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Toilet broke and I was desperate..asked the girl on phone if they were associated with another plumbing company ( who I was very dissatisfied with and had gone out of business) and she said no. I told her I wanted the cheapest toilet and had seen one in Home Depot for $99. She assured me they have one that cheap on the truck. 2 plumbers came and said they don't have any that cheap and it was a flat rate of $479 plus another $200 for a broken valve. They did NOT have any toilet on the truck and said they would be back in 20 mins...came back 2 hours later.(probably went to Home Depot and got the $99 one) My total bill came to $800, and after discount it was $734. I asked again about that other company and they said yes it was them. Had to have them come back because toilet wasn't flushing right. Confirmed between noon and 4pm. At 4:10 I called the office and he said they were just going to call me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brick, NJ They walked in at 4:20 (plumber wrote time on invoice) They were going to charge me a $49 service call, but said it was n/c because the chain for the flap should have been adjusted. Their website says if they don't get here on time, the company will pay $5.00 for each minute they're late. They now owe me $100. For 3 days I have been calling them and now they tell me they don't have to pay because there was no charge for that visit, and the $ would have been taken off the bill. I argued that their website says nothing about that and just payment for being late. The woman was VERY rude and said I had to talk to the manager, who of course was a very busy man and he would get back to me. Oh, by the way, the manager's email address is his name with the other I spoke to a plumber my friend used and he said he could have done the entire job for about $400 and said I probably would never see any money from them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!

Feb 18, 2015

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