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Appalling scam. It's only a shame that people come to read these reviews AFTER having a terrible experience and not before.

I got notification on my mobile phone for an app and then was bombarded by emails telling me I had messages. Just to find out what they were all about - and to try and sign out, I paid £3.50ish for a days membership.

The next day I see my bank account has been charged an additional £14.90 and £39.99. For what ?! As far as I was concerned I did not authorize these payments and immediately felt scammed. Astronomical fees, once I had neither ability nor desire to pay. I would not have chosen to make these payments and I felt hoodwinked to make me pay them.

I decided to cancel the membership immediately, but the instructions for leaving were difficult to find on the site and even when you find them you discover you have to make a telephone call with a reference number. Even though the site explains that this is a '24/7' number, it isn't. As soon as I became aware of the payments they had taken I tried to leave and phone this number, but there was no answer. This then meant I wasn't able to cancel my membership in the 3day grace period the company later told me I had to cancel within. I couldn't cancel my membership in the time allowed because I had to call a phone number which was not manned.

Furthermore, calls to the number to resolve these problems were charged at 14p per minute - and there is a long prerecorded message you have to listen to before you get to speak to anyone ... further separating you from your cash.

When I eventually got to speak to someone, I had to speak to three people to sort things out. Each one had accents which were very difficult to understand. One person in particular was almost incomprehensible and so it was impossible to understand what he was saying, making it impossible to resolve problems and meaning I then I had to call the number and go through the process - and pay the charges concerned - all over again.

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  • He
      13th of Aug, 2012

    This is exactly what happened to me! BEWARE - do not use! They are absolute scammers who will keep billing your card as soon as they have the number! They bury this little detail deep in their terms and conditions, which is a real gutter sales tactic, then refer you to it as soon as you notice you're paying £39.99 per month. It's disgusting, and as they guy says above, they make it as difficult as possible to issue a refund to you, with a series of phone calls and emails required. The site itself is basically a forum for prostitutes touting for desperate blokes, so unless you're either of those I'd give it a very wide berth!

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  • Ja
      24th of Feb, 2013

    I, like you was sucked in by the numerous messages that were from young women. Learned pretty fast that they're either girls with webcam shows or women from overseas trying to get a free trip to America! How can we put a stop to them? I signed up for a 3 day trial, and they double billed me, then added some kind of denial charge! There's gotta be someone who can advise us on how to get our money back. What they're doing is against the law in any country. I would love to stop them from doing this to anyone else at all cost. Any suggestions?

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  • Ca
      27th of Feb, 2013

    serves you right you perves

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