at www.tripadvisor.com, that way travelers know not to spend the night at the Best Western in Durango, Colorado. I have used this website in the past to share my honest opinions of hotels across America.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western - Don't want your vehicle vandalized - don't go to best western in s. Plainfield
Best Western
United States

I experienced a tragedy in my life – I had a fire in my home and lost everything and so for 2 1/2 months I was going from hotel to hotel. I finally decided to station myself at the Best Western Hotel in South Plainfield, NJ for about a month or so. I would normally try to park my vehicle directly by my window so I could keep an eye on it and one morning I went out to my truck only to see it had been vandalized by what I was told – some crazy jealous woman who obviously had some mental issues. Not only had she vandalized my truck but she also had vandalized about 5 other vehicles that I was made aware of.

I immediately notified the local police and management of the hotel. I went to an auto body shop to get it repaired and brought the bill to the General Manager, Monika Ceselkova of the South Plainfield Best Western hotel to be reimbursed for the damages done on my vehicle.

She stated it would have to be submitted to Corporate Office and their insurance company and they would get back to me. Periodically while trying to rebuild my life, I made several attempts, via phone, email and personal visits to check on the status of being reimbursed for the damages and as always I just got the run around and or no response back. I just kept getting the same old excuses – either she was out of office, she’d look into it and get back to me or just got ignored with no callback or response. I am a very patient person but I believe 11 months is beyond testing someone’s patience. This is just downright unprofessional, discourteous and a lack of regard and a need for classes on communication and the importance of excellence in customer service which in today’s fast social media can seriously affect the reputation of the entire hotel chain.

Personally, I believe Ms. Monika Ceselkova should be fired. Obviously she did not receive enough customer service education and if nothing else – her communication skills are non-existent. A general manager should not handle a situation by not dealing with it at all and disregarding it as if there is no situation.

  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western - fulse approved for reservations
best western
319 North Road, Coquitlam, BC Canada V3K 3V8
British Columbia

i made reservations on the phone with my visa card on sunday MAY 8th 12am . took a 40 $ cab ride to the hotel and when i got there at 12am they said they would take my visa . i had all my ID card is active pulled 400$ deposit for 1 night only . i was left stranded with know where to go . why does visa claim this card i have from them should work anywhere and im refused service even though its a prepaid card visa says its good . i will never use a best western again unless some compensation is offered . i will tell me friends and family the same thing and im sure they will fallow suit ... deeply disapointed in the way i was treated .if i would of just showed up with know phone call i could understand.I CALLED AND MADE RESERVATION before hand and was approved please email me at allingaret@hotmail.com im eger to hear from you and your thoughts on the matter
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Shadow Mountain Durango - NO Guest Safety
Best Western Shadow Mountain
United States
Phone: 3255 North Main

September 2008 Stayed at the Best Western Shadow Mountain in Durango. While I was staying in the hotel room someone with a key card tried to enter the room. I had the safety lock on. The person said they needed to check some furniture in the room. I closed the door, called the front desk and asked if they sent anyone. They said they had no work orders. I stated I was little scared and upset. They did NOT ASK what the person looked like or offer to check into the matter. For my OWN SAFETY, I had to call the Durango Police and report it. Whether or not it was their employee or not, the point was they HAD NO CONCERN ABOUT THEIR GUEST SAFETY. Also, went to the front desk to complain. They finally said they checked and it was their employee and the wrong room. Since they never had me look at any of their employees, how would they know. Besides the safety issues. The swimming pool was FILTHY, the hot tub was covered during daytime hours. The beds made me ITCHY, the HBO never worked. I was so disappointed and frustrated that NO ONE SEEMED to CARE IN THE LEAST.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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The Luxbury has so few guests that it's likely to close soon.
See TripAdvisor for more complaints about the property.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Luxbury / Fort Wayne - Management
United States

The Best Western Luxbury in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a place all travelers need to avoid. The management is rude and goes through employees like water! They yell at the employees while guests are around. The breakfast is horrible. If you enjoy seeing people come to their soggy cereal and hard roll breakfast in bare feet, then you will like this place. Otherwise, there are PLENTY of hotels in the area where you will get far more for far less money. The owners, the Pipprotars, are about as dishonest as they come--and they charge in the area of $85 per night for this dump! Go to the Comfort Suites just next door and you won't pay as much. Even the larger hotel chains in the area don't charge as much! You'll get a smile when you walk in the door, and then watch out. This is a very old hotel that has been "remodeled" and still looks dated. The best thing about this place is when you leave it--and never come back.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Orange County Airport North - Disgusting Room and Customer Service
Bester Western Orange County Airport North
2700 HOtel Terrace
Santa Ana
United States
Phone: 714-432-8888

My husband and I checked into the Best Western Orange County Airport North with our children. We arrived at our room at 9:30 to drop our bags and head out for a late dinner. When we arrived back at our hotel 1.5 hours later, we got our kids ready for bed before doing the same. When we went to get in bed we noticed a large suspicious stain in the middle of our comforter...which looked to be dried blood and semen, as well as a pubic hair in the bathroom. We notified hotel staff, which inspected the room and said that, it wasn’t clean. Although they changed our room at close to midnight, my husband had to go down and inspect the new room to ensure that it was clean. When complaining to hotel management the next morning, instead of being apologetic, they were rude and insulting. Please do not patronize this business! We will never stay at a Best Western Again! Embassy Suits, Hampton Inn ect are all located very close by, We will take our business to them! Both property Manager and GM were rude! They should be ashamed of themselves! Please Dont give Best Western Orange County your Business!
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Bolholt Hotel - rudeness
England, Derbyshire
United Kingdom

I am currently in this Hotel
the Internet does not work, I need this for business reasons, it is advertised as free
the staff are rude and could not care less
no tea coffee etc in room and is NOT replaced
room is NOISY sounds of tv urination toilet flushing from next room
I shall bounce this hotel on every site I can
if nothing is done
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel - No guaranteed room!
Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel
6141 Franklin Avenue
United States
Phone: 3234645181

We had a reservation, guaranteed with a credit card for a 3 day trip to visit our daughter in Hollywood. We arrived late at night and were told they had overbooked so we would have to go to another hotel. They sent us miles away to a shabby part of town with a noisy bar right next door. This was very frightening to us as we are somewhat elderly and don't usually drive at night. The hotel had no carpeting or hot water.

The hotel manager said this happens all the time. Warning! You will not have a guaranteed room at this hotel, no matter what they say on their website.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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should stay with holiday inn
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Thank you for writing a review. I would like to apologize to you for the condition that your room was in and how the staff treated you during your stay. We have changed several members of our staff since you stayed with us in 2007. I hope that you will give us another try the next time you visit the Grand Strand.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Carolinian In Myrtle Beach, Sc - Beware of this hotel, it should not even be a Best Western!
United States

My mother, two sisters and I stayed in this hotel for a weekend in April. We were there two nights and it was still too long! When we arrived the employees in the lobby parking area were rude and told us to move even though we were parked right next to a sign that said "15 minute parking-check in only" and checking in was exactly what we were doing. When we got into 2 bedroom suite it was so disgusting that we had to call to have it vacuumed and one of the tubs cleaned again (there were crumbs all over the floor and hair all over the bathtub). It took two calls and three hours to get them to send someone up to clean it, and she was rude as well! The employees at the front desk also told us to park in the wrong parking garage.

Saturday it took two calls and an hour to get them to bring some coffee up to the room for my mother, then, we were out of the room for the majority of the day (I'd say from 10:30 AM until about 7 PM), and when we arrived back our door was bolted open! Thankfully we were at the end of a corridor in a corner, but when we called the front desk to ask about it they said "oh, the maids must have forgotten to shut it behind them" and weren't apologetic at all! We were lucky but someone could have walked right into our room and taken whatever they wanted!

After paying over $500 for two nights in this hotel, we decided to complain about our terrible stay. We complained directly to Best Western. They said they forwarded our complaint to the hotel and they gave the hotel one week to get back to them. The hotel never replied to our complaint, so all Best Western would do was send us a $50 gift card to use at a Best Western hotel. This was absolutely NOT good compensation for the terrible stay we had at this resort.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Adirondack Inn - Dishonest service
Best Western Adirondack Inn
Lake Placid
New York
United States
Phone: 518-523-2424

I was trying to save some money this year so we changed our usual (excellent ski and stay 2 for three special in a lovely suite in the Crowne Plaza) for the much more affordable Best Western across the road. How bad could it be? The kicker in our decision was the incredible price we were quoted over the phone. 600.00 bucks with lift tickets for 2 nights and the 3rd free was great. It compared with some of the smaller mom and pop lodging outside of the village of placid proper. I was very careful about the price and I was comparing different properties. BWestern was the best, but not by a huge amount.
We took it.
The suite we occupied was okay. A cheap microwave and fridge. Two queen beds and a pull out sofa in an adjoining space - can't really call it a room. It was crouched above a back stair case and the head room for the stair case is inserted in this narrow space. No-one could possibly sleep on the sofa bed. The room carpets were worn, the hallways felt like a series of springing subfloors added over the years. Overall, a rough property.
Staff was nice so we sucked it all up, said nothing and remembered the great deal we were getting. Well, this is where it all went wrong.
When I made the original booking I was given the price and told I would receive an email confirmation. Nothing came. I didn't think much of it as we were looking for something in March and this was only December.
My December credit card bill then showed a charge of 194.91. This reminded me that I didn't get any confirmation so, on January 6th I wrote the hotel requesting confirmation. I got a brief note back confirming the room, the lift tickets but nothing about the price apart from reference to the "deposit" they'd taken in the amount above. I didn't question anything as 200 bucks seemed reasonable as a deposit and about a third of what I expected to pay. At checkout, I was presented with a statement indicating 582.91 and showing the 194.91 above it. I said to the clerk that this was not what I was quoted on the phone and he assured me the 194.91 was deducted from the 582.91. At this point I'm rushing to get to the hill so don't give it another thought apart from, this is about what I was quoted and, in fact, a bit better. Great. Nothing more to be said.
A month goes by and see I'm charged the full 588.91 on my bill bringing the total cost to nearly 800.00 - 200.00 more than originally quoted. No problem, just an oversight, i'll make a call and we'll fix this up. NOT!
I have never been treated so rudely on the phone by a person named Olga who claims to manage the place. She informed me I was wrong, I was never quoted this amount I got what I paid for, she went over the figures on the final statement over and over. Yes, I can add Olga. She then became quite abrupt and suggested I wasn't telling the truth and that they always send email confirmation. When I indicated they did not and I had to request this she demanded I send this to her. Why they didn't have a record I don't know.
She replied to my email telling me "What you are sending me is only a fraction of what we normally send as a confirmation letter". Well, I don't know what they "normally" send out but I know what I got.
The plot thickens and the email flows. In the end I'm told the woman that checked me out did not say the deposit would be credited. "You are MISTAKEN" Funny thing is, it was man who checked us out and my wife (who is a woman and looks like one) was standing next to me. There is a series of half-truths and troubling cover-ups in all of this

Please be very wary of this property as they are not prepared to honor what they quoted and they won't even be courteous enough to discuss the matter as professionals.
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western International, Inc. - bite in bed
Best Western Cedar Bluff Inn
420 N. Peters Rd.
United States
Phone: 865 539-0058

Drove from ohio to attend the junior olympics for which my grandson was a participant. Upon entering the room and getting settled into bed, began to itch. Checked bedding but did not see anything, this continued through the night. I thought I was just tired from the drive. That was not the case!! It got so bad that I got up and looked at my legs and a trickle of blood was coming down my right leg. I proceeded to the front desk and showed this to the clerk. He stated that he would have housekeeping to check in the morning, this was about 11:30p.m. I refused his gesture and we were put in another room. The itching stopped but I have been left with a scar on my leg that is still here today after 9 mos. When I checked out, the clerk would not even give me an address or phone number to file a complaint, I had to get the info. on my own. The owner decided to go out of the country for a couple of months and upon his return I was informed, only after I continuously called, that the bed was checked for bugs months later and none was found. The hdqrts. decided to issue me a gift card. I didn't even receive an apology from where we stayed or not even a refund of my money. Filed a complaint with BBB . Was told they are independantly owned, but shouldn't they have to answer to their corporate office!! No response from B.Western and has now found that the case has been closed. BEWARE OF THIS MOTEL!!! They are certainly not the best!
  28th of Jul, 2016
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Best Western Inn And Suite - false charge
best western inn and suite
United States

I made reservation for 1 day and when I arrived, they had no record. I had confirmation number and they said it was the day b-4. and that I was charged no call no show. If I want to stay, I'd have to pay full price for the room again. The room was lousy and nasty.
Per the desk and 800 number given me, The manager was unreachable for any help.
When I did get a manager 3days later. I was offered 50% off next visit.
I asked for 50% cost back now, and was refused...I'll never be robbed by best western again.

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