Bergdorf GoodmanService and return issue

On 1/16/17 I went in for a return. I waited for an associate to finish with the return that was ahead of me. She said there were other registers I could go to. Clearly she didn't want me to wait but I still did. Another associate appeared so I asked if she could help. She initially mumbled that the register wasn't working. I continued to wait. Finally, the exceptionally rude and nasty associate grabs my items to be returned. NO words spoken to me besides the word "receipt". I handed it over. I had two items to be returned and there were 3 items on the receipt. I paid via debit card and expected the return to be made using the same payment method. I was told that the returns are not done using a PIN. I was confused and second guessed but accepted what she told me and attempted to ask another question but her silence and gestures threw me off so I took my return receipt and left the store.

A few days later I checked my account and the item she returned was incorrect. I had originally purchased 3 items (alexander wang bodysuit, a dress (unknown designer), and alice and olivia black pants. 2 of which i returned. I returned the pants and the dress yet the associate returned the bodysuit and the pants.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY

I am furious!! I attempted to call the store and there was no manager on duty so i left my number. I was not happy about that so i asked for a different manager and was given a name and number of Fallon. She was nice and assured me that the manager would call me the following morning. No such thing happened. I then waited until the next evening and again no manager. I left a voicemail and then i called Fallon again who once again said the 5f manager was going to 'call me now". Again, that never happened. I called two more times to be transferred and once again no answer from the operator either. It was about 6:35pm on the 20th.

So here I am again -no response-no one to assist me. I want a refund for my item that i returned. The item I had returned but not reimbursed for was in the amount of $177.75. I don't know who else to contact as it seems no manager works for Bergdorf Goodman.

This is really frustrating and I feel lied to and stolen from. I am wondering if I should contact my bank and/or file a police report.

I hope someone gets back to me regarding this issue. My contact information is as follows:
[protected] (work)

Original purchase
[protected] 1/15/17
Return info
[protected] 1/16/17

Jan 20, 2017

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