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We purchased a kingsize divan bed from Bensons for beds in December 2010, we waited 4 weeks for delivery, when it arrived it was covered in red ink, Bensons agreed to replace it and said it would be replaced within 2 weeks, we actually waited almost 12 weeks as they kept fobbing us off with one excuse after another. now a year after the replacement bed arrived the Mattress is sinking the full length of each side, also one of the drawers keeps on falling off its runners. After several phone calls and emails Bensons sent out a supposedly independent inspector he looked at the bed and took photographs, he also lied on the bed and said how uncomfortable it is as you roll off the edge he said as far as he was concerned the mattress was faulty and needed replacing, he asked if I sat on the bed and I said no and explained that I have a stool in front of my dressing table which I use to sit on, he then said that it could not be caused by sitting on it as it is along the whole length of both sides so he would recomend replacement.
I then waited to hear from Bensons, after 10 days of silence I contacted them to be told the inspectors report says the bed is dipping on the edge due to sitting on it and therefore it is my fault and they are not willing to do anything about it, I explained that this is a completely different story to what the inspector told me but customer services are not interested, they say they are intending to repair the faulty drawer but they don't know when. I intend to take this further as I do not expect a bed I have only had 12 months to be unfit for purpose so quickly.
I have also found out that the Inspectors employed by EComaster have a reputation for telling the customer one thing and writing something completely different on the report, they are supposed to be independent but as Bensons put so much work there way if they kept on finding in the customers favour would the work dry up?

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  • Ju
      19th of Jun, 2012

    Just going through a similar process myself with Bensons for Beds, the mattress I have developed exactly the same problem as yours, no-one has sat on the edge of it. They replaced it once about a year ago, customer services assured me that it was a known fault with the mattress (a SilentNight) and that the manufacturing process had now been rectified and the new one would not develop the problem. Guess what? a year later and we have exactly the same problem, feel like I'm about to roll off the bed at night. Bensons for Beds are now claiming that this is "Accidental Damage", I paid nearly £800 for the mattress because I have a bad back, my back is now worse and they refuse to offer me a free replacement or credit towards a new mattress, what a joke. All I can say is I would never use Bensons for Beds or buy a SilentNight mattress again!

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  • Ju
      19th of Jun, 2012

    Follow up to my last comment, my colleague had a similar problem with a bed he bought from Dreams, they sent somebody out to view it within a few days and then offered him a full refund, next time I'm buying a mettress i know where I will be going!

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  • Ri
      23rd of Oct, 2012

    We also have a mattress that was bought from Dreams. It is a Bensons Bed. It was in a sale a Dreams and cost £1000. They said it was 50% off and so that would make it worth £2000!
    The mattress is only 2 years old and has developed severe dips where your hips lay. It is shocking that this company can fob off poor quality beds by sending a partner company out to shut you up.
    I am still not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? I can't see the point of contacting the 'independent inspector' as this is clearly not independent.

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  • Ma
      24th of May, 2013

    I am having exactly the same problem with bensons, they have sent a FIRA inspector and I told them I was happy with his report as I d not consider him to be independant as they are aprt of the same comepany. They are now sending our another inspector from ecomaster and I have not at all happy about this but was told I dont have a choice. Ecomaster deal alot with bensons so of course they are going to favour them over me. The first inspector also stated that the damage is caused by excessive sitting on the side of the bed and suggested that I turn the mattress more often than once a week. Absolute rubbish, wont give a repair, a replacement or a refund...the only choice I have is for an inspector or nothing. Again our bed cost £1000, trading standards said I may need to pay for another inspector, whats the point, the bed is totally unfit for purpose and they will do nothing.

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