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I had literally dozens of super hot women email or MSG me within minutes of arriving. Wow it must be that torso shot post p90x with bit of photoshop magic working! Message them back? Of course, just £3 for 3 day trial. Oh you want them as non-paying members to be able to contact you that will be extra sir. So having paid more than I wanted to sample I was delighted to see the chain of chats build up... "hey how are you today" me "really good. Where are you from" her "I am naked" me "er, ok" her " do you want to chat some more ... just type in this webcam site, give your credit card details and ...". Repeat x 10 per hour until you realise anyone attractive just wants money. Of course there will be real women on the site, and they will quite literally have their pick from hundreds of desperate men.

My one piece of advice if you are still interested: if you live in London don't bother but If you live elsewhere then you maybe have more chance assuming you dont select people in london. And anyhow only focus on ones wi multiple (read 4/5/6) photos as they are less likely to be frauds. And be very careful what you ask for.


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