BellaVeiteeth whitening product

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I have just spoken to your live support representative beth in south africa today 4 jan
Duration of call was from 8:14 - 9:02 problem not resolved
I asked for ref no of the recorded call - was not given it... Was told to send email
I suggest you listen to the recording as all the information is clear and relevant

I do not want this product
It is falsely advertised and the method which your company extracted funds from my credit card is illegal

I sent and email within the hour of receiving your confirmation order and shipping date
How on earth is that possible if I never confirmed the purchase. I immediately cancelled the order.. .10 min. Read the 4 emails below and take cognizance of the time emails were send

It's impossible that your company shipped it within 10 min
This is a underhanded procedure and I do not accept your tactics
I want a full refund!

Or the product @ r349 plus free shipping

Beth told me I have 2 options
50% discount or 85 % plus delivery charges which will only go through when you receive tracking no. This is not repeat not what I agreed to

I want a full refund and I do not want this product
This is false advertising and totally misleading

I asked to speak to supervisor which did not happen. Beth tried her best to convince me to take 1 of 2 options. This is not what I want

Your advert stated r349 plus free shipping
I entered my credit card details... Not once on the purchasing screen did the amount of r2007... Appear. Nor did the regulatory clause of "please confirm this purchase" appear

I am not prepared to spend one single sent on posting anything back to you
I felt forced to consider your 85% discount offer... Until it was made clear that I had to pay for the shipping!!!

My ideal is to eliminate bellavei & its products from my life completely
I want a full credit card refund without any penalties

Jan 24, 2017
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  • Tr
      Feb 14, 2017

    Exact same thing happened to me. Bought the product, and then R2007 was debited from my account. Upon query and attempts to cancel my order, i was told that the each item in the kit was R349. Seriously? It is like buying a dozen of eggs and then paying for each egg at the checkout!!

    This company is a scam, their methods are illegal and highly questionable.

    Why are they still operating?!?

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  • Ce
      Apr 05, 2017

    I also ordered the teeth wihitening kit and have had no delivery, but many automated can we escalate this? I think we should go to the media with this scam.

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