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United States
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Date of the incident: 05/17/2017
Customer representative Name: Nancy S
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I was trying to do a price match with BG from a major designer website, as they have advertised they will do price match with major Vendor/ Designer websites or other major competitor websites. I purchased a very cheap price for an item that is rarely on sale from another major Designer website. The customer representative is not willing to do a price match for me, which I understand as they say it's not a size the website currently carry. But as when I asked her if she can price match another size which is on stock from that major designer website. She told me I do not wear this size and ask if there is anything else I need. This is just lame excuse they made up for not price match any cheap price which they kept saying to lie to all the customers. I told her I want to speak to her supervisor. She stopped replying on the online chat. I have been a royal customer to BG, I have purchased a $ 800 canada goose coat from them which I can get a much cheaper price elsewhere only because I trust the website and service. Now I'm very disapointed.

May 17, 2017

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