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John Sutton the sales person that sold me this crock of sh... promised me out the wazoo that I will be thrilled with the BeRanked results. He even brought his girlfriend into it saying how well he treats her, etc. (He stoops pretty low to use his GF to make a sale.) He told me everything that was a lie and nothing of truth especially one very important thing. My website needed to be mobile friendly. He finally blamed the failure and result of his lies that it was my fault because my website wasn't mobile friendly. After 3 months I couldn't reach him anymore. He had very nice young lady techies call me back and try to make it good but it never did. I received two phone calls total in one year. Neither one of them was a lead. I kept trying to call John but he avoided me, of course, and the nice young techies kept saying my ranking was good but still nothing. I get it now what they do. They ask for 15 key word phrases and promise that once a day my website will rank. I stopped checking because the odds of that producing a lead are extremely low. I have a better chance hitting the lottery. I am writing this complaint because BeRanked hires the most crafty, lying sales people and I am telling the public that they are a fraud. The technicians I must say are nice but they don't really know they are working for a company that will rip anybody off just to make a sale. I am a very small business owner barely surviving and BeRanked sees me as just another sucker. Well, maybe so because of John Sutton's expertise at lying but that will never happen again.

Apr 12, 2016

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